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Case Study No. 0302: Mike (student library worker) and Miss MacMinn

School'd - Library
Parody of MTV's Punk'd, shot in our high school. In this episode, we planted library books in people's book bags, and got them in trouble when the alarm went off.
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Red Room Studios
A Tay2 Production

Episode 3

[scene opens with a black and white shot of the host speaking directly to the camera]
WILL: Don't mess with my style, B!
[cut to another shot of Will]
WILL: At Providence, we don't actually have a problem with book stealing ...
[cut to another shot of Will]
WILL: They wanna use those five thousand dollar monitors they got out there ...
[cut to another shot of Will]
WILL: We got Miss MacMinn and Mike helping us out.
[cut to a shot of Mike, then back to Will holding up an earpiece]
WILL: I'm gonna be telling Mike exactly what to say through these things.
[cut to another shot of Will]
WILL: Well, today we got Martin. We got Jason, we got John, we got Daniel. They're all gonna be distractions.
[cut to another shot of Will]
WILL: What we want them to do is distract them while I put the books in their bookbags.
[cut to another shot of Will]
WILL: Alright, then we got the distractors down, we go grab their bookbags to "change locations" out in the hallway. That's why they're gonna be going out in the hallway, that's why they're gonna be busted!
[cut to another shot of Will]
WILL: It's gonna be a fine, five dollars a book!
[cut to another shot of Will]
WILL: So when they walk through that sensor, "Beep beep beep!" It's gonna go off, baby!
["School'd" appears on screen, then cut to Will in the Providence High School (Charlotte NC) Media Center holding up books and speaking directly to the camera]
WILL: She's gonna be checking out "Space, the Battleground of the Future."
[cut to someone distracting a female student so that he can put the books in her bookbag, then she tries to leave but the alarm goes off as Mike (the student library worker) is sitting at the front desk]
MIKE: Hey!
[she comes back in, then cut to Will sitting at a nearby table speaking into Mike's earpiece]
WILL: Say "We need to search your bookbag!"
[cut back to Mike at the front desk]
MIKE: Um, we're gonna need to search your bookbag to see if there's a book in your bag.
[she opens it up, and he finds the book]
MIKE: Do you have any other surprises in here?
STUDENT 1: Umm, no.
MIKE: Which one? Did you check any of these out?
STUDENT 1: No ... [laughs nervously]
[cut to Will stifling a laugh, as Mike takes another book out of her bag]
MIKE: Are you interested in Fighter Combat?
STUDENT 1: Definitely those are not mine ... no. [laughs]
MIKE: You know, taking books is very serious.
STUDENT 1: [laughs]
MIKE: There's a pretty big fine, and you have to pay it up front. It's five dollars a book.
STUDENT 1: I don't even have five bucks.
MIKE: You don't have five bucks?
FEMALE LIBRARY WORKER: I'll go get the librarian.
STUDENT 1: Well, I didn't take 'em, so ...
MIKE: Well, if you don't have five dollars, you have to ... Mister Matthews always tells us that you have to work after school. Y'know, like, trash pickup in the rooms, you have to clean like the entire building. Stuff like that.
STUDENT 1: Um ... [laughs]
FEMALE LIBRARY WORKER: This is a serious thing, so I don't know why you're laughing.
STUDENT 1: I don't know, I didn't take them! It's not my fault!
FEMALE LIBRARY WORKER: It's not your fault they were in your bag?
[she picks up one of the books]
STUDENT 1: Do I look like the kinda person that wants to read, like ...
MIKE: Taking books from the library--
STUDENT 1: I didn't take 'em ... [laughs]
[Will gets up and stands behind the student]
STUDENT 1: I'll check 'em out now! [laughs]
WILL: Hey, guess what? You're actually on our hidden camera show ...
[he points to the camera behind the desk]
STUDENT 1: Oh, good! [laughs]
WILL: I've been telling him what to say this whole time.
STUDENT 1: Mmm ...
["School'd" appears on screen, then cut to Will in the library speaking directly to the camera]
WILL: Here we go, hope this works.
[cut to Will looking through a stack of books]
WILL: So we got "Straight Talk About Drinking, Teenagers Speak Out About Alcohol" ... He's gonna be checking that one out without knowing it.
[he holds up the other books]
WILL: "Heroin Addiction" ... "Deaf Like Me." And "Crack, the New Drug Epidemic."
[cut to someone distracting a male football player so that he can put the books in his bookbag, then he tries to leave]
MIKE: You guys have a nice day.
[he tries to leave, but the alarm goes off again]
MIKE: Oh, wait a minute ... Hold up.
STUDENT 2: What's going on?
MIKE: Hold on.
STUDENT 2: What's going on?
[the female librarian approaches]
LIBRARIAN: Please come back in. Come back in.
MIKE: Yeah ... Here, just walk through.
LIBRARIAN: All the way back in. All the way back in.
[the football player and his friends put their backpacks on the table]
MIKE: Alright, are we sure that's it?
LIBRARIAN: Let's see the bookbags.
MIKE: You can just put 'em on here.
[he finds the books]
MIKE: Hold on ... He was hiding it under the clothes?
[he holds up one of the books]
MIKE: "Straight Talk About Drinking?"
LIBRARIAN: Oh, let me see.
MIKE: I don't wanna embarrass you, but do you have, like, a problem or something?
LIBRARIAN: Is there anything else?
MIKE: Is there anything else?
[he continues looking through the bag]
MIKE: Check to see if there's like, any drugs in there or something ... Seriously.
LIBRARIAN: Alright, you gotta check these out ...
MIKE: You got some booze in here, buddy?
LIBRARIAN: You gotta check it out.
MIKE: Wait, aren't we gonna enforce the five dollar fine? Because usually, we got a five-dollar fine if you steal books! I mean, this is serious!
LIBRARIAN: It is ... This is a media center. These are school resources.
STUDENT 3: You can't steal books here ... [laughs]
MIKE: I don't know why everybody's laughing, but ... I mean, I take this job very seriously. Alright? This is a five-dollar fine, you tried to steal this book!
STUDENT 2: [laughs]
MIKE: I ... That's affecting me, it's affecting her, and her.
LIBRARIAN: All of the students are affected.
MIKE: I mean, you're just trying to steal from the school, it's only hurting you.
LIBRARIAN: Well, let's come into the office and work this out.
STUDENT 2: Alright.
[cut to everyone inside the librarian's office]
MIKE: Alright, so ... do you wanna pay the five dollar fine now, or--
[cut to another shot of everyone in the office]
LIBRARIAN: Any punishment recommendations?
MIKE: Either a five dollar fine or an after school detention.
JASON: If I had my way, I'd suspend him.
[cut to everyone standing in the hallway, as Will approaches]
WILL: Wait, do you know what?
STUDENT 2: What?
WILL: You're on the new TV show, it's called "School'd" ... You just got "School'd"!
[everyone laughs, as Will takes his detention notice and tears it in half]
WILL: See this? Rip it up, it doesn't matter ...
[cut to the football player laughing it up with his friends, when Will holds up a book]
WILL: Wait ... Do you have a problem with teenage drinking?
[everyone laughs]
WILL: Thanks man ...
[they try to bring the book back into the library, which causes the alarm to go off again, sending everyone into hysterics]

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