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Case Study No. 1907: "Librarians Book Faire"

Librarians in Comic Books... Young Justice!
From: Young Justice (2001) #31
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[the first panel shows Impulse running at super-human speed into the middle of an outdoor book fair]
[the second panel shows him posing for the assembled crowd, as a thought balloon shows that he expects them to shower him with roses and ask him for his autograph (the kind of adoration that he obviously feels a super hero of his caliber deserves)]
[the third panel shows the crowd as a whole (men and women, young and old, some wearing glasses) putting a finger to their lips and loudly shushing him]
[the fourth panel shows Impulse staring at the crowd with a confused look on his face (as his word balloon with a single "question mark" would indicate)]
[the fifth panel shows the crowd shushing him even lower (as he covers his ears)]
[the sixth panel shows him looking up at the banner above them (the reader can only see the back of the banner)]
[the seventh panel shows Impulse smiling and running off, as the front of the banner can be seen ("Librarians Book Fair")]


[the first panel shows Impulse explaining his ordeal at the Librarians Book Fair, indicated by a word balloon showing several stereotypical elderly female librarians (grey hair in a bun, glasses) surrounding him and shushing him]


[the first panel shows Impulse excitedly speaking to (who he thinks is) The Flash and describing his day, including a word balloon that shows an elderly female librarian shoving a book (entitled "Silence of the Lamb") into his mouth]


From wordpress.com:

Even in the twenty-first century, an intelligent and accomplished writer like Peter David can indulge in a sight gag in the pages of DC Comics' Young Justice 31 (April 2001) wherein the young super-speedster Impulse is the recipient of a collective "Shhh . . . !" when he has the poor judgment to disrupt the otherwise silent "Librarians Book Faire."

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