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Case Study No. 1920: The Librarian (The Ten Thousand Things)

The Librarian
The Librarian

The Ten Thousand Things

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by The Ten Thousand Things

1. Man Alone
2. This City/This Town
3. The Librarian
4. Return of the Psychonaut
6. Mantra
7. All Is Nothing Is All

Album Notes
OMNIL is the second release from Bloomington, Indiana's psychedelic noiseniks The Ten Thousand Things. This is the new noise, sprouting from the flame-licked brain of Wes Covey. This is drone music folded under and upon itself; delta blues drowned in muddy waters; folk forms returned to the darkest woods. This is aural mysticism.

2006 found TTTT dropping The Things You've Been Dreaming Of..., an album of deep psychedelic vocal abstractions and pan-global instrumental skree. Self-released in a limited edition of 50 copies on Covey's own Sacred Musick label, and streamed online at, the album put a new face on the quickly tiring noise/drone scene.

OMNIL is a far darker, yet immensely more beautiful follow up recording. Utilizing 6- and 12-string acoustic guitars, electric guitar, bass guitar, sitar, ukelin, ching, vocals, harmonica, books, water, bells, chimes and other unmentionables and unidentifiables, TTTT has created an album that reaches back to the earliest forms of magickal folk as practiced by The Incredible String Band, while simultaneously stretching forward into the previously-uncharted territories mapped by electric Pelt, Steven R. Smith/Hala Strana, and Keiji Haino.

Even in noise, there is silence...
Even in silence, there is noise...

The new noise is here.



Wesley Carroll Covey is an artist, musician, yogi and librarian. He is the leader of the drone musick collective The Ten Thousand Things. Wes also writes for The Contrarian Media.

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