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Case Study No. 1710: Maryanne Sherbrook

Librarians in Comic Books... Maryanne Sherbrook!
From: Hawkeye (2004) #3
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[the first panel shows an exterior shot of a public library ("Chapin Memorial Library, City of Myrtle Beach"), where Hawkeye's motorcycle can be seen parked outside]
MARYANNE: [from off camera] Here it is, Clint.
[the second panel shows a female librarian (brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, glasses, black vest, grey blouse) typing at her computer, as Hawkeye (in civilian clothing) stands behind her]
HAWKEYE: Army records in fourteen seconds? Maryanne, I'm impressed.
MARYANNE: You gave me the passwords to get past their firewall ... Which, by the way, how does someone like Clint Barton know them?
[the third panel shows a closeup of Hawkeye's face]
HAWKEYE: Norman Schwarzkopf is my father-in-law.
[the fourth panel shows Maryanne getting up from her desk, as her nameplate is clearly visible ("Maryanne Sherbrook, Head Librarian")]
MARYANNE: Spell his name.
HAWKEYE: You better log out before they trace you.
MARYANNE: Why do you need personnel files for this unit?
[the fifth panel shows Hawkeye taking some money out of a pocket in his leather jacket, while Maryanne staples some papers together]
HAWKEYE: I'm writing a book.
MARYANNE: Wondering if you could even read one. Why didn't you do this yourself?
HAWKEYE: No computer on my Harley. Besides, you make for some very attractive plausible deniability.
[the sixth panel shows Hawkeye trying to hand her the wad of bills, while she hands him the printed-out information she just stapled together]
HAWKEYE: For your trouble.
MARYANNE: Fourteen seconds.
HAWKEYE: For your lawyer.
MARYANNE: Won't need one. I'll say you forced me.
[the seventh panel shows a closeup of Hawkeye's face]
HAWKEYE: Then how can I pay you back?
[the eighth panel shows a closeup of Maryanne's face]
MARYANNE: Dinner. For a start ...
[the ninth panel shows an exterior shot of an apartment building at night, as someone on the nearby beach shoots fireworks into the sky]
NARRATOR: Later ...
HAWKEYE: I never knew librarians could be so loud.
MARYANNE: Oh, shut up.
[the tenth panel shows inside the apartment, as Maryanne (hair messed up, no glasses, white bra and panties) lies on the bed with Hawkeye standing over her, kissing her on the forehead]
MARYANNE: Sure you can't stay 'til morning? I make a mean bowl of Cheerios.
HAWKEYE: Gotta get to Miami.
MARYANNE: Call when you get back?
HAWKEYE: Promise.



Drove to Myrtle Beach by motorcycle to visit Dirty Chet bar & grill & sample their chili, rescued stripper Peppermint from super-strong thug Jimmy Scully, investigated, questioned Scully & his employer Bailey Mathius, realized Mathius's wife Belinda must have had Scully harass Bailey's mistress Peppermint, purchased small arsenal of archery equipment from local department store (Hawkeye #1, 2003)

Investigated Bailey Mathius, terrorized Mathius henchmen, questioned Peppermint, interrogated & harassed Belinda Mathius, fended off attack by Belinda's butler Gaylord (Hawkeye #2, 2004)

Continued investigation of Mathius family, aided by Chapin Memorial Library head librarian Maryanne Sherbrook, shared romantic interlude with Sherbrook, harassed Bailey's crony Alexander Kreiter in search of answers, subdued Kreiter's henchmen, unable to prevent Kreiter from poisoning himself, sent Peppermint into hiding for her own safety (Hawkeye #3, 2004)

Confronted unstable Peppermint alongside Scully until she accidentally shot herself, aided by Maryanne, learned Bailey & his military unit had massacred Vietnamese village near Savvuam Kham temple in expectation of huge payoff decades later (Hawkeye #4, 2004)

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