Friday, April 24, 2015

Case Study No. 1917: Ernie the Librarian

Ridiculous Librarian Prank!
Filmed this bad boy in Utah! I thought it was pretty funny but not all that great so I decided to throw it up as an extra video for this week :) Give it a like for 2 videos a week for 2nd week in a row! New video Monday! #Slayers


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[scene opens with a young male librarian (short brown hair, glasses, multi-colored sweater, blue undershirt, blue jeans) walking up behind a male student in a college library]
ERNIE: [whispers] Excuse me?
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] Yeah?
ERNIE: [whispers] Do you have your library card?
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] I don't.
ERNIE: [whispers] Get the fuck out of my library.
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] Why?
ERNIE: [whispers] You heard me.
[the student just stares at him in disbelief]
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] I didn't know you had to have a library card ...
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah.
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] Really?
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah.
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] Oh ... kay.
["The Ridiculous Librarian Prank" appears on screen, then cut to the librarian speaking with a female student]
ERNIE: [whispers] Do you have your library card?
FEMALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] What?
ERNIE: [whispers] Do you have your library card?
FEMALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] No.
[the librarian sighs and shakes his head]
ERNIE: [whispers] I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
FEMALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] Are you serious?
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah.
FEMALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] Because my pencil's too loud?
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah, it's way too loud. It's distracting.
[cut to the librarian walking up behind another male student looking at his cell phone]
ERNIE: [whispers] There's no texting in the library ... Read a book!
[the librarian shakes his head in disgust and walks away, then cut to the librarian talking to another female student holding a pair of earbuds]
FEMALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] You can hear this right now?
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah ... Yeah.
[the student gives him an incredulous look, but he simply shrugs]
FEMALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] You can hear this right now?
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah.
FEMALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] Are you being for real?
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah ... It's R. Kelly. I know.
FEMALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] R. Kelly?
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah.
FEMALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] It's not R. Kelly.
[the librarian leans in, and the student holds up one of the buds to his ear]
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah, that's R. Kelly.
FEMALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] That is not R. Kelly!
[the student laughs and turns back to her laptop, while the librarian makes a motion with his hands (as if he's covering the table with something)]
ERNIE: [whispers] Pisssss ....
[cut to the librarian carrying a large stack of books, when he trips and falls in front of another female student]
ERNIE: [whispers] Oh, gosh darnit! I ripped my jeans!
[the student gets up to help him pick up the books, but then the librarian just turns and awkwardly runs away]
[cut to a closeup of another female student sitting nearby (having watched the whole scene) looking around in confusion, then cut to the librarian walking past another male student when he drops a single book to the floor]
ERNIE: [whispers] Oh, geez.
[the student bends down to pick up the book and hands it to the librarian, who takes the book ... but then leans in close and gives the student a menacing look]
ERNIE: [whispers] You work for me now.
[he walks away, then cut to the librarian standing behind another female student, as he puts a finger to his lips and shushes her (even though all she was doing was typing on her laptop)]
ERNIE: [whispers] Shhh ... This is a library, not a playground. Okay?
[cut to the librarian walking up behind another (perfectly silent) female student, as he again puts a finger to his lips and shushes her]
ERNIE: [whispers] Shhh ...
FEMALE STUDENT 3: [whispers] Okay.
[cut to the librarian walking up behind another female student (again not making any noise), as he puts a finger to his lips and shushes her]
ERNIE: [whispers] Shhh ...
[the student looks up in alarm]
FEMALE STUDENT 4: [whispers] Oh my god ...
ERNIE: [whispers] Yeah.
FEMALE STUDENT 4: [whispers] What?
ERNIE: [whispers] You gotta be a little more quiet.
FEMALE STUDENT 4: [whispers] Oh, sorry. Sorry.
ERNIE: [whispers] You're typing a bit above the recommended volume.
FEMALE STUDENT 4: [whispers] Oh, okay. Sorry.
ERNIE: [whispers] You're just hitting the keys a little too hard.
FEMALE STUDENT 4: [whispers] Oh. Okay.
[cut to the librarian walking past another male student sitting at a table reading a book, when he stops and looks over his shoulder ... the student looks up at him and laughs nervously, but the librarian continues to just stare over his shoulder in a stoic fashion]
MALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] Yeah?
ERNIE: [whispers] Proceed.
[the student smiles and tries to continue reading ... but ends up just looking around in confusion]
MALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] Yup.
[the librarian makes a "hurry up" motion with his hand]
ERNIE: [whispers] Proceed ...
[the student (not knowing what else to do) motions towards the book that the librarian is holding]
MALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] What're you reading?
ERNIE: [whispers] I'm the librarian. I'm here to make sure that you are ready to learn. That you excel to the highest you that you can be.
[the student can only nod]
ERNIE: [whispers] Now proceed.
MALE STUDENT 2: [whispers] Okay.
[the student tries to go back to reading, then the scene freezes and "Thug Life" appears on screen]
[cut back to the first male student that the librarian swore at, as he breaks character and starts laughing]
ERNIE: [whispers] I'm just kidding, dude. Don't leave.
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] It's okay.
ERNIE: [whispers] We're making, like, a funny YouTube video. Like, the ridiculous librarian prank.
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] Yeah?
[they fist bump]
ERNIE: [whispers] That was great.
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] Where's the hidden camera?
ERNIE: [whispers] It's, uh ... where is it?
[he looks around briefly, then points at the camera]
ERNIE: [whispers] Oh, it's right there.
MALE STUDENT 1: [whispers] Oh.
[the student waves]
ERNIE: [whispers] Nice job.
["Thanks for watching" appears on screen]

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