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Case Study No. 0272: Mr. Sullivan

Clock Tower Jennifer 02 Edward
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[inside the University Research Building, Jennifer arrives and speaks with Helen]
HELEN: Oh. Hi, Jennifer. You came just in time. I was just on my way out.
JENNIFER: Where are you going?
HELEN: Do you remember that statue? The one they found at the scene of the Clock Tower murder?
JENNIFER: Yes ... what about it?
HELEN: I can't find it anywhere. Professor Barton had it ...
HELEN: And Professor Barton was called away on some police business.
JENNIFER: Do you have any idea where it might be?
HELEN: Yes, I found some telephone numbers on the Professor's desk, one for the library and one for a man named Rick. I think he must have taken it to one of them. He did mention to me that he would like to get an expert opinion of the statue. I don't know who this Rick person is, though.
JENNIFER: I see ...
HELEN: Anyway, I'll go to the library to see Mr. Sullivan. If the statue is there, I've got to get it. I want anything and everything relating to Scissorman.
JENNIFER: Yes. Helen, I'll find out who this Rick person is. Maybe Nolan knows something about him.
HELEN: Jennifer.
HELEN: Who is Nolan?
JENNIFER: Ahh ... (ahem) ... Well ... I'd better run along now!


[Helen enters the Oslo Municipal Library, where she finds Edward sitting at a table reading]
HELEN: Well, if it isn't Edward! What are you doing here?
EDWARD: It's boring at the hotel ...
HELEN: Hmm ...
[she opens a door at the back of the room and enters ahallway]
HELEN: [to herself] I am sure this is Mr. Sullivan's office.
[she opens the door and finds Mr. Sullivan standing in his office]
SULLIVAN: Hello, Helen.
HELEN: It has been a long time, hasn't it, Mr. Sullivan.
SULLIVAN: I've heard about what happened to you. How terrible.
HELEN: Yes ... By the way, Mr. Sullivan--
SULLIVAN: Yes, I have heard. There is something you would like to research? I will give you a key to the Reading Room so you can use the reference materials as you please.
[he reaches into his pocket and hands her a key]
SULLIVAN: The Reading Room is right next door. Oh, and ...
HELEN: The statue.
SULLIVAN: Oh, yes, that's it. Professor Barton left it with me. Please come pick it up on your way out.
HELEN: Thank you very much, Mr. Sullivan.
[she leaves the office]
HELEN: [to herself] Now I can enter the Reading Room.
[she unlocks the door and enters the Reading Room]
NARRATOR: The Reading Room. There are many valuable works here only available to university personnel.
HELEN: [to herself] I just hope there is something here that will explain the Scissorman.
[she looks up at one of the bookshelves]
HELEN: [to herself] Books relating to England are up there.
[she climbs a ladder next to the bookshelf and grabs one of the books]
HELEN: [to herself] "Lords of Northern England" ... This is it!!
[cut to a woman entering the Reading Room, as Helen is sitting at a table reading her book]
CLERK: Excuse me, but the library will be closing shortly ...
HELEN: Oh, I see ...
[she leaves, as Helen stands up]
HELEN: [to herself] I've found a clue about Scissorman. I still have to pick up the statue.
[she leaves the Reading Room, when the sound of a loud bell suddenly starts up]
HELEN: [to herself] Strange, the clock is chiming ...
[Mr. Sullivan steps out of his office and enters the hallway]
HELEN: Oh, Mr. Sullivan.
SULLIVAN: Helen. It seems the bells of the giant clock are broken. I think I will go have a look ...
HELEN: Well, I will go with you.
SULLIVAN: Thank you, please follow me.
[cut to the two of them entering a room full of gears and mechanical equipment]
SULLIVAN: The clock hasn't been working for ages ... I wonder if someone has been messing with it?
[Mr. Sullivan sticks his head out of small porthole which leads outside and looks out the face of the clock tower]
HELEN: Mr. Sullivan?
[the giant minute hand of the clock suddenly falls down right on Mr. Sullivan's neck]
SULLIVAN: Oh no, my head ... it's stuck!
[the minute hand decapitates Mr. Sullivan, as the lights go out and Scissorman jumps out from behind the machinery]
[she quickly exits the room, climbs down the stairs, and enters the Reading Room ... she hides behind the ladder near the bookshelf, and - when Scissorman enters the room - she pushes it on top of him and knocks him out]
[with the killer momentarily incapacitated, she runs out of the room and enters the hallway]
NARRATOR: Edward's voice is heard from upstairs.
HELEN: That's Edward's voice ... ? He can't still be here!
[she enters Mr. Sullivan's office and begins looking at his desk]
HELEN: There are envelopes and documents relating to multiple personalities on the desk. The sender of these envelopes is ... Professor Barton. I really shouldn't look inside. I wonder if there is anything else.
[she opens a drawer]
HELEN: Oh ... a key is inside the drawer.
NARRATOR: You now have the Collection Room key.
HELEN: [to herself] I am sure the Collection Room is in the back. Now I can enter the Collection Room.
[she unlocks the door in back of the office and enters the Collection Room]
NARRATOR: The Collection Room is where Mr. Sullivan keeps the artifacts he dug up in Egypt and other places, of which he is very proud. Mr. Sullivan has shown you this room many times, but this time it is pitch dark inside.
HELEN: [to herself] Didn't there used to be an aquarium here? I could use the light from it.
[she turns on the light inside the aquarium, filling the room with a soft blue glow]
HELEN: [to herself] Thank goodness ... the power is on here.
[she inspects a table in the middle of the room]
NARRATOR: There are many ancient swords, strangely shaped pots, and other valuable artifacts.
[she picks up the statue]
NARRATOR: Mr. Sullivan probably kept it here. That statue is together with the other artifacts.
HELEN: [to herself] Thank goodness, there it is.
NARRATOR: You now have the Statue.
HELEN: [to herself] Since I have what I came for, now all I have to do is find a way out.
[she exits Mr. Sullivan's office and goes back upstairs]
HELEN: [to herself] Huh? That is Edward's voice, and it's coming from inside that room!
[she re-enters the clock room]
HELEN: [whispering] Edward! Edward!
[looking around, she gets tripped up by a chain on the floor, as Scissorman reappears ... she runs back down to Mr. Sullivan's office and picks up a lamp, then - when Scissorman enters the room - she throws it to knock him out]
[Helen runs out and takes the elevator down to the main entrance, where she hides behind the reference desk to avoid Scissorman ... once he is gone, she opens the door behind the reference desk and finds Edward hiding under a desk]
HELEN: Edward! I thought you'd still be here.
[he gets up]
HELEN: It's dangerous here. Come with me.
[cut to the Reading Room]
HELEN: Edward, you hide under this table until I call you.
[he gets under the table and hides]
HELEN: Be a good boy and don't worry. We'll make it.
[she runs to the back of the room]
NARRATOR: A vent. It is covered with a wire screen fastened with screws.
HELEN: [to herself] That's it. Edward could fit through. He's small! If I could just get the screen off ...
[she runs out of the room and tries to get to the elevator, when she notices someone - apparently - standing next to one of the bookshelves]
HELEN: [to herself] She's the library clerk I just saw ...
[as she slowly moves closer to get a better look, the bookshelf falls down on top of the clerk - whom we can assume was already dead - and Scissorman appears from behind it]
[Helen takes the elevator and runs into the room behind the reference desk, where she hides behind a copy machine ... Scissorman enters the room, when Helen pushes the copy machine into him, knocking him unconscious]
[she leaves and heads back to the reference desk, when flashing red lights suddenly appear]
NARRATOR: A police car siren is heard.
HELEN: [to herself] Someone must have called the police.
[Helen goes towards the main entrance]
NARRATOR: The door cannot be opened from the front. Many policemen are swarming around outside looking for a way in.
HELEN: [to herself] There are so many people just on the other side of the door ...
[she heads back into the previous room - which no longer contains Scissorman - and starts looking through one of the desks]
HELEN: [to herself] I wonder if there is something useful here.
NARRATOR: A screwdriver is in one of the drawers. You now have the Screwdriver.
[Helen heads back to the Reading Room, where she opens the vent with the screwdriver, then calls for Edward to come out from under the desk]
HELEN: Edward, come out from there and come over here.
[Edward appears]
HELEN: Edward, you can probably squeeze through here to the outside. Hurry, run away from here.
EDWARD: Okay, I will ...
[Edward crawls through, then Helen runs back to the bookshelves, where she hears a loud crash and sees someone coming out of the elevator]
GOTTS: Hey, Teach! What's going on!?
[she collapses into his arms]
GOTTS: Teach! Hang in there!


[back inside the University Research Building, Helen and Jennifer are talking]
HELEN: Jennifer, Scissorman was in the library ...
HELEN: Gotts was just questioning me.
JENNIFER: You aren't hurt, are you?
HELEN: No, I'm all right. I was able to get the statue. But more importantly ... Jennifer, I found a clue to Scissorman.
JENNIFER: What is it??
HELEN: I found out where the Barrows used to live before they immigrated here. They used to live in the Barrows Castle in England.
JENNIFER: The Barrows Castle ...
HELEN: According to historical accounts of the castle, there was some kind of monster born there.
HELEN: They must have found some way to destroy the monster back then.
JENNIFER: So, if we go to the Barrows Castle, we might learn how they did it?
HELEN: Right. I can't say we will for sure, but I want to believe we will if we try.
JENNIFER: Okay, I'll tell the others.
HELEN: Good. Be sure to tell Gotts. He'll bug us later if we don't ... We should also tell Professor Barton.
JENNIFER: Okay. I'll go now, then.


[at the Oslo Week Newspaper Company, Jennifer tells Nolan and Tim about the return of Scissorman]
NOLAN: Jennifer. It seems Mr. Sullivan was killed by Scissorman in the library.
JENNIFER: I know. Helen was there, too.
TIM: Is that right ... ? The police didn't tell us that much.
JENNIFER: Nolan ... She found a clue.
NOLAN: Really?
JENNIFER: Yes. There is a castle in England called the Barrows Castle, and we now know where it is.
NOLAN: The Barrows Castle. That must be ...
TIM: That must be where Scissorman is from!
JENNIFER: Yes, that's right.
NOLAN: Okay, we'll go too. Right, Tim?
TIM: Yeah, this will make one interesting report.
NOLAN: You don't mind, do you, Jennifer?
JENNIFER: Of course not. I'd feel safer if you did come along.
NOLAN: All right then. We'll go and ask our boss.



"Clock Tower" (known as "Clock Tower 2" in Japan) is a survival horror game for the PlayStation. It was released in 1996 (on a "Friday the 13th") and is a sequel to "Clock Tower: The First Fear."

In the mountains of Romsdalen stood Barrows Mansion, owned by Mary and Simon Barrows. Here, in 1986, Mary Barrows gave birth to a pair of deformed, malicious twins named Bobby and Dan. In 1995, four girls from the Granite Orphanage were adopted by Mary Barrows and brought to the mansion, but were soon attacked by both Mary and the first Scissorman, Bobby Barrows. Of these, the only survivor was Jennifer Simpson, who escaped after causing or witnessing the deaths of Mary, Bobby and Dan.

One year on from the events of The First Fear, Jennifer Simpson has been adopted by Helen Maxwell, the assistant of a renowned psychiatrist, and is currently undergoing treatment in Oslo to help her cope with her experiences in the Clock Tower case and possibly shed some light on the mystery that was the Scissorman.

The plot revolves around another survivor of the murders, a young boy named Edward, and the sudden re-emergence of the Scissorman.


Mr. Sullivan is the head librarian. He likes to collect things and show them off in a personal gallery. In Helen's second scenario (if in the prologue Professor Barton hasn't given the statue to Harris, the player's next scenario after the first scenario is the library, if the statue was given to Harris, player's next scenario will be Rick's house and Mr. Sullivan won't be found dead) he is decapitated by the library's giant clock when he sticks his head out of the porthole to see what is wrong with it.

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