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Case Study No. 0281: Unnamed Female Librarian (Artificial)

Any Ladies?
Ladies and libraries - together at last! Music video clip for Artificial
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Libraries Are Fun
An Artificial Educational Film

[music video opens with a young female librarian (red-head with thick glasses) approaches the library]

Any ladies
Any ladies
Any ladies from outta town

[she touches the "Library Monitor" pin on her lapel, then enters the library]
[cut to the librarian sitting at the front desk, doing various tasks (fixing her date stamp, answering a reference question on the telephone), when several well-dressed ladies enter the library]

Any ladies
Any ladies
Any ladies

[the ladies start browsing the stacks, then begin asking the librarian questions (which seems to leave her a bit flustered)]

Where you from, darling?
Where you from, darling?

[the librarian suddenly stops, as if she hears something unsettling, but she eventually resumes her duties - reshelving books, pushing a bookcart, etc. - as the ladies begin dancing through the stacks]

Any ladies?
Any ladies?

[everyone suddenly stops as two young women (wearing outrageous 80s-style clothes) appear]
GIRLS: We're from Perth!
[the librarian forces a weak smile, obviously nervous about their presence in her library]
GIRLS: We're from Perth!

Where you from, darling?

Written and performed by Nicole Skeltys and Nicole Lowrey
From the album "Librarians Are Fun" by Artificial

Nicole Skeltys

(In Order of Appearance)
Lisa O'Neill
Neridah Waters
Caroline Dunphy
Leah Shelton
Zelda Boyd
Sofia Woods
Danielle Uhlmann
Christopher Totten

Perth Girls
Danielle Uhlmann
Amanda Pearson

Jackie Ryan

Kathryn Kelly

Extreme Thank You
Claire Lagosha
Dianne Reid
Tony Wauchope
Nadine Ireland
Robyn Gerard
Rhianna Robinson
West End Library Staff

And Librarians Everywhere!


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