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Case Study No. 0275: Helen Klench

Sit Down, Shut Up - Cheri Oteri
Cheri Oteri voices the librarian Helen Klench on the new animated series "Sit Down, Shut Up"

Host: Jessica Holmes
Edited by: Zenaida Gorbea
Produced by: Catalina Walsh

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[scene opens with "Fox Fix" host Jessica Holmes speaking directly to the camera]
JESSICA HOLMES: Cheri Oteri has worked in memorable animated films, like "Shrek the Third" and "The Ant Bully." On "Sit Down Shut Up", she plays Helen Klench, the librarian.
[cut to Cheri being interviewed]
CHERI OTERI: So, she's got a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She's angry, and her personal life is pretty much reflecting her professional life. So, she just gets into trouble a lot with Nick Kroll's character, Andrew LeGustambos, and they're like the two losers of the loser teachers. They're the bottom of the, you know, of the ... they're the bottom feeders, pretty much.
[she laughs]
CHERI OTERI: The bottom of the barrel. All the teachers are kind of, like, losers in a way. Or they were the losers when they were kids, and now they're teachers and they're still losers, just adults! And, lemmee see, yeah ... With Google and the internet, there's not much need for the librarian, so she's got time to get in trouble outside of the library.
[cut back to Jessica in studio]
JESSICA HOLMES: And her love life is ... quite peculiar.
[cut back to Cheri being interviewed]
CHERI OTERI: She's not opposed to going out with inanimate objects. Um, no crushes, but one could develop. She still believes that Andrew is bi, so she has half a chance there. Maybe one night when they go out for drinks at TGIF or something. But, yeah, her personal life kind of suffers, so she's got a lot of time to get into trouble in school.
[cut back to Jessica in studio]
JESSICA HOLMES: Oteri shared some of the things she enjoys the most about working on this animated project.
[cut back to Cheri being interviewed]
CHERI OTERI: It is so much fun, I feel like it is just a gift. It's, the scripts are so funny when we get them before the rewrites. And the characters are so well-developed and so funny that it's truly a gift. It's a treat for me to do, I have a blast when I go in and record. Y'know, going in to do ADR, it's like I just know I'm gonna be jumping around and, y'know, and cracking up. So, it is so much fun, and it doesn't matter what you look like. So, y'know, you can roll outta bed. Y'know, or not shower ...
[cut back to Jessica in studio]
JESSICA HOLMES: And she agreed to give us a preview of Helen Klench.
[cut back to Cheri being interviewed]
CHERI OTERI: [yelling] "Quiet down!"
[she clears her throat]
CHERI OTERI: She's like the anti-librarian. I used to love when I was a kid in school, nuns would say ...
[she does another impression]
CHERI OTERI: [yelling] "Gingerly! Do it gingerly!"
[she laughs]
CHERI OTERI: And it is like ...
[she makes a confused look]
CHERI OTERI: That is the most un-gingerly sounding voice I've ever heard! So, she's kind of like that.
[cut back to Jessica in studio]
JESSICA HOLMES: Be sure to quiet down as you sit and watch "Sit Down Shut Up" every Sunday night at 8:30, 7:30 Central on FOX.



Helen Klench, voiced by Cheri Oteri

The unappreciated librarian who often gets mistaken for objects such as brooms or toilet brushes, leading her to become angry when people ignore or cut her off. Her catchphrase is "Quiet down!". She seems to have high levels of testosterone, which is balanced out by taking female hormone drugs (which Vice Principal Prozackian was given when it was believed that the hormone drugs were steroids). Helen is skinny but is considered unattractive in relation to Miracle. In one episode, it was revealed because of her extreme loneliness she has a habit of falling in love with inanimate objects and lives with a lot of cats. She was an alumnus of Knob Haven High School, where she and Sue formed a musical duo, and she was obese back then.



Fox's new Sunday night animation, "Sit Down, Shut Up", was much hyped as the work of the same team that brought you the show Arrested Development.

Unfortunately, all the quick wit and hysterical surreality is completley missing from this new show. And, to top it all off, they have a weird, mean librarian who manages to combine all that is bad about the old librarian stereotype of a crotchety spinster, with the bored hipster stereotype of the "new librarian". Helen Klench, like this show, could be really funny, a cutting edge commentary on us all. She is not though and neither is the show. Shame!



Knob Haven High Teacher Bios

Name: Helen Klench
Subject: Librarian
Catchphrase: "Quiet down!"

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