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Case Study No. 0279: DDC Boy and Colon Boy

Night of the living dead librarian
Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (2006) have predict that in year 2021 jobs like librarians don't will be there any more. This small movie is a satire about how two librarians in year 2021 got their revenge over the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies with help from a Super Blogger Girl.
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E-Klumme Infotainment presents

A movie with
Melvin Dewey as DDC Boy
Shiyali Ramamrita Ranganathan as Colon Boy
Cirkeline Gorman (granddaughter of Michael Gorman) as the Super Blogger Girl

Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies (2006) - in 2021 there are no librarians left.

[cut to a still image of the exterior of the Library of Congress]

Year 2021 - In the cold basement deep under the building of Library of Congress
DDC Boy & Colon Boy has for 15 years been POBs (prisoner of book)
The evil astroturf company Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies sent them there back in 2006.

[cut to a still image of a cartoon drawing of a girl]

DDC Boy & Colon Boy are now on the run with help from the Super Blogger Girl
she said to DDC Boy & Colon Boy "Come with me if you want to live."

[cut to several photos of New York City]

In the city of glass - New York

[cut to a stock photo of a FIM-92 Stinger missile]

The Super Blogger Girl help DDC Boy & Colon Boy finding a Stinger missile
Infofacts: The Stinger is a Man-Portable, Fire-and-Forget Missile System.
Length: 5.0 ft (1.5 m)
Weight (Loaded): 38.0 lbs
Range: 4,375 yrds.

[cut to a still image of Ranganathan]

Colon Boy: "Now it's payback time let's go Copenhagen"

[cut to a 1905 Soviet propaganda poster showing the battleship Potemkin]

New York Harbor - they hijack the Battleship Potemkin - and now sailing to Denmark

[cut to several photos of Copenhagen]

Our friends are now in Copenhagen, Denmark
Tivoli at the Ferris Wheel

[cut to a still image of Ranganathan]

Colon Boy: "Let's have some fun with our Stinger"

[cut to a screenshot of the CIFS website]

Target - Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies
Norre Farimagsgade 65
1364 Copenhagen K

[cut to a screenshot of Google Maps, focusing on "Norre Farimagsgade 65, Kobenhavn"]

GPoint (12.5683578955,55.6854987393)

[cut to a stock photo of soldiers pointing a Stinger missile]

DDC Boy: "Take that!"

[cut to a still image of the atomic bomb explosion]

Mission completed!

[cut to a still image of a cartoon drawing of a girl]

Super Blogger Girl: "DDC Boy, Colon Boy, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

The Super Blogger Girl, DDC Boy & Colon Boy now works as AJAX consultants

[cut to a screenshot of the Ajax Bleach website]

This is the end
Beautiful friend, this is the end
My only friend, the end

E-Klumme Credits

Music - Rank 1, "Airwave (Sunset Mix)"
The Copy & Paste feature
All the wonderful Library 2.0 people


From cifs.dk:

Zombies - the Living Dead

Futures Studies typically focus on the new things that come. However, an important part of the changes the future brings are the things that disappear. So if you are looking for new opportunities, zombies may be a place to start looking. The Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies had the living dead on the agenda at a theme meeting for our member companies at the end of 2005.

By Niels Bottger-Rasmussen (Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies)

No one knows the future, and the last thing we want to know is of course when we are going to leave this world. Hence, the Institute's zombie list is of course just a list of candidates. There are efficient killers in the shape of megatrends like digitalization and globalization, but there also is an immune system that goes into action whenever there's a threat to the values we prize highly or simply have grown used to being foundations of our lives. In many ways that which disappears is thus a more radical change than what comes. We can reject new things, like mobile phones, but we must accept the loss of things that disappear, like phone booths.

At the strategic level, thinking in terms of zombies can be a suitable supplement to looking at changes and trends. In companies and organizations, zombies are sensitive and perhaps even dangerous subjects that we push aside. But perhaps we can close in on them by starting to spot zombies in the surrounding world and then gradually move towards the core of the organization. By looking at zombies and what we risk losing, we may also spot new opportunities that can lead to innovations, which will strengthen disappearing values like romance, the nuclear family and the private sphere.

Zombies - what will be gone in 15 years?

Home, family, personal

* TV channels
* Vacuum tube TV sets
* Antennae / satellite dishes
* Fixed net telephones
* CD
* Wallets
* Key bundles
* Senior housing
* Wristwatch
* Sunbathing
* Smoking
* Dialects
* The private sphere
* Romance
* Prostitution (legal)
* The nuclear family
* Sorting garbage (privately)

Communication - paper solutions

* Tickets / punch cards
* Calendars
* Handbooks
* Telephone directories
* Advertisement sections
* Paper money
* School books
* Paperbacks
* Advertisement-financed newspapers
* Daily newspapers
* Business cards


* Working hours / office hours
* Assembly line work
* Industrial holiday season
* Branch office meetings
* Wage earners
* Trade unions
* Writing desks
* PC keyboards
* Having finished studying
* Unemployment

Fields / jobs

* Checkout assistants
* Ticket inspectors
* Traffic wardens
* PC service technicians
* Mechanics
* Mailmen
* (Fighter) pilots
* Window cleaners
* Librarians
* Tobacco stores
* Record, TV & radio shops
* Video rentals
* Supermarkets
* Wholesalers
* Record companies
* The National Bank
* The Stock Exchange
* Prisons
* General practitioners

The public sphere

* Mailboxes
* Power lines
* Parking meters
* Hot-dog carts
* Supermarkets
* Video rentals
* Fireworks (private)
* Internal combustion engines
* Free car rides
* Train schedules
* Public spaces

Systems / regulation

* The Shops Act
* Taxi regulation
* Rent control
* Digital copyright
* Pharmacy monopolies
* Danish and Swedish currencies
* Moonlighting
* Retirement Age


* Dictatorships
* Pandas
* Tigers
* Bushmen
* Iraq
* North Korea
* Indonesia
* China
* Universal human rights
* EU

Organization and management

* Desk work
* Non-developing work
* Hourly wages
* Operating budgets
* Long-term strategic planning
* Middle management
* Top-down management
* Appointed managers
* Corporate culture
* Traditional further training

The list of Zombies; i.e., things that are gone in 10-15 years, is a candidate list and hence isn't all-inclusive.

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