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Case Study No. 1901: Mr. Fonts

(Request) Odd Squad: How to Interrogate a Unicorn (Full Episode, No Commentary)
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[Odd Squad agents Olive and Otto enter the office of their commanding officer]
OLIVE: You asked to see us, Miss O?
MISS O: Yes ... A unicorn, a robot, and a mummy walked into a library.
OTTO: I love this joke!
MISS O: It's not a joke! It's a disaster! Characters are escaping from their books at the library!
[she turns towards a television monitor behind her desk]
MISS O: Look!
[she turns it on, and it shows the inside of a public library, where a young male librarian (brown hair, glasses, beige sweater, blue undershirt, blue tie, brown pants) is trying to restore order while patrons run screaming from a lumbering mummy and a unicorn rears up on its hind legs]
MR. FONTS: Please!
[the unicorn starts whinnying loudly, so the librarian tries to shush it]
MR. FONTS: Shh! This is a library!
[a robot enters and shoots a laser beam at one of the bookshelves]
MR. FONTS: This is a library! Please, would you--
[she turns off the television]
MISS O: I need you to figure out how and why this happened, and put a stop to it. If you can't, the library will have to be closed ... forever!
[both agents get shocked looks on their faces and scream "What? No! Say it isn't so!"]
MISS O: Shh!
[she puts a finger to her lips]
MISS O: Library voices ...
[both agents get the same shocked looks on their faces, but this time they whisper "What? No! Say it isn't so ... Better?"]
MISS O: [whispers] Better, now get back to work!
OTTO: [whispers] Yes!
OLIVE: [whispers] Sorry, Miss O!
[they both run out of her office, then cut to black and white security camera footage of the three literary characters, each in a separate room sitting in front of an empty table]
MISS O: [from off camera] Agents have already rounded up the creatures and put them in the interrogation rooms.
[cut to the two agents watching the footage]
OLIVE: There are thousands of books in the library, why did only these three escape?
[Otto points to three library books ("Return to Galaxon 7", "The Second to Last Unicorn", "Keeper of the Mummy") on the table in front of them]
OTTO: Yeah, and why a robot, unicorn, and mummy? They have nothing to do with each other.
OLIVE: [pause] Maybe they do, but we just can't see it yet. We should ask them some questions to get some more info.
OTTO: Yeah, and it could be the same questions.
OLIVE: And we can use a chart to keep track of the answers.
OTTO: So when we get the same answer ... that's what they have in common.
OLIVE: Good thinking, partner.
[she suddenly raises her hand]
OLIVE: I call unicorn!
OTTO: Mummy!
[he shrugs]
OTTO: Obviously ... but what about robot?
OLIVE: Hmm ...
[they suddenly notice the Odd Squad's resident scientist rolling by in a weird metallic contraption]
OLIVE: Oscar!
OSCAR: Oh ... Hey guys!
OLIVE: Can we lock you in a tiny room with a robot?
OSCAR: [pause] I've been waiting my whole life for someone to ask me that question!
OLIVE: Then you're in.


[after interrogating their suspects, the Odd Squad agents meet back up]
OTTO: So, did you guys get your answers?
OLIVE: Yup, turns out it was way easier than I thought.
OTTO: Time to go to the MathRoom.
[they are transported into a virtual-reality room]
OSCAR: Nailed it!
MATHROOM: Greetings, agents!
OLIVE: MathRoom, please make a chart with the characters along the top, and the questions on the side.
MATHROOM: Generating chart.
[a chart with pictures of the literary characters appears in the air in front of them]
OSCAR: Man, I feel like I know these guys from somewhere.
OLIVE: Remember, if the chart shows that they all said the same answer, that's what they have in common.
[she reads from a piece of paper]
OLIVE: "Question one, where do you live?"
[she looks at her fellow agents]
OLIVE: Unicorn said, "The magical land of Farfarnia."
OSCAR: Robot said, "Galaxon Seven."
OTTO: Mummy said, "Pyramid."
[representations of those locations are "drawn" onto the chart, and then a buzzing sound can be heard]
OSCAR: That's not it.
[Olive reads from her paper again]
OLIVE: "Question two, what's your favorite food?"
[she looks at the other agents again]
OLIVE: Unicorn said, "Carrot."
OSCAR: Robot said ... "Carrot!"
OTTO: Mummy said ... "Caaaaaramel corn."
[representations of those foods are "drawn" onto the chart, and then a buzzing sound can be heard]
OLIVE: "Question three, who wrote the book you came from?"
[she looks hopefully at the other agents]
OLIVE: Unicorn said, "W.W. Williams."
OSCAR: "W.W. Williams!"
OTTO: "W.W. Williams!"
[three drawings of a woman appear on the chart, and then a ringing sound and clapping can be heard]
OTTO: That's what they have in common!
OLIVE: Looks like we need to pay Miss Williams a visit.


[Olive and Otto are speaking with an older woman sitting at her desk]
OLIVE: So you know how when you read a really good book, it's like the characters come to life?
[she nods]
OLIVE: Well, your books are so good that your characters are really coming to life!
W.W. WILLIAMS: I had no idea that was happening ... Does that mean I can't write my books anymore?
OTTO: Of course you can ... It just means you have to wear this from now on.
[he reaches back and pulls out a helmet covered with wires and blinking lights]
[Olive's cellphone suddenly starts ringing, so she answers it]
OLIVE: Go for Olive.
[cut to the library, as the librarian is speaking into the phone]
MR. FONTS: Olive, it's Mister Fonts ... from the library. I found another character that left his book.
[the camera pans over to show a wizard standing next to the librarian's desk]
SORCERER: Alfonsio, the greatest sorcerer who ever lived!
[he bangs his staff on the ground (punctuated by a clap of thunder), but the librarian simply looks at him and sighs]
MR. FONTS: Oh, the greatest?! You were trapped in the janitor's closet for four days, okay?!
[the wizard looks at him in confusion]
MR. FONTS: Can you not just--
[he sighs again, then goes back to speaking into the phone]
MR. FONTS: Hello?
[cut back to the agents (as the author is now wearing the helmet on her head)]
W.W. WILLIAMS: Um, Odd Squad? I didn't write a book with a sorcerer.
[they both look at her in shock, then Olive speaks into her cellphone]
OLIVE: Uh, Mister Fonts ... Gotta go.
[she hangs up]
OTTO: B-But you had to! Characters are coming out of the books that you wrote, and that's what they have in common.
W.W. WILLIAMS: Sorry, I didn't.
OLIVE: Could you excuse us for a second, ma'am?
[she nods]
OLIVE: Thank you.
[the two agents move to the other side of the room]
OLIVE: So we were wrong ... We don't know what they have in common.
OTTO: Wait! If it's not the writer, then maybe it's the reader.
OLIVE: Keep talking, I'm listening.
OTTO: The reader is the one with the overactive imagination ...
OLIVE: Mm hmm.
OTTO: So characters are coming out of every book he or she reads.
OLIVE: So we have to find the person that read the unicorn book, the robot book, the mummy book, and this new book about the sorcerer ... Let's go!
[she leaves, as Otto turns back to the author]
OTTO: Ma'am? I'm gonna need the helmet back.


[Olive and Otto are speaking with the librarian]
MR. FONTS: There are so many books and people, I made this chart to organize everything.
[cut to a shot of the librarian's computer monitor, showing a six-by-four chart with pictures of people on the top and pictures of the literary characters on the left-hand side]
MR. FONTS: Now, lots of people read one of the books ...
[he points to the monitor]
MR. FONTS: Some people read two or three books ...
[he points to the last column on the chart]
MR. FONTS: But only one person read all four books.
[he clicks on the picture of the person at the top of the column, which opens a larger drawing of a kid wearing glasses]
OLIVE: Agent Oscar?!
OTTO: He's the one with the overactive imagination?
OLIVE: We need to find him, now!
MR. FONTS: Oh, that's easy!
[he points off camera]
MR. FONTS: He's right over there, reading "The Wonderful Wizard of Oz!"
[cut to Oscar reading the book, then back to the librarian's desk as Olive turns to him with fear in her eyes]
OLIVE: But that book starts with a tornado!
[the librarian laughs and nods]
MR. FONTS: Yes ...
[he suddenly goes from calm to panicked in an instant]
MR. FONTS: Oh no!
[both agents turn to Oscar and scream "Oscar, put the book down!"]
OSCAR: Oh, hey guys!
[he looks at them calmly as the two agents run towards him, but a tornado suddenly materializes from out of the book]
MR. FONTS: Oh no, there goes the non-fiction section!
[the tornado grow larger, as the agents are knocked to the ground]
OTTO: How do we stop it?!
OLIVE: I don't know!
[everyone screams (and the librarian tries to hide under his desk), when the wizard appears]
SORCERER: Do not fret, I've got this!
[he points his staff at the tornado, and shoots out a pink beam of energy]
SORCERER: Excelsior!
[the tornado disappears]
OTTO: I'm so reading that guy's book ...
OLIVE: Me too!
[the wizard gives them a thumbs up]



Odd Squad: Season 1, Episode 11
How to Interrogate a Unicorn/The Briefcase (9 Dec. 2014)
TV Episode Comedy | Family

When characters escape their books in the library, Olive and Otto must figure out how and why it's happening and put a stop to it. When Ms. O's important briefcase is stolen by a shape shifter, Olive and Otto must get it back.


Dalila Bela ... Agent Olive
Filip Geljo ... Agent Otto
Millie Davis ... Ms. O
Sean Michael Kyer ... Agent Oscar
W.W. Williams ... Jane Moffat
Mr. Fonts ... Anand Rajaram
Sorcerer ... Allen Stewart-Coates

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