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Case Study No. 1902: Tehutti

Bionicle Review: Tehutti
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"Tehutti's always here, Toa 'Whenua'. He spends his whole life down with the exhibits."
- An Onu-Matoran Guard, Mystery of Metru Nui

Tehutti, temporarily Tehuti while on Mata Nui, is an ambitious Onu-Matoran native to Metru Nui and one of the Matoran who knew the location of a Great Disk.

Metru Nui
Tehutti was an Archivist who worked alongside Whenua, before Whenua was transformed into a Toa. Tehutti came to know of the location of a Great Disk, which proved to be dangerous to him, because as a result of his knowledge, the Po-Matoran Ahkmou successfully attempted to lure him into a trap.

He had been told that there was a Nui-Jaga to be delivered that day from a Ga-Matoran named Vhisola. He was suspicious of this, as Nui-Jaga lived in Po-Metru, but nevertheless, was quite excited to receive the Nui-Jaga. Upon heading to the dock where all live exhibits from other Metru were shipped, he found that what he had been told was not true. He then headed down to one of the sublevels, using a ladder. However, the ladder was broken, and he fell into a dangerous sublevel. Whenua, who was searching for the Onu-Matoran, followed Tehutti's steps, and freed Tehutti from the rubble that he was trapped under. Later on, when Tehutti told Whenua and Nuju where the disk was located, he was caught by Rorzakh and fell prey to their Staffs of Presence. Whenua and Nuju left him with Ehrye on a level he was not familiar with, so both would be safe but unable to run away, and descended to the sublevel where the Disk was hidden. Later, while they were searching for the Ko-Metru Great Disk, Tehutti was struck by a Keerakh's Staff of Confusion, causing him to lose his sense of time and space and believe he was cataloging a Fikou exhibit in the Archives. Because of this, the two Matoran were left behind while the Toa looked for the disk.

After the Toa Metru found the Great Disks, they and the Matoran traveled to the Great Furnace, in search of the King Root of the Morbuzakh. However, the group was attacked by Morbuzakh vines before they could enter. Tehutti, having learned of it in the Archives, showed the other five Matoran how to merge with himself to form a Matoran Nui. The Matoran Nui kept the Morbuzakh at bay, allowing the Toa Metru to access the Great Furnace. After some time, the Matoran Nui split apart, returning the six Matoran to their original forms.

After leaving the other five Matoran from the Great Furnace, Tehutti was lured by Makuta Teridax into coming with the other Matoran to the Coliseum, and the Vahki imprisoned him in a Matoran Pod. He was later freed by the Toa Metru on Mata Nui.

Mata Nui
Due to his confinement in a Matoran Sphere, Tehutti was physically shrunken and weakened and he also forgot his memories of life on Metru Nui. Nevertheless, in the beginning years of the Dark Time, he assisted in the construction of Onu-Koro, under Turaga Whenua's instruction, taking materials from Airships used in the Great Rescue.

On Mata Nui, Tehutti was re-named Tehuti and given a replacement Kanohi Kakama. He worked in the Great Mine in Onu-Wahi as a Miner. He temporarily vacated Onu-Koro with the other Matoran when the Bohrok attacked. Tehutti was rebuilt after the defeat of the Bohrok-Kal. He was evacuated from Onu-Koro with the other Matoran during the Rahkshi attack.

Return to Metru Nui
Tehutti later joined in the creation of Boats to return to Metru Nui. Upon learning of the past, he changed his name back to "Tehutti." He and the other Matoran then underwent a joint effort to rebuild the city, which had suffered damage. He temporarily stopped his work of reconstruction on order of Jaller, to force the Turaga to reveal where the Toa Nuva had gone, but he eventually got back to work.

Tehutti and the other remaining Matoran later left Metru Nui to depart for Spherus Magna, after the Great Spirit Robot was incapacitated

Abilities and Traits
Tehutti always wanted a new exhibit to mark his name on, and his hard-headedness often caused him to overlook what was the right thing to do, so long his name was put on a new item in the Archives. Tehutti had no definite purpose for the Great Disk, except maybe to put it on exhibit and achieve recognition for his work.

Like all Onu-Matoran, Tehutti could see in the dark, and was stronger than Matoran of other Elements.

Tehutti generally used a teleportation Kanoka, code 685, to move around the complex Archives.

Set Information
Tehutti was released in early 2004 as one of the six "small sets." Tehutti wore a black Kanohi Huna with silver markings on the top. The set also included a Kanoka launcher and a glow-in-the-dark Onu-Metru Kanoka disk with a special code on it. This could be entered at for Kanoka Club points.

Pieces from this set could also be combined with pieces from the Vhisola and Ehrye sets to form a Kavinika model.



Seeker of lost treasure in Onu-Metru!

In the time before time, Metru Nui, city of legends, faces danger unlike any it has known before. A mysterious and powerful menace threatens the city, striking from the shadows and then disappearing, leaving rubble in its wake. Six Matoran hold the keys to its defeat, but they have disappeared! Worse, one of them has been touched by darkness and plots against all of Metru Nui. Tehutti has worked in the Onu-Metru Archives for years, and dreams of finding a treasure that will bring him fame and fortune. But will his dream bring danger to the city of Metru Nui? Includes disk launching action and collectible Kanoka disk.



Tehutti was an Onu-Matoran.

On Metru Nui, Tehutti worked in the Archives. He had no definite purpose for the Great Kanoka Disk that he found, except maybe to put it on exhibit and achieve recognition for his work. Teridax believed his destiny to be as the Toa Metru of Earth.

Toa Whenua found him, and he told him where to find the great disk. He, Ehrye, and the two Toa Metru went to Ko-Metru. He was dazed by a Keerakh. Once Nuju found his disk, the Toa Metru united at the Temple of Mata Nui. They journied to the Great Furnace to defeat the King Root.

Tehutti merged with the other 5 Matoran into the Matoran Nui. Then he dissapeared, taken away by a Vahki, and put into a Matoran Pod.

On Mata Nui, Tehutti was awakened by the Toa Metru and lived in Onu-Koro. Tehutti was re-named Tehuti and given a replacement Kanohi Kakama for unknown reasons. His name has since been changed back. He worked in the Great Mine in Onu-Wahi.

Along with all the other Matoran, Tehutti returned to Metru Nui and helped to rebuild it until the Staff of Artahka was activated. Tehuti's name was changed back to Tehutti, and he took part in the ceremony held for Matoro.

Tehutti later migrated to Spherus Magna after the Matoran Universe was damaged in the Battle of Bara Magna.

Tehutti always wanted a new exhibit to mark his name on, quickly leading to him becoming one of Whenua's rivals. Tehutti's hard head often caused him to forget the most important purposes. He generally used a level 5 teleportation Kanoka Disk to move around the complex Archives.

Tehutti once appeared on the cover of an archivist's magazine because he was one.

Set information
* Tehutti was released in 2004.
* Tehutti's set number is 8609.
* Tehutti has 27 pieces.



The Archives was a large facility in Onu-Metru that contained information on almost everything known to Matoran.

They contained special artifacts (like the Onu-Metru Great Disk) and various Rahi, most contained in Stasis Tubes. The lower levels of the Archives are a dangerous place where some Matoran have become lost, never to be found again. Many Rahi have also escaped their tubes in the lower levels, making it even more treacherous. An Onu-Matoran known as the Chief Archivist made major decisions concerning the Archives along with Turaga Dume. Each entrance was guarded by one guard and the doors had locks that consisted of three levers that changed their position every day. Only the guard on duty knew the combination and position of the levers. At this point, the aforementioned security has been abandoned. The Rahaga took refuge in the Archives when they came to Metru Nui with the Avohkii. Dweller was hiding in the Archives, waiting for a chance to attack Takanuva.

During the Great Cataclysm, the Archives were badly damaged, freeing almost all of the captured Rahi. The Archives were then repaired to their former glory with the Staff of Artakha, and the Rahaga helped replace and recapture missing Rahi before transforming back into the Toa Hagah. The Matoran hid in the Archives to get away from the Rahkshi during the Destiny War. Toa Tuyet was found there by Macku, who was joined by Hafu and Kapura. Tuyet thought a while about her journey; then Tren Krom arrived in Lewa's body. They later slipped out of the Archives.

The Archives were later abandoned along with all other locations of the Matoran Universe and its exhibits were moved to a second Archives, built on the planet Spherus Magna.

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