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Case Study No. 1896: Claire the Robot Librarian

Snakehandshakes - 01 - Claire the Robot Librarian
Band: Snakehandshakes
Album Welcome to Murderville (2005)
Song: Claire the Robot Librarian
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Everything is relative
To what we believe in
So lost inside
Where everything is far removed
And it's strange how your eyes
Gloss like static
Got a broken television set
When you realize

You're not innocent
You're not
You're so vigilant
When it comes to getting what you want

Should I believe that the words
You are telling me are true
That your faith and your life
Are not controlled by you

Make, say, think, live
Trust, love, truth, sin
It's all around us
It's all around us
Why so lonely
Why so lonely

Bring back nothing
And roses in water
You're not innocent
You're not innocent

Bring back nothing
Roses in water
And a foolish smile
Plastered on your face

It's happening
We lost control
His frequencies are no longer secure
Get back
Get back
It's all about to blow



Originally formed under the name Ten Dollar Thompson in early 2000, Snake Handshakes began building a loyal following around western Canada by playing shows with bands such as Swingset Champion, Gob, and Swollen Members. After a chance meeting with famed engineer, Mike Fraser (Glassjaw, Vex Red, Blood Brothers…) they recorded their first five song EP, Dirty Dove. Mike's philosophy and approach to recording was a perfect match for these seasoned musicians. Achieving regular airplay on local radio, the recording received rave reviews. In late 2004, they decided to change their name to Snake Handshakes to more accurately reflect their evolving sound. Fraser was around, again, to record the band's second EP, Welcome to Murderville. The end result exceeded all expectations. The group humbly accepts high praise, and have had tracks featured, on New Music Canada and As payment for the use of one of their songs in a locally produced motion picture, the band is currently shooting their first music video. The fivesome has also allowed Sapient Snowboards to use some of their tracks as the official soundtrack to their website. As their fan base continues to grow, the band is setting their sites on the future. In an effort to expand their market and support the release of their latest EP, Snake Handshakes is planning a tour for early 2005.

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