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Case Study No. 1736: Thomas University Librarian

The Survivorlists: Zombie Apocalypse
When zombies attack how will you survive? The answer is simple, ask a librarian.
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The TU Library

The Survivorlists:
Zombie Apocolypse

Jessica Craig
Blade Geer
Brittany Hundley
John Vann

[scene opens in the Thomas University Library, where a young female librarian (blonde hair, grey blouse, black pants) is sitting at the front desk, when three students (two boys and a girl) cautiously peek inside]
LIBRARIAN: Can I help you?
STUDENT 1: Is it safe to come in?
[she gives them a quizzical look]
LIBRARIAN: Of course it's safe. This is a library.
[they enter (backing into the library to make sure they're not being followed)]
STUDENT 1: Make sure it's locked ...
[the other male student closes the door and locks it]
LIBRARIAN: What can I help you with today?
STUDENT 2: You can start by helping us find something to block the door!
LIBRARIAN: As long as the door's locked, you should be fine ...
[the first male student slams his fists down on the desk]
STUDENT 1: Have you not seen what's going on outside? Have you not seen the carnage? People are eating each other! People who are supposed to be dead!
LIBRARIAN: I know what's going on out there ...
STUDENT 1: Then how can you be so calm about it?!
LIBRARIAN: I know what those things are, I know how to protect myself. I'm not afraid.
[the camera pans across the room to show several book jackets ("The Screwing of the Average Man", "Strange Creatures from Time and Space", "Myth Conceptions", "Growing Up in America") framed on the wall]
LIBRARIAN: [from off camera] This place is full of information. Once you understand what you're dealing with, you'll be able to defeat it.
[cut to the female student shaking her head]
STUDENT 3: Not anymore ...
[a group of zombies suddenly appear outside and begin banging on the glass while moaning]
[she runs over and joins the other students in front of the librarian's desk]
STUDENT 2: Then tell us where to find this information!
LIBRARIAN: I don't remember exactly where I found it, you guys'll have to look it up yourselves ...
STUDENT 3: Lady, please! We don't have time to look through stacks of index cards to find some freakin' books!
LIBRARIAN: We don't use index cards anymore. Our catalog's all online at our website.
[she gets up, then cut to the librarian typing at one of the computer terminals (as the students gather around her)]
LIBRARIAN: All you have to do is enter the subject that you're looking for, and the results pop up on the screen.
[she writes down a call number and hands it to the first male student, who runs to the stacks and returns with a copy of "The Zombie Survival Guide"]
STUDENT 1: Is one book all you really have? I don't think this is gonna be enough information ...
LIBRARIAN: We also have access to online journals through Galileo.
STUDENT 2: Yeah, but how does it work?
LIBRARIAN: Same way the catalog does. You just type in the subject or keyword that you're looking for, and the results instantly pop up on the screen ... Here, I'll print these.
[she points off camera]
LIBRARIAN: Just go over there and get them off the printer.
[the second male student runs off, then returns with pieces of paper for each of his classmates (while the zombies can still be heard moaning outside)]
STUDENT 3: I think we have everything we need ... Thank you.
LIBRARIAN: You're welcome.
STUDENT 1: Alrighty ... According to this, our first stop should be the hardware store.
[they all jump up in the air and smile at the camera as the picture freezes (in a parody of the 80s-style "freeze frame" shot), then "To Be Continued ... " appear on screen]

Directed by
James Gass

Written by
James Gass
Amber Brock
Jessica Craig

Produced by
Amber Brock

Edited by
James Gass

Special Effects Make-Up
Anna Gass

Jessica Craig
Blade Geer
John Vann
Brittany Hundley

(c) 2011 Thomas University Library

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