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Case Study No. 0300: Casey Porterfield

Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island (Part 5) - Casey
A video walkthrough of "Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island". In this section, I tell a HORRIBLE PUN while finishing Holt's Seamanship quiz. This involves looking stuff up on the computer, and exploring near the lighthouse to find a male dungeness crab. At the lighthouse, I find a piece of wood from a shipwreck (which becomes important later). Holt gives us a GPS for passing his exam, and we kayak until we find a message in a bottle. Then we call Casey at the Maritime Library about the shipwreck. He wants us to take a wood sample. Then we visit Whale World, where Andy tells us a little about the message in the bottle. He sends us to the Hot Kettle Cafe, where Jenna tells us all about Hilda Swenson, the "crazy" ex-mayor who sends the messages in bottles.
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[Nancy Drew visits Katie's boat to ask about a clue]
KATIE: What's up?
NANCY: I found this piece of wood on the beach. There's something strange about it.
KATIE: What do you mean? Let's see it.
[cut to Katie holding the piece of wood]
KATIE: Ouch! Those splinters are sharp!
[cut back to a closeup shot of Katie]
KATIE: That is odd. It looks like it's been in the water a long time, but if that were the case, those edges would be dull. That looks like it broke off of something just recently.
NANCY: That's exactly what I was thinking. Any idea where it came from?
KATIE: Could be off a cargo ship, I guess. But you know who you should ask? Casey Porterfield. He works at the Maritime Library in Port Townsend. You should give him a call. His number's 360-555-3095. He loves checking out stuff like this.
NANCY: See you in a bit.
KATIE: Be careful out there.
[Nancy takes out her cellphone and calls the librarian ("PORTERFIELD, CASEY 1-360-555-3095"), as the voice of an older man answers]
CASEY: [from off camera] Maritime Library. This is Casey.
NANCY: Hi, my name is Nancy Drew. Katie Firestone suggested I give you a call?
CASEY: [from off camera] Katie who?
NANCY: Katie Firestone?
CASEY: [from off camera] Never heard of her.
CASEY: [from off camera] I know a marine biologist named Katie Firestone.
NANCY: Yes, that's her. I'm staying with her here in Snake Horse Harbor.
CASEY: [from off camera] Oh. Well, then, what can I do for ya?
NANCY: She said you might be able to help me identify the ship that this piece of plywood I found on the beach came from.
CASEY: [from off camera] How do you know it came from a ship?
NANCY: Because it says "S.S." on it. The rest of the name is missing.
CASEY: [from off camera] Doesn't mean anything. Now if it said "S.S." - which stands for "steamship" - that'd be different.
NANCY: Uh, actually, that is what it says.
CASEY: [from off camera] Oh. Well, then, it came from a ship. Or should I say, shipwreck. What kind of wood is it?
NANCY: I don't know ... old?
CASEY: [from off camera] Ha ha ha! Sorry, for a second there, I thought you said "old."
NANCY: Actually, uh, that is what I said.
CASEY: [from off camera] You're about as much use as a beanie in a hurricane. Look, if you want me to tell you what shipwreck that wood came from, you're gonna have to tell me what kinda wood it is.
NANCY: But I have no idea.
CASEY: [from off camera] Well, you just get yourself a book on wood and figure it out. Maybe Katie has one. Soon as you do, call me back. I love checking out stuff like this.
[he hangs up]


[Nancy returns to Katie's boat (which had been ransacked by unknown assailants) and finds all of her books on the floor and out of order]
NANCY: [yelling to Katie at the other end of the boat] Apparently our saboteur took all the books out of the drawer up here. Must've been looking for something. Want me to put them away?
KATIE: [from off camera] If you could put them back in the drawer for me, that would be awesome.
[she opens the empty drawer]
NANCY: [to herself] Okay. What's the best way to get all these in here with no space left over?
[Nancy neatly puts away all the books, then pulls out a copy of "Arboreal Morphology" by Irina Predoviciu, PhD.]

Intended Audience
Scientists and researchers versant in fundamental botanical conventions who are interested in understanding more complex morphological issues of higher-order, vascular perennial vegetation will find this book to be an indispensable reference.
A variety of topics will be covered such as metabolic functionality of parenchyma cells, extractive inductance, microscopic tracheid analyses including dentae ray and narrow ray forms as well as epitehlial growth patterns.
Advanced techniques in microtome surfacing and macrophotography will also be addressed.

NANCY: [to herself] "Complex morphological issues"? "Microscopic tracheid analyses"? "Microtome surfacing"?
[she looks at the "About the Author" section, which has a picture of a young female botanist]

Dr. Predoviciu is the assistant director of the National Wood Laboratory located in Crivitz, Wisconsin.
She holds a doctorate in botany from the University of Wisconsin-Stout and has worked as a consultant for a variety of organizations including The Timber and Wood Association of Greater Manhasset and the Federation of Lumberjacks.
She is host of Wisconsin's favorite radio program, "What Wood Am I?" and offers free consultations on wood identification (www.predoviciu.lab/ consult.htm)
Published by the National Wood Laboratory; Crivitz, Wisconsin 715-555-9663

NANCY: [to herself] Oh, I don't know if this book is for me, but maybe if I give Doctor Predoviciu a call, she can help me out ...
[she takes out her cellphone and calls the doctor ("PREDOVICIU, DR. 1-715-555-9663"), as the voice of a woman with a Russian accent answers]
IRINA: [from off camera] This is Doctor Predoviciu.
NANCY: Hi, my name is Nancy Drew and I'd like some help identifying this piece of wood I found.
IRINA: [from off camera] I'd be happy to assist. Do you have our mailing address?
NANCY: Well, that's the problem. I don't have time to send it to you. Would it be possible to identify it over the phone?
IRINA: [from off camera] Certainly ... Just hold it up to the phone for a couple of seconds and I'll take a reading.
[Nancy says nothing]
IRINA: [from off camera] I'm kidding, of course. I usually don't do this over the phone, but I'll give it a try. You will, however, need to take a look at your sample under a microscope.
NANCY: Oops, I better go do that. I'll call you right back!
[she hangs up, then uses Katie's microscope]
NANCY: [to herself] One slice of wood. One glass slide ... There! This is gonna look so cool under the microscope. Let's have a look.
[she looks at the wood sample under the microscope, then calls the doctor back]
IRINA: [from off camera] Irina Predoviciu speaking.
NANCY: Hi, this is Nancy Drew again. I've got the sample all ready.
IRINA: [from off camera] All right, we'll get started. Where did you find this wood?
NANCY: It's a piece of driftwood, probably used for a crate.
IRINA: [from off camera] Is the wood sample black, brown, or yellow?
NANCY: Brownish.
IRINA: [from off camera] Brown-brown or brown-reddish?
NANCY: Brown-reddish.
IRINA: [from off camera] Does the sample have many holes, just a couple, or none at all?
NANCY: Many.
IRINA: [from off camera] And are there some holes that are big and some that are small, or are they all the same size?
NANCY: They're all the same size.
IRINA: [from off camera] Okay. And the holes are really really tiny, right?
NANCY: No, they're pretty sizable.
IRINA: [from off camera] Then you've got a tropical hardwood. I was assuming the sample was a North American wood ... All right. Are there any distinguishable horizontal lines on the sample?
NANCY: Yes, there are horizontal lines.
IRINA: [from off camera] If this wood is used for crating, then it's probably Luan. It's fairly common in plywood, but it's a rainforest timber so it's declining in popularity.
NANCY: Luan, all right! Thanks for your help!
IRINA: [from off camera] Glad to have been of service.
[she hangs up, then calls the librarian]
CASEY: [from off camera] Maritime Library. This is Casey.
NANCY: Hi, this is Nancy Drew. I called before, about the driftwood?
CASEY: [from off camera] Never heard'a ya. Now if you'da said Nancy Drew ...
NANCY: Yes, that's me, Nancy Drew ... Katie Firestone's friend!
CASEY: [from off camera] So, what kind of wood are we talking about here, Nancy?
NANCY: Luan.
CASEY: [from off camera] Well, if that driftwood did come from a cargo container that's part of a shipwreck, there's a good chance I can figure out which one. Call me back in an hour or so.
NANCY: You can identify a ship by what its cargo containers are made out of?
CASEY: [from off camera] Ever since the hobo spider got into the US by laying eggs in the wood crating of ships coming from Europe, the feds've made sure that cargo ships keep real careful records. 'Course, I'll be taking things like tides, currents, weather conditions, proximity to Snake House Harbor ... I'll be taking all those factors into consideration, too.
NANCY: I really appreciate you're doing this for me, Casey.
CASEY: [from off camera] And well you should!


[Nancy calls back the librarian]
CASEY: [from off camera] Maritime Library. This is Casey.
NANCY: Hi. This is Nancy Drew. Any luck finding what shipwreck that piece of driftwood came from?
CASEY: [from off camera] Sorry, can't talk now. I'm waiting for a real important call from Nancy Drew.
NANCY: Casey, that's me ... I'm Nancy Drew!
CASEY: [from off camera] Oh ... Then I got some good news.
NANCY: You know the name of the shipwreck?
CASEY: [from off camera] The S.S. Whitechapel Dawn. Sank five years ago right there in the channel outside Snake Horse Harbor, 'bout a mile and a half due northwest of the lighthouse.
NANCY: Really?
CASEY: [from off camera] I hear that channel up there's been pretty busy, what with that orphaned whale messing things up for the fishermen and all. Anyway, everything fits except one thing.
NANCY: I knew it was too good to be true.
CASEY: [from off camera] The Whitechapel Dawn went down in deep water. Real deep water. Too deep for currents to be carrying debris up from it. Just not possible.
NANCY: Could a recent storm have churned things up down there?
CASEY: [from off camera] I've been doing this type of research for twenty years, young lady! When I say something's not possible, it's not possible!
NANCY: Yet somehow a piece of wood from it washed ashore ... Was there anything unusual about that ship?
CASEY: [from off camera] It was just a regular old freighter bound for San Francisco from Vancouver, British Columbia. Nothing unusual about it, if you don't count the rumors.
NANCY: What rumors?
CASEY: [from off camera] About the smuggling.
NANCY: The ship was smuggling something?
CASEY: [from off camera] After it sank, some crew members said there was something unusual about the cargo it'd been carrying, that's all. No specifics. Just rumors.
NANCY: How many people went down with the ship?
CASEY: [from off camera] Zero. Everybody managed to survive. Official cause was foul weather, but whenever a boat goes down in those parts, they always unofficially blame it on ... Oh, what do they call that sea serpent up there?
NANCY: Caddy?
CASEY: [from off camera] No thanks ... Caddy! That's what they call it, Caddy! Anyway, this has been fun, young lady, but I need to get back to work. By the way, I just got done emailing you something.
NANCY: What?
CASEY: [from off camera] I said, I just got done emailing you something!
NANCY: Great, thanks ... Well, goodbye Casey.
CASEY: [from off camera] Goodbye, Caddy.
[he hangs up]
NANCY: [pause] I certainly hope he doesn't operate heavy machinery.
[she goes to her computer and checks her email]

Thought You'd Like To See This
I'm kind of a stained glass art freak, and came
across a web page during my travels in
cyberspace that I thought you might find
interesting, since you're staying in Snake
Horse Harbor.
Check out www.bombeck.lab/ examples/royal.htm

[she visits the website "Jacob Bombeck, Glass Artisan" and reads the line "To see some of Jacob Bombeck's best work in its original setting, check out the Hot Kettle Cafe, formerly known as the Royal Flush Saloon, in Snake Horse Harbor on Deception Island, one of the San Juan Islands located in Washington State."]
NANCY: [to herself] The Hot Kettle was originally called the Royal Flush Saloon. Interesting ...



Danger on Deception Island is the ninth installment in the Nancy Drew computer game series (made solely by Her Interactive). It is based on the Nancy Drew book Whispers in the Fog. The game takes place on a real-life location, Deception Island.

When Katie Firestone, a friend of George Fayne, invites Nancy to Deception Island for a whale-watching excursion, the sleuth arrives to find Katie's tour boat heavily vandalized. A threatening note was left behind that warns Katie to "stop meddling". Katie requests that Nancy not contact the sheriff. Nancy then begins to investigate, and, after hearing many opinions from the three other characters in the game, learns about the orca that has recently shown up in the channel on the island. The townspeople are have constantly been in argument with each other since the orphaned orca showed up as to what to do about it, or if to do anything at all. Nancy has the opportunity to visit a local cafe and try the clam chowder, visit the whale museum and play for a chance at a free whale watch, investigate an abandoned lighthouse, explore sea caves, and in her free time, build sand castles on the beach. She also discovers something sinister that has been plaguing Deception Island for generations...and will require the help of one of its most legendary and eccentric past citizens to solve the mystery.



* Nancy Drew -- Lani Minella
* Bess Marvin -- Alisa Murray
* George Fayne -- Jena Cane
* Frank Hardy -- Wayne Rawley
* Joe Hardy -- Rob Jones
* Katie Firestone -- Shelley McIntyre
* Jenna Deblin -- Amy Augustine
* Andy Jason/Casey Porterfield -- Jonah von Spreecken
* Holt Scotto -- Richard Stein
* Wood Expert -- Julie Rawley
* Hilda Swenson -- Shannon Kipp



"Nancy Drew: Danger on Deception Island" (PC)

Nancy Drew is on her way to Deception Island, one of the San Juan Islands. The vacation was arranged by George and Bess. The cell phone is in inventory.

Nancy is met at the Snake Horse Harbor Dock by Katie Firestone, a Marine Biologist that researches deep water parasitic growth and who also runs a whale watching boat tour.


Katie's boat: Talk to Katie about Holt and Jenna. As her about the wood and she recommends to contact Casey Porterfield at the Maritime Library.

Wood sample puzzle: Use the phone while on the dock and call Casey. Click on phone, click directory to find Casey's number and then click on dial. Have a weird conversation. He wants to know what kind of wood it is.

Go the book drawer you arranged and look up Arboreal Morphology. Call Dr. Predoviciu whose number is at the back of the book. Talk to her and she needs to have the description of the wood under the microscope.

Microscope: Click on the blade to get a slice of wood on the table. Click on glass slide to place the wood on the slide. Click on wood on glass slide and then look at wood under the microscope. Call Dr Predoviciu.

The answers to her questions are: Brown, brown-reddish, many holes, same size, pretty sizable - she then comments that it is a tropical hardwood. There are horizontal lines. The wood is Luan.

Call Casey. Tell him Luan. He says to call him in an hour.


Casey: It's time to get an update on the wood we had Casey check on. Use the phone and call Casey by scrolling the directory using the arrows. The wood came from the SS Whitechapel Dawn that sank in the deep part of the channel 5 years ago - about a mile and half from the lighthouse. He sent you an e-mail.

Casey's mail: Use the computer and read Casey's e-mail. He wants you to check out www.bombeck.lab/ examples/royal.htm. Check the site using the search function of the DI portal. Find out that the Hot Kettle Cafe was formerly the Royal Flush Saloon.

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