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Case Study No. 1879: Ridelle Mystere and Dewey

Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney Pt.12: Little Miss Ridelle
Didn't know I'll be meeting Labyrinthia's version of Velma.
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[the player enters the Great Archive]
LUKE: Wow! There are books crammed in here from floor to ceiling!
LAYTON: Truly remarkable ... Are all of these books "stories?"
ESPELLA: Yes, they are ... all of them. It's sad that these were all written by the Storyteller.
LUKE: All of these books? But there are so many!
DEWEY: [from off camera] Excuse me! Beg your pardon! Look out! Gangwaaay!
[a young male library assistant (black hair in a bowlcut, brown monk's robe, black scarf) appears, carrying a large stack of books]
DEWEY: I've got 'em, don't worry ... P-p-piece of cake!
[the books wobble precariously in his hands, but they eventually stop]
DEWEY: Phew ... told you! No problem.
[cut to Dewey standing next to Luke and Professor Layton (although the books apparently block his view of the visitors)]
DEWEY: Sorry to startle you folk. I didn't think there was anyone here.
LAYTON: That's all right. It's lucky that you didn't drop any books.
LUKE: I don't think I've ever seen anyone carry so many books at once. Aren't they heavy?
DEWEY: I love books, so I feel like a mother carrying her baby. If you love books too, why not carry a few with me?
LUKE: I do love books, but I don't think I could carry that many ...
DEWEY: You obviously don't understand the true enjoyment of books. Embracing books, being buried in books, the feel of books, the smell of books ... Listening to the sound of the pages turning, gazing up at books piled high ... Being surrounded by books and playing with them ... That's how to enjoy books!
LUKE: I'm not sure I totally agree ...
[Luke disappears and is replaced with Espella]
ESPELLA: Um ... Dewey?
DEWEY: Eh?! Th-that voice ... That's Espella, isn't it? Uh-oh!
[the books start wobbling in his hands again]
DEWEY: Here we go again!
LAYTON: Please, remain calm. You wouldn't want to drop those books.
DEWEY: Just leave it ... to me! See, all under control.
ESPELLA: Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you like that ... Dewey, we've come here to find a book about magic.
DEWEY: M-magic?! I should have known ... That is, I, uh ... never mind.
LAYTON: ... ?
DEWEY: Well, if it's magic that you're interested in, then might I suggest the Grand Grimoire?
LAYTON: The Grand Grimoire, you say? We'd like to borrow that book, if we may.
DEWEY: Well, you'll need Miss Mystere's permission. Are you sure you want to borrow it ... ?
[Espella disappears and is replaced with Luke]
LUKE: Absolutely! We're very interested in magic.
DEWEY: Friends of Espella's ... interested in magic? So these two must also be ... Uh-oh ... whoops! Nooo!
[the books start to wobble again]
DEWEY: I-I'm losing them!
RIDELLE: [from off camera] Silence!
[a young female librarian (pink hair, glasses, black dress, white gloves) appears, clutching a book to her chest while pointing at the camera]
RIDELLE: Silence in the library!
[cut to the librarian standing in the middle of the Great Archive (while Dewey stands at the base of the staircase), then the player selects "Talk to the librarian"]
RIDELLE: The Great Archive was founded for those in the noble pursuit of knowledge. I must ask you to be a little quieter, please.
[cut to Dewey standing next to Ridelle]
RIDELLE: Dewey, as a budding librarian I would have thought that you would have known better ...
DEWEY: I'm sorry, Miss Mystere. But these people say they want to borrow the Grand Grimoire!
RIDELLE: Did you say ... the Grand Grimoire?
[Dewey disappears and is replaced with Espella]
RIDELLE: ... ! You're ... Espella Cantabella. You of all people must know the significance of the Grand Grimoire. It is an important piece of literature which can only be viewed by learned persons of significant status. It's not like I can just give my permission to whoever asks for it, you know.
ESPELLA: I understand that, but this man ...
RIDELLE: I'm sorry, but rules cannot be changed.
[Espella disappears and is replaced with Professor Layton and Luke]
LAYTON: The request is all mine. That book could prove indispensable for my investigations into magic.
RIDELLE: And you are ... Excuse me, but may I ask your name?
LAYTON: I'm Hershel Layton. I'm investigating this town ... You could say I'm a traveller, so to speak.
RIDELLE: A traveller? I'm afraid I have never come across such a profession ... Well, I suppose we can return to that later. My name is Ridelle Mystere. I am a librarian, as well as curator of the Great Archive. And I am therefore responsible for all pieces of work here, including the Grand Grimoire. I'm afraid that no matter what your profession or who you are, it is beyond my authority to lend you the Grand Grimoire ... It is simply against the rules.
LUKE: The rules? Can't you make an exception for us?
LAYTON: Luke ... please, leave this to me.
[he turns to the librarian]
LAYTON: I can understand that you are unable to show this book to just anyone. However, as you yourself said just a moment ago, the Great Archive was founded for those in the noble pursuit of knowledge. And I am currently very much in the pursuit of knowledge regarding magic. Perhaps you would consider letting me at least peruse the Grand Grimoire?
RIDELLE: Only learned persons of significant status, and in particular, inquisitors, are permitted to refer to the Grand Grimoire.
LAYTON: Inquisitors?
RIDELLE: Those who administer justice in this town. Knights of wisdom, as they are known. Only somebody with equal status to that of an inquisitor, or with the same level of wisdom, would qualify.
LAYTON: So if I could demonstrate the required level of wisdom, then I would qualify?
RIDELLE: You certainly are a persistent gentleman. Very well, let's see what you make of a trial. This trial has been used in the past to test the ability of aspiring inquisitors. If you are able to clear this trial, then I will acknowledge that your wisdom matches that of an inquisitor. If you can achieve this, then as curator of the Great Archive, I will lend you that book.
LAYTON: Splendid! Then by all means, do begin.
RIDELLE: You certainly have some confidence. Let's see if you can live up to it. Do you think you can pass this trial, at which so many hopefuls have stumbled?
[she opens her books, as the pages flip by themselves]
RIDELLE: See what you can do with this!
[cut to the "Lost in Time" puzzle, as "Make your way through the maze of strange clocks and to the goal. You can only move in the direction of the clock hands. With each step you take, the clock hands will rotate 90 degrees, so take care." appears on screen]
[the player solves the puzzle, as "Success! You've proven that time truly doesn't stop for anyone!" appears on screen]
[cut back to the Great Archive, as Professor Layton stands next to Ridelle]
RIDELLE: How can this be? That hardly seemed a challenge for you. Who are you ... and how did you do that so effortlessly?
LAYTON: More importantly than who I am, there is one thing of which I am certain, and that is that every puzzle has an answer. So do I qualify?
RIDELLE: ... Not so fast! Do you really believe that my permission can be obtained as easily as that? That was no more than a preliminary trial, to separate the wheat from the chaff.
[she opens her books, as the pages flip by themselves]
RIDELLE: Now for the real trial. Even a man of your calibre should find this challenging. This trial will have your eyes rolling and your head spinning!
[Professor Layton disappears and is replaced with Dewey]
DEWEY: Miss Mystere, I've never seen you get this excited!
RIDELLE: Silence! Be quiet, Dewey!
DEWEY: ... Sorry!
[Dewey disappears and is replaced with Professor Layton]
LAYTON: I assume it's safe to predict that this will not be quite so simple ...
RIDELLE: Ahem! This will put an end to that overconfidence! Prepare to lose your mind in this mind-bending puzzle!
[cut to the "Out of Time" puzzle, as "Make your way through the maze of strange clocks and to the goal. You can only move in the direction of the clock hands. With each step you take, the clock hands will rotate 90 degrees, so take care. However, note that the clock hands on the purple clocks appear to rotate at three times the speed of regular clocks. Better watch your step!" appears on screen]
RIDELLE: Before I forget, I must warn you ... You no longer have the "luxury" of undoing a move. One teeny, tiny miscalculation ... and it's game over. I do hope you don't mind.
[the player solves the puzzle, as "You made it! The last minute change to the rules of the maze was clearly not enough to catch you out!" appears on screen]
[cut back to the Great Archive, as Professor Layton stands next to Ridelle]
RIDELLE: H ... h ... how ... ? My mind-bending puzzle! You didn't lose your mind ... on the contrary, you found the solution! It's ... that's ... just impossible!
[she swoons, dropping her book and causing her glasses to slide up onto her forehead]
RIDELLE: Oh! My glasses! My book!
[she looks around (not realizing the glasses are still on her head), then covers her eyes with her hands]
RIDELLE: Don't ... look ... Don't look at me! My glasses, let me put them on ... Just a mo ... ment!
[the screen fades to black, then cut back to Professor Layton standing next to Ridelle (once again holding her book and wearing her glasses)]
RIDELLE: That's better. I apologise ... for a moment there, I lost my composure. But to see my trial cleared like that ... It seems I underestimated you, sir.
LAYTON: It was a fascinating puzzle. No more than I'd expect from the curator of the Great Archive.
RIDELLE: I find your confidence rather disconcerting ... I hope someday to have the pleasure of showing you a puzzle that will make those little round eyes of yours spin in your head! But nevertheless, a promise is a promise. I hereby grant you your permission.
[she points off camera]
RIDELLE: The special viewing room containing the Grand Grimoire is located on the first floor. As I'm sure you are already aware, that book is of unparalleled importance. By no means may it be treated with anything but the utmost care.
LAYTON: Of course, Miss Mystere. Thank you for granting me permission.
RIDELLE: Well then, shall we proceed to the special viewing room? I shall have to accompany you, since the room is locked.
[Ridelle disappears and is replaced with Espella and Luke]
LUKE: You did it, Professor! You cleared both trials in one fell swoop!
ESPELLA: That was amazing, Mister Layton! It's well known that Miss Mystere is an avid collector of puzzles. And I've heard that the puzzles she presents are always very difficult to solve!
LAYTON: I see ... so there are collectors of puzzles in this place, too.
ESPELLA: ... ? What do you mean?
LAYTON: Oh, nothing important. Right then, no use in waiting around. Let's go and take a look at the Grand Grimoire!
LUKE: Right you are, Professor!
["A new destination has been added to the map: Special Viewing Room" appears on screen, then cut to the main floor of the Great Archive (where Dewey stands at the base of the staircase)]
[the player selects "Check the Special Viewing Room", then "We've got permission to enter the special viewing room. Let's enter it and look at the Grand Grimoire" appears on screen]
["A special viewing room into which only those with permission may enter" appears on screen, then cut to Professor Layton and Ridelle standing in front of a podium holding a large book]
RIDELLE: This is the special viewing room. I'm sure a gentleman such as yourself will understand ... but seeing as this is a special room not open to the general public, I must insist that you all be on your best behaviour.
[Ridelle disappears and is replaced with Espella and Luke]
LUKE: Wow ... this room feels so grand and elegant.
ESPELLA: It's my first time in here, too ... I must admit, I feel a little nervous.
LAYTON: It certainly does give some indication of the importance of the book being kept here. That book in the centre must be the Grand Grimoire.
[cut to the librarian standing next to the book, as the player clicks it]
[the screen fades to black, then cut to a shot of the open book (as the shadows of Professor Layton and Luke can be seen above it)]
LUKE: [from off camera] This is incredible! It's crammed with information about magic.
ESPELLA: [from off camera] People say it's the magic used by the witches.
LUKE: [from off camera] If that's so, then the magic we saw in London must be in here somewhere too.
LAYTON: [from off camera] That may well be true, Luke. A tome as thick as this must surely contain such information.
LUKE: [from off camera] Finding it is a bit daunting, though ...
[the screen fades to black, then quickly cut to the book open to a different page]
LUKE: [from off camera] Huh, what's this? Professor, this page is different from the others ...
LAYTON: [from off camera] What is this ... ?
LUKE: [from off camera] This page isn't about magic at all ... Something about it makes me feel uneasy.
LAYTON: [from off camera] ... ! Luke, this page ... it appears to be addressed to someone, don't you think?
LUKE: [from off camera] Oh ... you mean like a message? Let's read it, Professor!

From a time long ago,

The ancient flame has been locked,
in an infinite vault of books.

Waiting for the awakening,

When the sun and moon,
Watching over the sage,
Swap places to show their true form,

The door to the past will open.

Once a person of perspicacity
has fulfilled the challenge,

The door will be open.

Until then I will wait,
For the time of the awakening.

[the screen fades to black, then cut to Professor Layton and Luke standing next to Ridelle]
LUKE: Wh-what is this?!
RIDELLE: How ... can this be? Why is this in here ... ? How did something like this get into the Grand Grimoire?! It's just not possible ... I can't understand it. No one entered the special viewing room before you came here ... And whenever someone enters this room, I always accompany them in this way.
[Ridelle disappears and is replaced with Espella]
ESPELLA: So ... that means that the page must have changed at some point ... doesn't it?
LUKE: Could that really be possible?! Perhaps with some kind of device ...
[Espella disappears and is replaced with Ridelle]
RIDELLE: Impossible! There is only one key to this room, so no one can enter without being granted my permission. I assure you it's true, on my honour as a curator.
LUKE: But then ... how can anyone have done this?
LAYTON: Luke, I believe we both know who might be capable of such an act.
LUKE: Eh ... ?
[Ridelle disappears and is replaced with Espella]
ESPELLA: You mean, witches ... don't you?
LUKE: W-witches ...
LAYTON: We don't know yet who changed that page, but the more important matter ... is what's written here. The "infinite vault of books" mentioned here presumably refers to the Great Archive. Which implies there is a secret of some sort hidden within the library.
LUKE: Professor, what about this part ... "A person of pers, perspi ... perspicacity?"
LAYTON: Well, I believe that could be referring to Carmine.
ESPELLA: He came here regularly to investigate.
LAYTON: So it's certainly somewhat likely. Which means our next objective ... is to find the answer that he was looking for.
LUKE: It's a bit of a spooky message ... But if we can open this "door to the past," then we'll surely be one step closer to solving this mystery!
[Espella disappears and is replaced with Ridelle]
RIDELLE: Just a moment, please ... I'm the curator here. And I won't be allowing you to investigate anything without my permission.
LUKE: S-so you mean we can't investigate ... ?
RIDELLE: Not at all. I'm simply insisting that you allow me to accompany you. There should be no doors in this library that I don't know about. And even if there is something hidden somewhere, as suggested by this message, it is my duty as curator to know what that is.
LAYTON: I completely understand, Miss Mystere. We can only benefit from your presence. Now then, how about we all make our way back to the entrance? Let's think about where this door could be from there.
[the screen fades to black, then cut to Professor Layton and Luke standing next to Espella]
LUKE: But Professor, supposing there is a door, that message is such a puzzle in itself ... don't you think it'll be difficult to find?
ESPELLA: You may be right. And this library is so large ... Finding anything will surely take a good deal of our time.
LAYTON: No, I think not. You're both missing something here. I believe I may well know what is meant by the words in the message.
LUKE: Eh? Really, Professor?!
LAYTON: Yes. If you'll just remember the wording ...
[the screen fades to black, then cut to a repeat of the words from the Grand Grimoire]
[cut back to Professor Layton and Luke standing next to Espella]
LAYTON: If you'll both take a look around this room, you'll notice we are surrounded by books. There is probably nowhere else in the library with more books than there are right here.
[the camera pans up to show the many bookshelves surrounding the room]
LUKE: [from off camera] There are books extending all the way up. We're completely surrounded by them.
LAYTON: [from off camera] And the key to opening the door is in the "sun and moon watching over the sage."
[the camera pans back down to the three talking]
LUKE: But what could that mean ... ?
ESPELLA: There are no windows, so no light can come in from the sun or the moon.
LAYTON: Precisely! Which means it is not the real sun and moon that are being referred to here. And they are located where they can "watch over" the sage. In other words, behind. Perhaps you have already realised to whom "the sage" is referring?
[he smiles and holds up his hand]
LAYTON: Right then, let's find this "sun and moon watching over the sage" and open the door!
[cut to the librarian and Dewey standing in the middle of the Great Archive, as "Investigate the entrance" appears on screen]
[the player clicks on the painting behind the front desk, then cut back to Professor Layton and Luke standing next to Espella]
LUKE: Ah! What's that ... ?!
[cut to a closeup of the painting, featuring a sun and a moon]
ESPELLA: [from off camera] It's a sun and moon construction ... Oh!
LUKE: [from off camera] So the "sage" must be ...
LAYTON: [from off camera] That's right, the sage of this library refers to the curator. And this sun and moon construction is located right behind her seat ... So that's what the "sun and moon watching over the sage" was referring to.
[cut back to Professor Layton and Luke standing next to Espella]
LUKE: And when the sun and moon swap places, their true form will be shown ... and the door to the past will open. So all we need to do is work out what that means.
ESPELLA: But what does it mean by "their true form?"
LAYTON: Hmm ... well, if we interpret it at face value, it would suggest that we are currently seeing their untrue form.
[he rubs his chin]
LAYTON: Hmm? Have a look at this. There seems to be some sort of mechanism in place.
LUKE: Ah! Professor! If you look closely, there seems to be a puzzle hidden here.
[cut to the "Sun and the Moon" puzzle, as "There are two tiles on each side with an image of the sun and the moon. Manoeuvre the tiles so that the sun and the moon swap sides" appears on screen]
[the player solves the puzzle, as "Success! The mysterious library puzzle is solved! But just what will happen next?" appears on screen]
[cut back to the Great Archive, as an opening appears on the floor in front of the front desk]
[the screen fades to black, then cut back to Professor Layton standing next to Luke and Espella]
LUKE: Ah! Professor, there's a stairway!
ESPELLA: Who would have thought there could be anything like this hidden here?
LAYTON: "The ancient flame has been locked in an infinite vault of books" ... I wonder just what we'll find down there.
[Luke and Espella disappear and are replaced with Ridelle]
RIDELLE: A-an entrance ... to a basement below the Great Archive?!
LAYTON: Am I right in thinking that you knew nothing of this stairway's existence?
RIDELLE: That's right ... and if I, as the curator, knew nothing of it, then surely no one else could. It's hard to believe that a secret such as this could have been hidden here all this time. Who could have possibly left such a message?
LAYTON: Hmm ... It might be wise not to let anyone see what has been revealed here.
RIDELLE: I agree. I'll be back as soon as I have asked the other visitors to leave the building.
[the screen fades to black, then cut to Professor Layton standing next to Espella and Luke]
LAYTON: Well then! Are you both ready?
LUKE: You betcha! Let's go, Professor! You too, Espella!
ESPELLA: Okay then, Luke!
["A new destination has been added to the map: Great Archive Cellar" appears on screen]



The Great Archive of Labyrinthia is a location in "Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney" for the Nintendo 3DS. It is managed by Ridelle Mystere, with Dewey serving as her assistant. Professor Layton and Luke visit the library to get the "Grand Grimoire".

The library has a secret basement, which contains information about the attack of Great Witch Bezella on Labyrinthia roughly 10 years ago. Clues to find its entrance are hidden in the "Grand Grimoire".



Ridelle Mystere
Game Role: Minor Character
Appearances: VS Ace Attorney
Home Town: Labyrinthia
Occupation: Curator of the Great Archive, Puzzle Keeper
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Hair Color: White/Pink
Eye Color: Purple
In Other Languages
* Japan: Nazomi
* Deutsch: Gratsel Buchner
* Espanol: Mysteria Enigma
* Francais: Amy Stere
* Italiano: Miss Terry
* Nederlands: Ridelle Mystere

Ridelle Mystere is a librarian appearing in Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. She is the curator of the Great Archive in Labyrinthia. She replaces Granny Riddleton, Keats, Beasly and Puzzlette as the puzzle keeper.

Professor Layton, Luke and Espella first meet Ridelle at the Great Archive, where they ask her about the Grand Grimoire. She tells them that the book is in a special viewing room, and that only highly intelligent people may view it. The professor then shows his skills by solving both of her puzzles, leaving her shocked. Ridelle then accompanies Layton and co. to the special viewing room with the Grand Grimoire.

After opening the secret basement of the Great Archive, Ridelle tells Professor Layton and Luke about the Legendary Fire, an event in the past caused by the Great Witch Bezella.

Ridelle gives out the puzzles Lost in Time and Out of Time to Professor Hershel Layton.

* Her name is a pun on the words "Mysterious Riddle".
* Her German name seems to be a combination of the German word for puzzle (Ratsel) and "Gretel" from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel (which originated in Germany under the name Hansel und Gretel).



North Parade Avenue
- Move to Great Archive Entrance

Great Archive Entrance
- Search for hint coins:
1. Bush in bottom left corner
2. Statue on the middle roof
3. Statue to the left of main entrance

- Talk to Muffet

Puzzle 15 [Cloud Maze] | Picarats: 30

Hint: In general you should go for the holes/clouds that are farthest away from

Solution: From the first intersection, go up and follow this path to a hole.
Now take the left path and ignore the first cloud you come across. Take the
next cloud instead, and from here on the path will be entirely linear.

- Talk to Mailer

- Enter Great Archive

Great Archive
- Search for hint coins:
1. Purple flag at the top
2. Red stained window in top left corner
3. Lamp to the right of reception desk

- Talk to Ridelle

Puzzle 16 [Lost in Time] | Picarats: 20

Hint: Try to reach the empty spot at the top first, and then head towards the

Solution: Right 3, Down, Right, Up, Down, Right 2, Down 2, Left, Right 2

Puzzle 17 [Out of Time] | Picarats: 40

Hint: First, make your way to the right empty space. For the second half you
will need to do a bit of going back and forth between the same clocks to make
them face the way you want to.

Solution: Right 3, Down, Right, Down, Right, Down, Up, Down, Right, Up, Down, Right

- Talk to Dewey

Puzzle 18 [Baffling Bookcase] | Picarats: 20

Hint: You can just as well ignore the hint on the top screen and instead just
focus on the picture that the books will form.

There are 3 shapes of books: sharp, rounded and square. You can tell these
apart by the shadows on the backs.
There are also three heights: tall, medium and short.

From left to right, put the books in the following order:
Tall red, medium rounded red, medium sharp red, medium sharp blue, medium
rounded blue, medium square blue, medium green, short square blue, short sharp
blue, short green

- Move to the Special Viewing Room

Special Viewing Room
- Search for hint coins:
1. One of the lanterns hanging from the ceiling
2. Bottom of the curtain covering the left bookcase
3. Candle on the right drawer

- Look at the Grand Grimoire

Great Archive

[!] STORY ENTRY - Another Puzzle [!]

- Zoom in on the picture behind the reception desk

Puzzle 19 [Sun and the Moon] | Picarats: 30

Hint: Utilize the little extra space for storage while you move other pieces
past it.

Put one sun piece in the little crevice, and then move 2 moon pieces to the
left past it. Now move that sun pieces over to the right and then move the moon
pieces back right again.

Bring the next sun piece into the crevice and move 3 moon pieces over to the
left. Now move that sun piece right and 2 moon pieces back right again.

Move a third sun piece into the crevice and move all remaining moon pieces over
to the left. Get the sun piece over to the right and move 2 moon pieces back
right again.

Move the final sun pieces into the crevice and then the moon pieces left again.
Now you have swapped the shapes entirely, so all that remains is to assemble
each shape correctly, which should pose no problem.

- Move to Great Archive Cellar

Great Archive Cellar
- Search for hint coins:
1. The rightmost torch
2. The leftmost torch
3. The right background torch

- Talk to Ridelle

[?] NEW MYSTERY - Underground Mural [?]

[?] MYSTERY SOLVED - Investigation [?]

[+] NEW ITEM - Grand Grimoire [+]

Great Archive Entrance
[!] STORY ENTRY - Mysterious mural and nightfall [!]

- Move to North Parade Avenue



Ridelle Mystere is the librarian of Labyrinthia's Great Archive. No-one can borrow the Grand Grimoire without her permission.

Her love of puzzles leads her to collect any that Hershel Layton and Phoenix Wright may have missed or been unable to solve during their time in the town, allowing them to solve them at a later time.

"Ridelle Mystere", her full English name, is a play on "riddle" and "mystery", respectively. Her surname may also be a reference to "St. Mystere", the setting for the first game in the Professor Layton series. In addition, Dewey addresses her as "Miss Mystere", which may be a play on "missed mystery", in reference to her position as puzzle keeper.

Mystere takes up the role of "puzzle keeper" (storing puzzles that the player has missed) that has been a staple of the Professor Layton games. Previous Professor Layton characters to play the role have been Granny Riddleton, Keats, Beasly, and Puzzlette.

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