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Case Study No. 1716: Percival the Librarian

PART ONE: The Librarian, Percival and Your Mission
You are greeted by The Librarian, Percival. She gives you a mission to find your memories, all ten, as well as a simple gift.
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[scene opens with the silhouette of a young "anime"-style girl appearing in front of a black screen]
PERCIVAL: Hello stranger. Welcome to the library. I am The Librarian, but you can call me Percival.
[the image of a library appears in the corner]
PERCIVAL: Hm? Oh yes, you do not know what this place is. Please ... sit down, rest, and let me explain.
[the image of four people (a mother and father with two children?) appears in the corner]
PERCIVAL: You are in Mut Lucana, the realm of the lost ... but don't let that frighten you. It's not all that bad.
[she laughs]
PERCIVAL: You see, out there, in the realm ... you have a family who misses you and have no idea where you have gone. What happened is, you felt the Forgotten Feeling and its power took you here. And, without asking, it also took your memories. I am sorry for that, but not all that is lost is lost forever.
[she pauses]
PERCIVAL: See, the Forgotten Feeling is not very good at holding memories ... Honestly, it is a bit of a butter fingers.
[she pauses]
PERCIVAL: Which for you, is a good thing. It means you can find them again. It also means you cannot stay here.
[she pauses]
PERCIVAL: Do not worry ... I will not let you leave empty handed or without a mission.
[she pauses]
PERCIVAL: Once you leave my library, you must start on a quest to find your memories. There are ten in total, scattered throughout Mut Lucana. Each memory will take you closer to finding home ... Sadly, I cannot tell you where these memories are. I do not know.
[she pauses]
PERCIVAL: What I do know is they will come to you and they will be the most familiar feeling, and you will never forget them again.
[her silhouette fades away, then re-appears]
PERCIVAL: Now, I said you would not leave empty handed. I do not lie.
[the image of an old book with a blue cover appears in the corner]
PERCIVAL: Take this, it is a notebook.
[the image of a ballpoint pen appears next to the book]
PERCIVAL: And this, it is a pen to write with ... These are the most precious tools in Mut Lucana, but there are two rules you must follow.
[she pauses]
PERCIVAL: One. Never lose your notebook. Keep it on your person at all times. Keep it close. Protect it with your life, because it is your only way to find home and travel through the realm.
[she pauses]
PERCIVAL: Two. Never let anyone read it or write in it. If they do, the memories in the book can become corrupt and no longer work.
[she sighs]
PERCIVAL: I know this is much to take in, but trust me ... It is all important.
[the silhouette fades out again]



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Created on Tue, 21 Sep 2010 06:09:07 +0000

Mut Lucana is the realm known as the home of the lost; because anyone who comes to Mut Lucana has either subconsciously willed themselves, or physically gotten themselves truly lost. Once within Mut Lucana an individual forgets who s/he is and where s/he is from. The only thing an individual, initially, remembers is their name and waking up in a desert (commonly known as the waking sands.)

Shortly after waking, most individuals wander long enough that they find The Library; a neutral safe zone within the realm, where all information is stored. The Library is where the individual is greeted by The Librarian, who explains the key rules of Mut Lucana:

1. Never tell anyone your real name.
Mut Lucana functions under the assumption that you want to be lost. By sharing your name you are giving that individual, or group, the ability to find you no matter where you are in Mut Lucana simply by willing themselves to you.

2. Always write things down and never lose your note book.
When you arrive within The Library you are given a note book. Note books are the primary form of tracking, locating and moving through Mut Lucana. As you travel to locations, meet people, learn names and information, you must write it down. Writing something down allows you to will yourself to those locations again. The written word, in Mut Lucana, is a form of spellwork that creates rifts that allow you to traverse the realm.

3. If you're looking for home, make sure never to become too comfortable.
Once within Mut Lucana you must decide why you are there. Are you lost and looking for home? If so, you must not allow yourself to become comfortable in one location, if this happens you begin to associate that location as HOME. This associate makes it impossible for you to return back to your real home, because it has been replaced by your new home. But if you wish to stay lost forever it is okay to find new homes.

Our story starts when The Newcomer to Mut Lucana wakes in the desert to the distant sound of arguing voices. The Newcomer wanders in the direction of the voices to find three people; The Blind-sighted Assassin, The Alchemist and The Shape Shifter. The Newcomer greets the three, but learns quickly that these three strangers do not take kindly to being snooped upon.

The Newcomer learns that the three are attempting to find Daemon, the creator of the realm of Mut Lucana. The three claim to be part of a guardianship, devoted to protecting Daemon. Though, they are vague on details, The Newcomer suspects they're making everything up, The Newcomer agrees to go with them. Seeing as there seems to be no other way out of the desert. The three quickly explain the rules of Mut Lucana and promise to give The Newcomer a note book when they return to their base of operation.

There are six roles to be played. I've only pre-claimed one. Please choose the three you'd like, and I will play the others.

The Blind-sighted Assassin [Strude]
The Newcomer [either]
The Alchemist [either]
The Priestess [either]
The Shape Shifter [either]
The Soldier [either]

The Librarian [NPC - Female]
Joe the Waterman [NPC - Male]
Arney the Vender [NPC - Male]

Additionally, characters can be any gender, sexuality, race (human, alien, creature, you name it), and age

The roles themselves are simply what that character refers to him/her self as, and may be taken literally as what they do, or figuratively, or as a general title. Since the people of Mut Lucana tend to never give out their real names. They often use general titles or object nicknames (such as chair, eye, cat, things that are already universally associated as a genus {a class or group} of things.) This makes it so that a individual can not be tracked, as there could be thousands of Alchemists or Priests throughout the realm, thus making it impossible to find just one.

* Be able to write a decent two or three paragraphs. I'm not much in the business of writing 2,000 word responses.
* I ask that you be comfortable playing all: genders, ages, sexual preferences/sexualities, races. Specifically, with races I mean non-humans (furries, aliens, creatures/things that do not look entirely human.) YOU DO NOT HAVE TO PLAY A NON-HUMAN, you simply need to be comfortable with ME playing a non-human.
* Chat with me OOC and roleplay via threads!

You may address me as Strude, Gentlemen / Gent. I'm twenty-two years old. I'm currently unemployed but seeking out work. I live in AB Canada, I'm a part time student and plan on taking graphic communication. I'm an avid lover of BL;yaoi doujin and managa, I can link you to many a devious, naughty and delicious site (just ask.) I enjoy roleplaying and consider myself a reformed adv.literate player, I've had some character building experiences the last year. I love to doodle and run a freebie art thread (see my sig.) I consider myself a bit of a graphics doxy and love coding (I know BBC very well and wrote BBCode&You, and I fiddle privately with CSS.)

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