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Case Study No. 1721: Staff of Firestone Library

Research Reloaded
A promotional video created to make undergrads aware of the library and its librarians.
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[scene opens with various shots of a book with the spine title "The Phenomenology of Internal Time", sitting on the shelf in Firestone Library, as ominous music plays]
[cut to a still shot of the book on the shelf, when a green light appears and moves through the library at fantastic speed, before emerging over the campus of Princeton University and shooting off into space]
["Research Reloaded" appears on screen, then cut to an extreme closeup of a male student yawning that is super-imposed behind the planet Earth (as he closes his mouth, it appears as if he's "eating" the planet)]
[the camera pans out to show the student typing on his laptop, as "Forbes College" appears on screen]
[cut to a closeup of the computer screen, which reads "Page 3"]
[cut back to the student, who blinks his eyes in a tired fashion (as if he's been up all night staring at the screen)]
[cut to various shots of his dorm room, showing an empty Papa John's pizza box and two coffee cups (also empty)]
[cut back to the student, who slowly turns and looks at his digital alarm clock (which changes from "6:38 AM" to "6:39 AM")]
[he stares back at his computer screen, where he's typed out a mangled excerpt from Martin Heidegger's "On Time and Being" in Microsoft Word ("Throughout the whole history of philosophy, Plato's thinking remains decisive in changing forms. Metaphysics is Platonism. Nietzsche characterizes his philosophy as reversed Platonism. With the reversal of metaphysics which was already accomplished by Karl Marx, the most extreme possibility of philosophy is attained. It has entered its final stage. To me extent that philosophical thinking is still attempted, it manages only to attain an epigonal renaissance and variations of that renaissance. Is not then the end of philosophy after all a cessation of its way of thinking? To conclude this would be premature.")]
[cut to the student mumbling to himself]
STUDENT: "Time and being," blah blah blah ...
[he minimizes the window]
STUDENT: Gotta find a quote ...
[he clicks the Internet Explorer icon on his desktop, then starts typing into the Google searchbox on the Princeton University website]
STUDENT: "Heidegger phenomenology" ...
[he clicks on the "Google Search WWW" button, then cut to the search results page on Google's website (as the camera focuses on "Results 1-10 of about 20,000"]
STUDENT: Great, twenty thousand ...
[he sighs, then the cut to a closeup shot of the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button]
[cut back to the student, who suddenly sits up in his chair]
STUDENT: Wait a sec ...
[he starts typing, then cut to a closeup of the Princeton University Library website, as he clicks on the "Contact Us" link]
STUDENT: "Contact us" ...
[cut to another part of the website, as he clicks on the "Ask a librarian" link]
STUDENT: "Ask a librarian" ...
[he starts typing in "How do I" into the form, then cut to a closeup of the "Submit" button]
STUDENT: Let's see what this does ...
[he clicks it, then his cell phone starts ringing (with the theme from the original "Super Mario Brothers" NES game), so - with a quizzical look on his face - he answers it]
LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Hi, this is your friendly campus librarian!
[cut to a closeup of the computer screen ("All queries will be answered promptly")]
LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] I understand you're having some trouble finding reliable sources for your paper.
STUDENT: Um, yeah but ... How did you get this number? What, do you read minds?
LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] Well, only in an extreme crisis.
[he laughs nervously]
STUDENT: The so-called "end of philosophy" is going to be the end of me ... Do you have any advice?
LIBRARIAN: [over the phone] One is what one does in the world ...
[a bright light suddenly shines behind him, so he turns as a clap of thunder can be heard]
[cut to a closeup of the computer screen, as several windows pop up over the library website ("No more authentication methods available", "This session has terminated because you signed on with this screen name at another location", "Are you sure you want to completely remove Adobe Acrobat 5.0 and all of its components?", "Pinging www dot hotmail dot com with 32 bytes of data")]
[cut back to the student, as strong winds emanating from the unseen source of the light blow the papers off his desk]
[the screen starts to get blurry, as a young female librarian (long blonde hair, hoop earrings, white dress, white gloves, white feathered halo headband) enters his dorm room]
STUDENT: You make house calls?
LIBRARIAN: A library is only as good as its librarians ... and just for today, we're gonna put the thinking back into wishful thinking!
STUDENT: Okay, but ... You come all the way out to Forbes?
LIBRARIAN: No, not really ... but at least the food's good!
STUDENT: Yeah. Say, would you mind being a tad less ... resplendent, please?
LIBRARIAN: Sure, sorry.
[she waves her "magic wand", and the light turns off]
[cut to the library website on the computer screen, then the librarian (in sped-up motion) sits down next to the student]
STUDENT: Yeah ... So, what I really need help with--
[she waves her wand, and the window minimizes]
LIBRARIAN: Yes, I know. Too much information.
LIBRARIAN: You can save yourself a lot of time by going straight to the main catalog from the library's webpage.
[she waves her wand again, and the site "magically" clicks over to the online catalog]
LIBRARIAN: Here, let's try a guided search!
[she waves her wand again, and the word "Heidegger Phenomenonlogy" appears in the search box]
STUDENT: "Guided search?"
LIBRARIAN: Very guided ... It's the most effective way to quickly identify books on your subject in Princeton's libraries.
["Search in Title" is selected, and the "Search" button is clicked]
[cut to the search results page ("Displaying 1 through 24 of 24 entries")]
LIBRARIAN: Here we go! Twenty four results, and some of them seem right on target!
[he scrolls through the results]
LIBRARIAN: No need to go to Firestone to check them out!
[she stares at the computer screen with a disturbed look on her face]
LIBRARIAN: Looks like you've been doing a lot of Googling ...
[he tries to laugh it off]
STUDENT: Yeah, I haven't had a chance to go to Firestone, my magical teleporter's in the shop.
LIBRARIAN: Even so, you can access entire journals and more from the library's main page!
STUDENT: Oh, here ... In "Electronic Resources?"
[cut to the computer screen, as he clicks on the "Electronic Resources" link]
LIBRARIAN: Uh huh! You might wanna start with an article database, such as the Philosopher's Index ... but there are also countless full-text resources that you can access from the--
[she pauses, glancing around at his messy room]
LIBRARIAN: "Comfort" of your room in Forbes.
STUDENT: Hey, it's a trek but ... at least the food's good.
[the librarian rolls her eyes, then cut back to the results page, as the student clicks on Edmund Husserl's "Phenomenology of internal time-consciousness" ("Call Number: 6442.488")]
STUDENT: This looks promising!
[cut to several shots alternating between the book's record on the computer screen and the actual book on the shelf (which was seen at the beginning of the video)]
LIBRARIAN: You're right! We better get to Firestone and grab it before somebody else does!
[she closes his laptop, then the student looks over at his alarm clock ("6:41 AM") with a confused look on his face]
[she snaps her fingers, then cut to the two suddenly inside the library (as the librarian's wardrobe has changed to a blue dress and glasses with her hair in a bun)]
LIBRARIAN: The General and Humanities reference collection!
[the student looks around in awe, then the librarian points at the reference desk]
LIBRARIAN: Here, for instance ...
[there's a flash of light, and a book suddenly appears on the desk]
LIBRARIAN: You'll find the Dictionary of the History of Ideas! One of my personal favorites ...
[the student sits down and starts flipping through the book]
LIBRARIAN: You might wanna arrange a meeting with the Philosophies subject specialist ...
[a young male librarian (red hair, glasses, beard, blue shirt, brown pants) suddenly slides into the scene on a chair next to the student]
SUBJECT SPECIALIST: Y'know, there are many subject specialists in Firestone and the branch libraries ...
[he grabs a piece of paper and hands it to the student]
SUBJECT SPECIALIST: Here's a stacks map. You'll need that to find your books ...
[without taking his eyes off the student, he rolls his chair off screen]
STUDENT: Can I plug in my laptop here?
LIBRARIAN: Absolutely! You can even be wireless in this room, and in the plaza outside!
LIBRARIAN: But this is just the first floor ...
[she spins around his chair, then cut to the student standing (and spinning) on the "A" floor of the library]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] Here's the Reserves and Periodicals reading room ...
[he stops spinning, then cut to the librarian (now wearing a white long-sleeved blouse and black skirt) standing near the reserves desk]
LIBRARIAN: If you need current newspapers or journals, you'll find them here! You can also get readings on Reserve, though these days most are available electronically through Blackboard ...
[the student nods his head]
LIBRARIAN: And, if you didn't have that laptop, you could borrow one here!
[cut to the reserves desk, as another female librarian (long black hair, white blouse) hands another student a laptop]
[cut back to the librarian, as the other student walks towards her ... then right through her (as if she was a hologram)]
[cut to the student, who hesitates before covering his eyes and walks towards the librarian which teleports him to an atrium within the library]
[cut to the librarian (wearing another white dress) standing on the stairwell above him, as she whistles to get his attention]
[cut back to the student, who turns and looks up at her, then puts a finger to his lips and shushes her]
[cut back to the librarian, who covers her mouth in mock embarrasment before "dematerializing"]
[cut back to the student, who looks around for her, then she appears behind him and taps him on the shoulder]
LIBRARIAN: The library is full of great study spaces, like this atrium on the "C" floor ... Oh, and remember that book you found?
[she points off camera]
LIBRARIAN: It's right over there!
[cut to a shot of some movable shelving units, as they "magically" open by themselves, then cut back to the librarian and the student]
LIBRARIAN: You're surrounded by millions of volumes! Seventy miles of shelving!
STUDENT: And I suppose you've read them all?
LIBRARIAN: Well, not all ... but remember, the libraries have specialists in dozens of subjects across all academic disciplines!
[cut to a shot of a campus map featuring the various libraries, then back to the librarian and the student]
LIBRARIAN: And not just here in Firestone!
STUDENT: Well, this all sounds great. I have a much better idea of where to get started. Now if I could just get home ...
[the librarian coyly starts whistling, as the student tries snapping his fingers (to no effect)]
STUDENT: Hmm ...
[he tries clicking his heels together, but the librarian (after giving him a sigh) snaps her fingers and an image of the student back in his dorm room is overlayed over some generic computer graphics]
[cut to a copy of his paper ("Heidegger's Spirituality: Grounding Dasein spatiality through time") being thrown onto the desk]
[cut to a copy of the professor's post-it note on the paper ("Excellent piece of work! Thorougly researched, job well done!")]
[cut to the student, now sitting in a classroom (and wearing a fedora), as he looks up at his professor]
[cut to the professor (played Doctor Cornel West) looking down at him]
PROFESSOR: If your class participation was as good as your paper ... you'd be a dynamite student!
[the professor smiles at him, then starts to leave]
STUDENT: [pause] I don't understand ...
PROFESSOR: Well, comprehension is not a requisite for cooperation ...
[he exits the classroom, as the student looks down at his paper and lifts up the post-it note]
[cut to a closeup of the paper, as it's revealed that the post-it note was covering up an "A-"]
[cut back to the student, who smiles and leans back in his chair with a satisfied look on his face, as the scene fades to black]

Written and Directed by
Macauley Peterson

Produced by
Princeton University Library
Audrey Betsy Wright

Cast (In Order of Appearance)
Jed Peterson '06
Audrey Betsy Wright
Wayne Bivens-Tatum
Kalena E. Cortes
Ini Udo-Inyang '05
Cornel West

Music by
Bruce Edwards - BMI

Director of Photography
Lance Herrington

Key Grip
Rick Pickett '03

Adam Nemett '03

Additional Music and Sound
Sound Ideas

Motion Graphics
TriLab Productions

Editing, Sound Editing, Visual Effects
Macauley Peterson

Visual Effects Consultant
Lance Herrington

Aerial Photography
Robert Perry

Special Thanks
Alison Cook
David Hopkins and the New Media Center
John Logan
Rosmarie Menz
Dorothy Pearson
Sahil Raina '05
Derrick "It's a Trinidad Flag!" Raphael '06
Maryanne Rodriguez
John W. Sikorski
Jen Whiting

All characters and events portrayed are fictional.
Any similarity to any real persons, living or dead,
is strictly coincidental.

Shot on location in Firestone Library and Forbes College.

OIT Help Desk Video Series
helpdesk dot princeton dot edu slash video

Copyright 2003
Trustees of Princeton University
Enter Orbit Productions
All Rights Reserved



The latest OIT Help Desk video "Research Reloaded" is now available to view online. This enjoyable 8-minute video highlights research resources available for students at the Firestone Library.



Research Reloaded (2003)

Produced and co-starring Audrey Betsy Welber (www.audrey
Co-starring Jed Peterson (www.JedQ
Co-starring Dr. Cornel West (www.cornel

Original score by Bruce Edwards (www.darktone

Some of my early work! Produced for Princeton University. This video was shown for several years to incoming freshman at Firestone Library during orientation.

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