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Case Study No. 0276: Evan

The Church (La Chiesa) Part II
Produced by Dario Argento.

Directed by Michele Soavi.

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[Evan enters the old church and stops to admire a particularly gruesome mural on one of the walls which depicts scenes from hell ... Lisa, who is working on a nearby scaffolding to help restore the mural, accidentally knocks over some canisters which fall on top of him]
LISA: I'm sorry! Please, excuse me! I'm ... I'm really very sorry.
EVAN: That's okay, that's what I get for oversleeping. It's just that it's my first day of work, and I'm already late.
[he glances over towards the mural]
EVAN: What a divine fresco.
[she smiles and shrugs]
EVAN: Which way's the library?
[she points off camera, so Evan starts heading in that direction, when she yells after him]
LISA: Hey!
[she tosses him down a pack of gum]
EVAN: Thanks ...
[he starts walking away again, then turns around]
EVAN: Hey, how about a cup of coffee later?
LISA: [from off camera] Okay!
[cut to Evan climbing a flight of stairs and entering a room filled with books, while a young girl is seen hiding underneath a desk]
EVAN: Huh ...
[he puts his briefcase and portable typewriter on one of the nearby desks, so the girl slowly moves around to try and get a better look at him, but accidentally drops one of her marbles on the floor]
[he turns around to find the source of the noise, then crouches down to speak with her]
EVAN: Hello.
LOTTIE: Hello ... Who are you? You're not a priest.
EVAN: I'm the new librarian. I have to catalog all these books ... unfortunately. My name's Evan.
LOTTIE: I am Lottie. I'm the sacrosanct's daughter ... unfortunately.


[Lisa and some workers are in the underground chambers beneath the church, as the walls are cracking under the pressure of their drilling equipment]
LISA: We have to stop. Don't drill anymore.
WORKER: Judging by the sound of the drill, I say there's ... there's a cave under there, a big one.
LISA: Yes, I've got to make a report. There's no longer any question of restoration here. We must stop work immediately.
[Evan enters the scene]
EVAN: There you are. Weren't we supposed to have a cup of coffee together?
LISA: We have a problem. Look at these cracks.
EVAN: That's not your job. Why don't you call the Historic Monuments commission?
LISA: You're right. Okay, leave things as they are, I'll examine the cracks later.
WORKER: Whatever you say, ma'am.
EVAN: Let's get outta here ... I'm seeing visions after cataloging all those books!
LISA: Visions of burning sinners and devils with pitchforks, I suppose?
EVAN: Why not angels laying down some great harp, and virgins dancing in ecstacy?


[Evan and Lisa are meeting in her cabin, as Evan attempts to decipher a parchment that Lisa found in one of the walls underneath the church]
EVAN: Have you ever heard of a French writer named Fulcanelli?
[he uses a magnifying glass to look over the parchment]
EVAN: According to him, the Tables of Law were buried under one of these gothic cathedrals. The Tables that were once kept in the Ark.
LISA: Shades of Indiana Jones!
EVAN: I'm not joking! The proof is that, exactly at that time, the first huge gothic cathedrals sprang up all over Europe. Don't you see, there's no other explanation of where they got the knowledge to build them.
LISA: Isn't that fascinating?
EVAN: Just think what might be buried under these cathedrals ... Things stolen from the Holy Land, treasure, or maybe the key to some unknown science we've lost all trace of. Something that could turn the finder into a superman, a god. I've got to find out what's in that parchment.
LISA: But that's sacriligeous ...
EVAN: I don't care! I don't wanna spend the rest of my life looking at old books ...



A church is built during medieval times on top of a pile of dead bodies that were considered possessed. Hundreds of years later a young librarian unleashes the evil within, by removing a rock in the catacombs. Series of events occur meanwhile, everybody just does not seem to be the same. Father Gus is the only one not possessed, he must save the city from becoming a pandemonium, he must find the ancient secret of the church so it can crumble to pieces.




Soavi, Michele (Director). The Church. Italy: ADC Films, 1989. (Dubbed.)

Starring: Tomas Arana (Evan, Librarian, Cataloguer); Barbara Cupisti (Lisa)

Original title: La Chiesa

The production values in this Italian gothic horror film are superior to most found in the genre, and enhanced the careers of those involved, but it's not likely to appeal to people who aren't already horror fans. Demonic possession, torture, rape, blood and guts – not as graphic as some but still enough to make you flinch. The main character (at least for the first half of the film) is Evan, a likeable and boyishly handsome young man hired to catalog the old books in a gothic cathedral. He dresses nicely and carries a manual typewriter to and from work. The library is only an open space with a few odd shelves of disorganized books and some piles on the floor. Evan makes it clear he's not fond of books per se, but he is a student of history and fascinated by the building's rich and mysterious past, and charmed by pretty Lisa who is in charge of restoration (but not charmed enough to remove his wire-rimmed glasses when trying to bed her). Lisa finds an old parchment buried in a wall and to her annoyance Evan embarks on a quest that explains what happened back in the Middle Ages, but in his explorations he accidentally lets loose the horrible evil buried under the cathedral (not unlike Evie Carnahan's inadvertent triggering of catastrophe in The Mummy). He is the first of many to be possessed by a demon, and actually turns into a monster (and in such guise finally gets the girl but I doubt she'll take him home to meet Mom and Dad). You know the librarian in Evan is lost because of the way he handles the books after being possessed, and he no longer sports glasses. That, plus he gets creepy and (unsuccessfully) puts the moves on a 12-year-old child. The setting in this film is magnificent and a nice change from haunted houses.

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