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Case Study No. 1921: Henrietta Fink, Sally Newman, and Dori Winslow

The Librarian
"The Librarian," a film by Matthew James/Mankind Pictures, Music by Jennifer Yeung. Credits: Shocker Film Festival Selection (2006)
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["Meet Henrietta" appears on screen, then the scene opens with black and white footage of a young female librarian (hair in a bun, glasses, conservative dress) walking down the street]
DORI: [in voice over] Apparently, she's worked here for seven years ...
[cut to a different female librarian (long black hair, sleeveless shirt) speaking with another librarian (long red hair, glasses, black shirt)]
DORI: And hasn't spoken a single word.
SALLY: So, she's a ...
[cut to the librarian pushing a bookcart through the library]
SALLY: [in voice over] A mute?
[cut back to the librarians talking]
DORI: If that's what you wanna call it.
["She's alone on Valentine's Day" appears on screen, then cut to a closeup of the librarian's face]
["And evil is lurking at her doorstep" appears on screen, then cut to a man talking to the librarian]
MAXWELL: Might I come in?
[cut to more scenes from the movie, then "The Librarian" appears on screen]

A Mankind Pictures and Lost Story Productions presentation

Music by
Jennifer Yeung

Associate Producer
Casey Forari

Set Decoration
Monica Leed

Produced by
Malcolm Carter and Matthew James

Written and Directed by
Matthew James


From imdb.com:

The Librarian (2006)

Director: Matthew James
Writer: Matthew James
Genre: Short | Thriller
Plot: A lonely Librarian in Prescott, AZ becomes entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse with two professional killers on Valentine's Day.


John Dobradenka ... Peter Wicket
Mark Hackmann ... Maxwell Hobbs
Lorianna Henry ... Mrs. Caufield
Logun Keller ... Mr. Caufield
Josh McDermott ... Delivery Guy
Sarah McMinn ... Little Girl
Amy Jean Page ... Henrietta Fink
Kristina Rogers ... Sally Newman
Rory Vandermark ... Dori Winslow


From google.com:


Henrietta Fink: Amy Jean Page
Peter Wicket: John Dobradenka
Maxwell Hobbs: Mark Hackmann
Dori Winslow: Rory Vandermark
Sally Newman: Kristina Rogers
Delivery Guy: Josh McDermott
Little Girl: Sarah McMinn
Mr. Caufield: Logan Keller
Mrs. Caufield: Lorianna Henry


Writer/Director: Matthew James
Producers: Malcolm Carter, Matthew James
Associate Producer: Casey Forari
Set Decorator: Monica Leed
Music: Jennifer Yeung
Production Assistants: Michael Brewer, Eli Kluger


Official Selection - 2006 Shockerfest Film Festival


From starsearchcasting.com:

Henrietta Fink - lead character, mousy, very shy librarian. age 20-35
Maxwell Hobbs - british professional killer, slick, charming, age 35-50
Peter Wicket - younger professional killer, dark personality; iceman, age 20-35
Dori Winslow - caddy librarian co-worker, gossip starter, age 20-35
Sally Newman - librarian co-worker, caring, sweet natured, age 20-35

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