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Case Study No. 1887: Lisa Librarian

Velocity Girl [09] Lisa Librarian
From "Copacetic" (1993).
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I know you know about me
I know because I told everyone on Earth
I'd like to tell you something
But I have to think of something first
It's hard to see you
It's hard to know if you're for real
And I can't decide if
I wanna know exactly how you feel

Life is so hard
All the worst parts to choose
But it sure is for me

I turn on the television
Channel Two, I'm so annoyed
But I'm just jellyfishing
While you're reading the books to girls and boys
And I wanna see you
But I wanna visit you at work
And I'll be quiet
Maybe you could recommend a book

Life is so hard
All the worst parts to choose
But it sure is for me
I can't tell
But it's so hard to say
But you're too far away
I don't think so today



Lisa Librarian
From the album "Copacetic"

Release Date: January 1, 2008
Label: Sub Pop Records
Copyright: 1993 Hathos Music



Lisa Librarian appears on the album Copacetic.

Velocity Girl was an American indie rock band formed in 1989 in College Park, Maryland. While much 1990s rock music featured an abrasive vocal and instrumental style, Velocity Girl's later sound was melodic and typically featured "clean" (non-distorted) electric guitar sounds. Thus, the group's music was closer to a "pop" than a "rock" aesthetic.

Initially however, Velocity Girl was playing with their shoegaze influences and on their first seven inches on Slumberland and Merge, as well as their first Sub Pop album "Copacetic".

The group was fronted by a female singer (Sarah Shannon) (original lead singer Bridget Cross left to join Unrest) and featured both female and male vocals, sometimes simultaneously. In the group's recordings, Shannon's voice had a light, airy quality with a slight vibrato.

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