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Case Study No. 0297: Staff of Unnamed Library (McDonald's)

McDonald's - Librarian
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[scene opens inside a library, as a young female librarian (wearing a shawl and glasses attached to a chain around her neck) is sitting at her desk preparing to eat a chicken sandwich from McDonald's, while an older male librarian (balding with a sweater vest and glasses) is shelving books behind her]
LIBRARIAN: [looks up and shushes an unseen unheard patron] Shh!
[she proceeds to take a bite]
NARRATOR: With the bold taste of McDonald's new McChicken sandwiches ... be prepared.
[as dramatic music plays, the librarian gets up and grabs the male librarian, kissing him passionately before stealing his bookcart and riding it off-camera]
[cut to the librarian riding the cart down the hall, reaching out and slapping the behind of a male patron who was bending down to take a drink from the water fountain]
[cut to the librarian riding the cart through the stacks, striking dramatic poses while continuing to eat her chicken sandwich]
NARRATOR: After all ...
[the librarian jumps off the cart, which continues rolling and smashes through a glass wall, landing several stories below (demonstrated by an exterior shot of the "Central Library" sign as the glass shatters) with a loud crash]
NARRATOR: Just because your sandwich is bold, doesn't mean you have to be.
[the librarian looks down at her sandwich, tugs on her shawl, then walks off]
[cut to an old man sitting on a park bench outside, as the book cart rolls past ... so he reaches out, grabs a book (while letting the cart continue to roll past him), and begins to read]
["I'm lovin' it" appears on screen]

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