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Case Study No. 1746: Selena

Filmography: Ikaw Lang (1993)

Plot Description: A librarian's husband and mother-in-law turn out to be psychotically abusive. When the husband mistakenly thinks he has killed her, he dumps her in a river, where she is saved by a fisherman. Desperate for money and in need of help to take revenge on her husband, she hooks up with a bank robber whom she falls in love with. Together, they return to her husband's home and kill him. -- Internet Movie Database website

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"Ikaw Lang" (1993)

Vilma Santos as Selena
Ronnie Ricketts as Dalton
Cesar Montano as Alfred

The husband (Montano) of a librarian (Santos) puts her through physical abuse and pain, as well as her mother-in-law.

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