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Case Study No. 0282: Lirael

Lirael Trailer
I did this for my FMP in my second year of 6th form. The theme was Narrative, so i decided to try and come up with ways to make a book trailer. This is what happened..
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From the international best-selling author, Garth Nix

When the future is hidden
Who holds the key to destiny?

October 2003

From the "Old Kingdom" series, Lirael. The sequel to the critically acclaimed Sabriel.



"Lirael: Daughter of the Clayr" by Garth Nix
Lirael is one of the few Clayr not to have received her future-seeing Sight before her 14th birthday. She's never fit in with the rest of the Clayr. She's in despair until she's able to get a job as a Third Assistant Librarian in the Great Library. Here Lirael can feed her thirst for knowledge and adventure while avoiding most human contact, until her adventures in the library and insatiable curiosity lead her to an unbelievable destiny that may even be connected with that of the great Sabriel herself.



Lirael in the Abhorsen novels by Garth Nix

Lirael is the first of the Clayr not to inherit the gift of the Sight, in hundreds of years. With her raven-colored hair, pale complexion, pointy face and unknown parentage, she looks nothing like the fair-haired, tanned seers around her. She's horribly depressed about being so different, until she gets an appointment to the Clayr's Library on her fourteenth birthday. There, she starts to do research in forgotten corners, uncovering clues to an adventure of immense importance. She discovers a soapstone carving of a dog and accidentally sets free a powerful magic creature in the library, called a Stilken, which she finally vanquishes using the Chief Librarian's sword. She later summons the Disreputable Dog, who helps her on her quest to bind the evil Orannis once again and save the land.

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