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Case Study No. 0288: Staff of Draper Library

The Wizard of Oz - a Tale of Library Circulation
Originally presented at the 2007 ALA Conference in Washington DC. A simple tale about library circulation. Presented by Salt Lake County Library. Created for Salt Lake County Library. Executive Producer - Jim Cooper; Producer / Writer- Greg Near; Director - Ernest Q. Bourne; Camera - Adam Hill; Key Grip - Brent Roberts; Dorothy - Telesa Rountree; Librarian - Beverly Dusserre; Witch - Darlene Dineen; Scarecrow / Tinman - Karl Gilchrist; Lion - Alexis Alires; Extras - Jamie Jensen, Rosemary Healy, Angie Rawlings.
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[scene opens with black and white footage of a young female patron entering the Draper Library, where she walks up to the older female librarian sitting at the front desk]
LIBRARIAN: May I help you?
DOROTHY: I hope so, I'm looking for the Wizard of Oz.
LIBRARIAN: You've come to the right place ...
[the scene changes to color, as the librarian stands up]
LIBRARIAN: We have many formats for the Wizard of Oz. Music, movies, and books!
DOROTHY: Music, movies, and books? Oh my!
[a man dressed as the Scarecrow pops into the scene and hands the librarian a book]
LIBRARIAN: Thank you.
[Dorothy takes another look, and this time it's just a normal-looking male librarian standing at the desk, who smiles and then walks away]
LIBRARIAN: Why, here's just one version of the Wizard of Oz. You'll be able to find many more.
[she picks up a plastic shopping basket and hands it to Dorothy]
LIBRARIAN: And follow me, and I'll show you what we have in the audio-visual section. I'm sure we'll be able to help you find what you need.
[Dorothy looks down at the floor, which suddenly changes to the yellow brick road]
[cut to someone dressed as the Wicked Witch appear in a cloud of smoke from behind the stacks, then cut to Dorothy and the Librarian in the audio-visual section as someone dressed as the Cowardly Lion hands her a set of CDs]
LIBRARIAN: And here are some CD soundtracks you might enjoy.
[cut to another shot of the Wicked Witch skulking around, then back to the librarian and Dorothy]
LIBRARIAN: We also have audio books that you can listen to while you travel.
[Dorothy (who is now wearing pigtails) does a double take at the Cowardly Lion, but he turns into another ordinary male librarian]
LIBRARIAN: And you can also download e-audio books for your MP3 player.
[she hands Dorothy an MP3 player, who puts it in her basket]
DOROTHY: My goodness!
LIBRARIAN: We also have DVDS ...
[cut to the Wicked Witch peeking over from the top of the bookshelf, then to the librarian and Dorothy (who's now in full costume including a wooden picnic basket) walking up to someone dressed as the Tin Man]
LIBRARIAN: And here are the DVDs.
[the Tin Man hands her a bunch of DVDs]
DOROTHY: Y'know, it's funny, but I feel like I've known about this all the time.
[cut to the Wicked Witch, crawling on the floor towards Dorothy's ruby red slippers]
LIBRARIAN: I hope we've helped you find what you need today.
DOROTHY: There's no place like the library!
LIBRARIAN: You can say that again!
[Dorothy turns and addresses the camera directly]
DOROTHY: There's no place like the library!
[the Wicked Witch reaches out, but Dorothy steps on her hand with her other shoe]
[cut to Dorothy with her three companions (Scarecrow, Cowardly Lion, Tin Man) skipping away]

The End
Salt Lake County Library Services

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