Thursday, December 20, 2012

Case Study No. 0702: Unnamed Female Librarian (Why Gorillas Aren't Allowed in the Library)

why gorillas arent allowed in the library
this is the true story of why animals don't get to hang out in the library
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[scene opens with a gorilla thrashing about inside of his cage, as the female zookeeper shakes her head]
GORILLA: Oooh eee eee ooo oooh!
ZOOKEEPER: I said, knock it off in there! You animals aren't allowed in the library! You remember what happened last time?
[the gorilla suddenly stands and gets very contemplative]
GORILLA: Oh yes ...
[cut to the zookeeper leading the gorilla into the library on a leash, then letting him go as "Born Free" plays]
[cut to a young female librarian typing on her computer, when she turns at the sound of crashing noises behind her]
[cut to the gorilla sitting on the floor and trying to eat a book]
[cut to the librarian shaking her head and trying to resume her typing, only to hear the gorilla burping off camera]
[cut to the gorilla in the CD section, dancing around]
[cut to the librarian looking even more exacerbated, as the sounds of a car alarm can be heard off camera]
[cut to the gorilla jumping on the furniture in the childrens' section]
[cut to the librarian as a banana peel flies through the air and lands on her head]
[cut to the gorilla walking through the stacks, leaving a trail of banana peels behind him]
[cut to the librarian looking around nervously, as ominous music plays while the gorilla emits a low growl as he moves slowly through the stacks]
[cut to the gorilla suddenly sprinting towards the desk, as he attacks the librarian]
[cut to the gorilla swinging the librarian (now replaced by a dummy) over his head before letting her fly]
[cut to the librarian scolding the gorilla, who is now back on his leash and being restrained by the zookeeper]
[cut back to the gorilla in his cage]
GORILLA: Oh yes. Well, I did replace that copy of Curious George ...
[the gorilla turns and speaks directly to the camera]
GORILLA: Well, we may not be allowed in there, but you kids are!
ZOOKEEPER: As long as you don't go ape ...

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