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Case Study No. 1722: Staff of the Metropolitan Public Library

The Librarians Trailer | TNT
Humanity's end begins at the... library. Watch the series premiere of The Librarians December 7 only on TNT.


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[scene opens with four shadowy figures walking away from the camera (their faces out of shot), with one of them holding a sword, as dramatic music plays]
ANNOUNCER: Humanity's end ...
["TNT" appears on screen]
ANNOUNCER: Begins ...
[cut to another shot of the four figures (their faces still obscured), with one of them is holding an axe]
ANNOUNCER: At the ...
[cut to another shot of the four figures (with their backs to the camera), then the screen cuts to black]
[cut to Flynn Carsen walking through the library while carrying a stack of books ... on top of which is a large steampunk-esque laser gun]
FLYNN: Tesla's Death Ray ...
[he stops and looks up at the ceiling (as if in thought)]
FLYNN: "T" ... "Tesla?"
[he pauses, then turns to his left]
FLYNN: "D" ... "Death ray!"
[he walks confidently behind one of the bookshelves, then "The Librarians Season Premiere, December 7" appears on screen]



TNT ordered a 10-episode weekly series version of the Librarian, following the original cast that includes, Noah Wyle, Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin, as well as four new characters who work for The Library. A teaser trailer aired right after the Falling Skies season finale. According to TNT, the series is set to premiere on December 7th.

The new characters are:

* Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), who is a counter-terrorism agent who protects the group.
* Jake Stone (Christian Kane), who has an IQ of 190 and extensive knowledge of art history.
* Cassandra (Lindy Booth), who has the special gift of auditory and sensory hallucinations linked to memory retrieval.
* Ezekiel Jones (John Kim), "a master of technologies" and fan of classic crimes who enjoys playing the role of international man of mystery.

Jenkins (John Larroquette) will serve as the quartet's reluctant, sometimes cantankerous caretaker; he's worked at the Library's branch office "for longer than anyone knows" and has extensive knowledge of ancient lore. The quartet will battle the Serpent Brotherhood, a cult led by the mysterious immortal Dulaque, a recurring role played by Matt Frewer.

The series will film in Portland, Oregon.



Universal Networks International announced Wednesday that the Electric Entertainment-produced TV series "The Librarians" is coming to Universal Channel in over 100 countries.

The show's worldwide debut will come within 24 hours of the U.S. premiere on TNT in December. Universal Channel viewers in Australia, Asia, Europe and Latin America will all be able to tune in to the new series timed to the U.S. premiere.

Based on the TNT TV movie franchise "The Librarian," the 10-episode drama series features "Falling Skies" actor Noah Wyle reprising his role from the movie series alongside Rebecca Romijn and a cast that includes Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin - who appeared in the original series - as well as John Larroquette, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth and Matt Frewer.

The show centers on an ancient organization hidden beneath Gotham's Metropolitan Public Library, dedicated to protecting an unknowing world from the secret, magical reality hidden around them.

"An action-adventure drama, driven by a group of both daring and quirky characters, 'The Librarians' is an exciting addition to Universal Channel's programming line-up around the world," UNI exec VP of programming Steve Patscheck said in a statement. "We are pleased to be a part of this brand new series that will be timed to air within 24 hours of the U.S. debut, giving international viewers immediate access to the all the action."

"With 'The Librarians' we knew we had a great series on our hands and now, with Universal Networks International as our partner, we are thrilled that it will have the global reach and publicity it deserves," said Electric's head of international distribution Sonia Mehandjiyska.

"The Librarians" is exec produced by Wyle, Dean Devlin, John Rogers and Marc Roskin.



Oct 11, 2014
THE LIBRARIANS: Discussion and Q&A Panel [NYCC 2014]

The Librarians Discussion and Q&A Panel from NYCC 2014. The Librarians have arrived at the 2014 New York Comic Con as TNT's new series came to the Eagle Stage to promote the television spin-off to the popular Librarian film franchise. Writer/producer John Rogers and cast members Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, and John Kim introduced the new series and gave fans a taste of what's to come for the show's freshman season.

At the beginning of the panel, the audience was treated with an opening teaser of The Librarians. The video gave us an introduction to the team led by the original Librarian himself Flynn Carsen played by Noah Wyle. After the end of the video, the panel started with the introduction to lead writer John Rogers, known for writing and producing episodes of the USA original series Royal Pains. Fans went screaming after the main cast was brought in one by one including Rebecca Romijn, Christian Kane, Lindy Booth, and John Kim.

The show would have the same tone as the films as it will follow Flynn who teams up with a guardian (Rebecca Romijn) and three apprentice Librarians (Christian Kane, John Kim, and Lindy Booth) as they protect and collect ancient and magical artifacts, keeping the world safe from threats both supernatural and human.

The cast described the personalities of each character they would be playing. Rebecca Romijn plays the bodyguard of the team, Eve Baird, who is described as headstrong and curious about this new world she has discovered after Flynn brings her into the fold. Leverage's Christian Kane returns to TNT playing the smart Jake Stone who has a vast knowledge of history and an IQ of 190. Lindy Booth plays Cassandra Cillian, who has the gift of synesthesia, which gives her the ability of auditory and sensory visions linked to her brain. Australian John Kim rounds out the cast as professional thief Ezekiel Jones, a troublemaker whose skills as a robber comes in handy for the team.

John Rogers assured fans that Noah Wyle, who is also producing the series, would still be part of the series in some capacity despite working on TNT's other series Falling Skies. While the team would be working on cases of the week, Noah's character Flynn would be working on a bigger case that becomes the arc of the season. During the show's first season, the team will face off against the Serpent Brotherhood, a mysterious cult led by immortal Dulaque, played by Orphan Black's Matt Frewer.

The Librarians will also have someone looking over the Library in the form of Jenkins, the caretaker played by John Larroquette. Jenkins is described by the cast as a cranky old timer who has a vast knowledge of the ancient artifacts that the team collects.

The panel showed an opening scene from the first episode showing Flynn's first encounter with Eve. We get to see Eve in her regular job as a counter-terrorism agent trying to stop a bomb as Flynn comes through a sewer hole and tries to open an ancient chest with a dangerous artifact. We see that the show hasn't lost touch with the atmosphere of the films, which is a good thing for fans familiar with the franchise.

The panel discussed the possibility of seeing the return of some of the original characters from The Librarian films. Actors Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin from the films were reluctant to return to their original roles in the series, which producer John hopes they can be a part of in the near future. The panel even revealed some of the guest stars that would be appearing in the series. Besides Matt Frewer, other guest stars included Bruce Campbell, who would be a part of a Christmas episode and an appearance from Battlestar Galatica's Tricia Helfer.

John Rogers revealed an interactive feature that will be on The Librarians' TNT page where fans can explore the Library and the rest of the team's lair. John promises fans that the 360 experience will help fans delve deeper into the Library with special information about some of the items found on the show.

The floor was open for questions from the audience, with the first going to John Rogers about the similarities between The Librarians and the Syfy series Warehouse 13. John notes that the similarities will be there as far as the concept goes, but the team won't always be searching for artifacts. John said that that the team will also be saving people and even solving murders.

The next question went to Rebecca Romijn about doing her own stunts. The X-Men actress said that she does most of her own stunts on the show and has used the same stunt double from her days playing Mystique on the X-Men film series.

Another question was given to the cast on what their favorite episode was in the series first season. Most of the cast agreed that the Christmas episode was among their favorites as well as the first episode showing the formation of the team.

The final question went to Christian Kane about how his role on The Librarians differs from playing the villainous Lindsey McDonald in Angel. Christian answered by saying that he loved playing a villain on Angel but preferred his new comedic role where he lets himself loose on set to get into character.

The 10-episode first season premieres on TNT starting December 7th, 2014.



These 'Librarians' keep more than books safe
Brian Truitt, USA TODAY
3:54 p.m. EST December 4, 2014

Excalibur is one of many legendary stars of TNT's new action-adventure series The Librarians, but these aren't your everyday knights of the round table.

The throwback world of its popular movie franchise has spawned a new fantasy/sci-fi/comedy mash-up series debuting Sunday (8 p.m. ET/PT) from executive producers Dean Devlin, John Rogers and Noah Wyle.

The 10-episode first season is "the pulp show that if I were 12 I would lose my mind for," says Rogers.

In the Librarian films, Wyle (ER) starred as Flynn Carsen, who worked for an ancient organization housed under the Metropolitan Public Library, protecting important artifacts such as the Ark of the Covenant and the Spear of Destiny from bad guys.

Flynn appears here and there on the show (due to Wyle's commitments on his other TNT show, Falling Skies), but in the premiere he hands the Librarian reins to four newcomers: buttoned-up counterterrorism agent Eve Baird (Rebecca Romijn), brainy and brawny Jake Stone (Christian Kane), young criminal Ezekiel Jones (Australian newcomer John Kim) and the gifted yet troubled Cassandra Cillian (Lindy Booth).

Bob Newhart and Jane Curtin reprise their roles from the films, and John Larroquette is the new group's caretaker from the Library's Portland office.

The Librarians kicks off with Flynn and the foursome keeping King Arthur's crown from the Serpent Brotherhood, and other episodes visit haunted houses and labyrinths and take on legends, mysteries and myths from dragons to Santa Claus.

"The fun of each episode is us explaining it and filling in the gaps and often putting our own odd little twist on it," Rogers says. "This is a show that bounces from Nikola Tesla's lost experiments of World War I to a book that makes fairy tales come real. Not a lot of shows have that range."

All the episodes boast throwback titles - such as "And the Fables of Doom" - and the creators broke out the job descriptions of classic characters such as Doc Savage and The Saint to find those who could read temple walls or whip up some math and science when the need arises.

Eve, a different take on the action hero, is chosen as the Librarians' protecting Guardian, but the military woman initially doesn't believe in magic.

"She's sort of the voice of the audience and the skeptic of the group, which kinda makes her the straight man to everybody's comedy," says Romijn, who signed on after Wyle explained to her that Flynn was "Indiana Jones if Indiana Jones was played by Don Knotts."

The straitlaced Eve has issues early on with Ezekiel, a young punk take on the gentleman thief. Outfitted with high-tech goggles, he's Kim's own cheekiness combined with Houdini swagger.

Kim admits that he took Excalibur for a spin anytime he could. "If Ezekiel and I share one quality, we're both a little curious for our own good, and if there's a sign that says, 'Do not touch,' we'll turn a blind eye to that."

Booth considers Cassandra's abilities from synesthesia - a condition that ties senses to memory retrieval - due to a brain tumor as a curse, but it's Flynn who teaches the science-genius janitor that she can use them to help save the world.

Playing someone ridiculously intelligent was difficult, Booth says. "I would go home every night and I'd be learning my lines, and I would Google every other word trying to understand the concepts of fourth-dimensional geometry just so I could get the words out and make them as easily understandable as I could."

She often commiserated with Kane, whose character also has a very high IQ but tends to hide it and his art-and-culture bent working on an Oklahoma oil pipeline.

Kane feels that a lot of Jake, an archaeologist archetype who Rogers says is "actually kind of a homebound redneck," is patterned after himself - for example, the actor was an art-history major for a time at the University of Oklahoma.

"So I actually get to be from Oklahoma and I get to talk the way I talk," Kane says. Jake's been hiding his smarts his whole life, and then all of a sudden he's "around these other misfit toys who are the same, and it's an awakening for that character: Wait, it's OK to be who I am."

Romijn says The Librarians has a similar tone as The Wonderful World of Disney movies she grew up watching on Sunday nights - "That was appointment television for when I was a kid" - and Rogers hopes enough families tune in so there's a second season to work on the rest of the legends left on their idea wall in the writers' room.

"The selfie of Dorian Gray sat on that wall for the entire season waiting for us to figure out how to do it," Rogers says. "There is a way to do that, and I want to take a shot at it."

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