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Case Study No. 1735: Carly Reader

CitizenCard: Great IDea - Librarian to Disco Diva
Use your CitizenCard as proof of ID to get into your favourite nightclub.
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[scene opens in a public library, as a young plain-looking female librarian (blonde hair pulled back in a bun, long grey dress) is pushing a book cart]
ANNOUNCER: This is Carly. By day, she's a mild-mannered librarian.
[cut to a closeup of the librarian arranging the magazines on the shelf]
ANNOUNCER: She likes order. Quiet.
[cut to a closeup of the librarian's face, as she puts a finger to her lips and shushes the camera]
[cut to the librarian burying her face in a book and sniffing deeply (her eyes closed in apparent ecstasy)]
ANNOUNCER: And the musty smell of old novels.
[cut to a closeup of a book open on the desk, as the unseen librarian reaches in with a stamp (marked "Clapham Library") and stamps it]
ANNOUNCER: But she longs for 5PM, when she can put down her date stamper ...
[cut to a closeup of some makeup laying out on a different desk, as the unseen librarian (wearing a bathrobe) reaches in and picks up a makeup brush]
ANNOUNCER: And pick up her makeup brush!
[cut to several quick shots of the librarian (her hair wrapped in a towel) applying eyeliner and lipstick]
[cut to a shot of the librarian taking the clasp out of her hair and shaking out her bun]
ANNOUNCER: Because Carly ...
[cut to the librarian (now with her hair worn long, a multi-colored blouse, and tight black stretch pants) striking a dance pose in a nightclub, as disco music plays in the background]
ANNOUNCER: Is a bit of a disco animal! Her CitizenCard is her ticket to nightclub nirvana!
[cut to a long line of people waiting outside a nightclub, as the librarian walks right past them and hands the bouncer her CitizenCard]
ANNOUNCER: When she swaps her library card for her CitizenCard ...
[the bouncer looks at the card, then undoes the velvet rope and lets her in]
ANNOUNCER: The door staff always check her in, and the clientele always check her out!
[cut to the librarian dancing inside of the club]
ANNOUNCER: The only late fee this diva ever pays is for a round of drinks at last orders!
[cut to the librarian holding up her CitizenCard to the camera ("Carly Reader, 20 Sep 1994")]
ANNOUNCER: Thanks, CitizenCard! You're a real mover and shaker!



The CitizenCard offers PASS Proof of Age which is recognised as valid ID by the Home Office, police, trading standards, retailers, UK airlines and many other organisations. A Standard application costs £15 and Urgent application costs £30. In addition the CitizenCard offers LEALTA discounts.

The CitizenCard is a proof of age and identity card. Bearing the PASS hologram the card is well-established as the UK's most widely-recognised ID card. Accepted by virtually every retail outlet as valid ID, the card displays a date of birth but also an ageband (see images above). So it's easy to prove you are young enough or old enough to access age-restricted goods and services.

If you apply for a CitizenCard you will receive a card with the ageband that applies at the time we send your card. So if you want the 'next' ageband (for example if you are 17 but want an 18+ card) you must advise us by either selecting requried age-band when you apply online or attaching a cover note to your application form explaining which age band you would like. We will then send out the requested card to arrive on the relevant date. If you fail to do this you will be issued with the 'age band' that applied at the time we send your card. See also Expiry & Renewal.

The CitizenCard contains no technology or hidden information. A unique holographic overlay seals the card and UV marks can be checked on both sides of the card.

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