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Case Study No. 0693: Marlboro Patch

The Last Will and Testament of Marlboro Patch
Opening Credits from the EEG DVD:

The Last Will and Testament of Marlboro Patch is a hilarious coming of age story about a socially awkward twenty-year-old librarian from Little Rutt, New Hampshire. When Marlboro attempts to uncover the mystery surrounding his father's sudden death, he is thrust into a whirlwind of plot twists that take him everywhere from espionage in Big Rutt to Shicklegruber's Ski Lodge for a drug and weapons deal. On his journey, he accidentally brings together a team of misfits who find friendship under the strangest of circumstances. Together they encounter an Abbot and Costello pair of FBI agents, a bipolar psychiatrist, an Elvis-obsessed megalomaniac salesman, and all the eccentricities that only a small town with nothing to offer has to offer..
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Last Will and Testament of Marlboro Patch (2004)

"It's never been easy being named after a cigarette... right now I'm locked in the bathroom with my laptop on my knee and the bus is surrounded by an armed militia."

So begins the wild adventure of The Last Will and Testament of Marlboro Patch, the story of a socially maladjusted New Hampshire librarian who attempts to unravel the mystery of his father's death, and winds up getting drawn into a bizarre world of intrigue unlike anything he's ever experienced. Marlboro Patch is 20 years old. He's never ventured outside his comfort zone -- much less New Hampshire -- but he's about to take that fateful first step toward an exciting new life. Later, after being questioned by the FBI, interrogated by militiamen, and involved in a sunrise shoot-out of epic proportions, Marlboro comes one step closer to discovering the truth about his mundane existence.



While investigating the mysterious death of his father (Michael Fuss), 20-year-old librarian Marlboro Patch (Jesse Weaver) discovers that his dad and their sleepy hometown of Little Rutt, N.H., were far more interesting than he could have ever imagined. Biker gangs, gun-running Nazis, FBI agents, 12-step programs and other insanity populate Marlboro's coming-of-age journey in this quirky indie comedy.

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