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Case Study No. 1875: Unnamed Female Librarian (The William and Hank Show)

Children's Television Spot - "The Librarian's Theme"
Composed by Todd Maki; c2009 Soul Like Water.
Footage from "The William and Hank Show" c2009 Humstrung
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Children's Television Spot
Clip 3: "The Librarian's Theme"
c2009 Humstrung

[scene opens with a young girl and an older female librarian (brown hair, glasses, red and gray scarf, blue blouse, red skirt) pushing a book cart through the church hallway]
LIBRARIAN: I haven't read that one yet! I can't wait to read more books by Max Tomato, have you heard of him? Max Tomato? Perhaps Max To-mah-to?
[the girl (with a bored look on her face) does not reply, and the librarian (oblivious to her boredom) continues talking quickly]
LIBRARIAN: I don't, I don't recall ... And then there's a book about a lot of rain in autumn! I can't remember that title. I think it's about, maybe it's rain in springtime. I don't--
[her eyes light up]
LIBRARIAN: Oh! And there's a book called "The Hungarian Librarian." Just like me! But not the Hungarian part, because I'm not Hungarian ... but I am a librarian!
[cut to two puppet mice watching them from the ceiling]
WILLIAM: Geez, that librarian sure likes to talk an awful lot!
HANK: Yeah, well, it's 'cause she's gotta be in the library all day ... So when she finally gets out, she doesn't know how to be quiet!
[they both laugh, then cut to the librarian entering her office (as the girl begrudgingly follows)]
LIBRARIAN: And then of course there's always "The Chronicles of Blarnia" by C.S. Brewis. Not those are classics!
[she stops and looks around]
LIBRARIAN: Well, here we are!



This groundbreaking new children's Christian television program, produced in Youngstown, Ohio, features a live cast and puppets working together to introduce classic stories from the Bible to a new generation of children.

The first episode of our show, Joseph, has been released on DVD! From the jacket: Jessie is having a rough day. She's new to the church, and just trying to find her way to Sunday school. But when she asks for help, she other kids trick Jessie and she finds herself lost and alone. On her journey, she meets lots of interesting new friends to help her along the way. William and Hank Churchmouse look on while hilariously escaping the clutches of the Janitor. Will Jessie find her way to Sunday school? Will the Janitor ever catch those mice? Join Jessie, William, Hank and all of their friends as this retelling of the story of Joseph from Genesis 37-45 comes to life!



The William and Hank Show
Episode 1

Jada Cheney ... Jessie
Liz Samuel ... Librarian

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