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Case Study No. 1610: Sam the Librarian

"Out & About" - Observing A Book Shelf
Another creepy swipe from "Out & About," a creepy educational show from 1982, designed for teachers to show in classrooms, followed by "lesson plans" (a teacher reading from a manual) and then, the teacher hands out a shitty quiz booklet about what the kids "learned" about sociology, friendship, manners, etc..

Each of the eight episodes usually center around dopey "Molly," ugly "Sarah," and loudmouthed "Jason" learning lessons about life at the library, along with creepy "Sam The Librarian," and the elderly "Sally The Mail Lady"..
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[a male librarian (curly black hair, glasses, thick mustache, brown sweater, burgundy pants) is sitting on the floor and whistling, while placing a cinderblock and a piece of wood in an upright position parallel to one another, when he looks up and addresses the camera directly]
SAM: Oh, hi. I was just trying to build a shelf to put some books on. Would you like to help?
[he waits a beat]
SAM: Good. Look, I'm going to use this block to hold up one end of the shelf, and this piece of wood to hold up the other. Now, if we put the shelf on ...
[because the wood is taller than the cinderblock, the shelf sits at an angle]
SAM: There! What do you think?
[he waits a beat]
SAM: What? It won't work?
[he looks at the shelf again]
SAM: Oh, you're absolutely right! That's a pretty funny-looking shelf, isn't it? You've done a very good job of observing! If I'd have looked a little closer, I would've seen that this piece of wood is taller than the block. I need both ends to be the same, so that it's flat! Let's see ...
[he looks at a nearby pile of bricks]
SAM: Maybe we can use the bricks!
[he begins "disassembling" the shelf]
SAM: Take the shelf off, and take away the wood because it's taller. And, add the brick.
[he puts one brick facedown on the ground]
SAM: Hmm, that certainly isn't tall enough, is it? Maybe if I add two more.
[the three bricks are still shorter than the cinderblock]
SAM: Nope, that's not quite tall enough either. How about if we add another? How's that? Put the shelf on and ...
[the bricks are still too short]
SAM: No? Add one more? Okay, we'll put one more brick on top ... There! What do you think? Are the bricks the same height as the block? Look closely! I think they are. But let's find out!
[he puts the shelf - now level - on the bricks and the cinderblock]
SAM: Put the shelf on, and ... perfect! Say, thanks for helping me! You did a very good job of observing.



"Out and About" (2 videocassettes)
Madison : Wisconsin Public Television Network, 1987.
Produced for the Wisconsin Education Television Network by the University of Wisconsin/Stout Teleproduction Center
Producer/director, Ed Jakober
Writer, Rosemary Jacobson
Target Audience: Grades K-1.
Note: Vol. 1 contains 5 15-minute programs; vol. 2 contains 3 15-minute programs.
Summary: Explore the life and feelings of a kindergartener in learning social skills and examining basic science skills.
Contents: 1. Making friends -- 2. Keeping friends -- 3. Ways to solve a problem -- 4. Think ahead -- 5. Why did it happen? -- 6. Observing -- 7. Describing -- 8. Detecting.

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