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Case Study No. 1874: George (Obselidia)

Obselidia (2010) - Official trailer [HD]
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Plot: George, a lonely librarian, believes love is obsolete, until a road trip to Death Valley with a cinema projectionist named Sophie teaches him otherwise.
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Obselidia is a 2010 American drama film written and directed by Diane Bell, starring Michael Piccirilli, Gaynor Howe and Frank Hoyt Taylor. The film won two awards at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival: the Excellence in Cinematography award and the Alfred P. Sloan Prize.

On his quest to catalogue soon obsolete occupations, George (Piccirilli) a librarian joins forces with a silent film projectionist (Howe), and together they journey to Death Valley to interview a maverick scientist (Hoyt Taylor) who is predicting the imminent end of the world.



Two people fascinated with the past wonder if they have a future together in this independent drama.

George (Michael Piccirilli) is a librarian who in his spare time poses as a door-to-door encyclopedia salesman as he works on an ambitious project: "The Obselidia," an encyclopedia that catalogs the huge number of things that have gone obsolete in 21st Century culture.

George distrusts most present day technology -- he refuses to drive a car, he doesn't own a cell phone or a land line with buttons, and while he grudgingly uses a computer at work, he won't allow one in his home and does his writing on a manual typewriter.

As George is researching his Obselidia, he meets Sophie (Gaynor Howe), a lovely young woman who works as a projectionist at a movie theater specializing in vintage silent films. Sophie is also fascinated with relics of the past, but is more open-minded and doesn't share George's dread about a culture in flux.

Despite George's tremendous discomfort around women, he's fascinated by Sophie, and they begin an intellectual courtship as they discuss their many opinions about the changing world around them. A side trip into exploring the future takes George and Sophie to Death Valley, where they meet Lewis (Frank Hoyt Taylor), a retired scientist who believes climate change will turn the world into a desert by 2100 and tells the few people he sees to enjoy the present day, since man's days on Earth are numbered.

The first feature film from director Diane Bell, Obselidia was an official selection at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, where it received the Alfred P. Sloan Prize for Excellence in Cinematography.

Starring: Michael Piccirilli, Gaynor Howe, Frank Hoyt Taylor
Director: Diane Bell
Run Time: 96 minutes



Obselidia tells the story of George, a man out of step with the 21st century who is writing an encyclopedia of obsolete things. On his quest to catalogue endangered occupations, he meets Sophie, a cinema projectionist at a silent movie theater, and together they journey to the desert of Death Valley to interview a maverick climate scientist who is predicting the eminent end of the world.

Part road movie, part love story, Obselidia is a bittersweet meditation on loss and how we live with it-given that everything we love is going to end. The winner of two awards at Sundance 2010, including Excellence in Cinematography, Obselidia asks us to consider an important question: what do you have in this world that you think is worth saving?

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