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Case Study No. 0680: Amanda Cortright

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A young boy searches for a new book at his library, where every book comes to life and tries to convince him to pick them.
This short film was made for the 2009 Quiet On The Set Film Festival, hosted by MELSA. It won an Audience Choice Award, from a total selection of 68 films.
Official Selection at the 2009 Forx Film Fest in Grand Forks,
Winner of 1st Place at the SDSU Film Festival.
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[scene opens with a young boy entering the St. Anthony Park Branch Library and returning a book, then cut to the boy browsing the shelves when he picks up a large copy of "The Complete Works of William Shakespeare"]
BOY: Hm, I wonder what this is?
[he opens the book and starts leafing through it]
BOY: "Romeo and Juliet" ...
[the camera pans over to reveal a young man and woman (holding hands) standing next to him]
JULIET: Oh please, young noble! Do take thy tome of love and death betwixt thy nimble fingers!
BOY: Hmm ...
ROMEO: Doth book tis more beautiful than a nightingale's song ... and a summer sunset!
[he puts the book down, than picks up a copy of "Star Wars: the Dark Lord Trilogy"]
ROMEO: Than a ...
[they both suddenly grab their throats and begin gasping for air, as the camera pans over to reveal that "Darth Vader" is performing the Force Choke on them]
DARTH VADER: Petty soliloquies are no match for the Dark Side of the Force!
[he then turns his attention to the boy, as he waves his hand in front of his face]
DARTH VADER: You want to read this book ... You want to read this book.
BOY: [pause] The movies are better.
DARTH VADER: Ah, please! Please, read the book! Please!
[he closes the book and walks off, then cut to the boy climbing a stepstool and taking a book off the top shelf]
BOY: "Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens" ...
[he opens the book and starts reading, as the camera pans over to reveal a young man wearing a Victorian-style flat cap]
OLIVER TWIST: Please sir, I want you to read this book!
BOY: I dunno ...
OLIVER TWIST: People don't read Dickens much anymore, he was a little long-winded ... but he did write "A Christmas Carol!" O-Or we could just sing and dance like they did in the movie, you know--
BOY: Chapter X-X-X-V!
OLIVER TWIST: [singing] Food, glorious food!
[he puts the book back on the shelf]
OLIVER TWIST: No no no no ...
BOY: Too long.
[cut to the boy browsing another bookshelf, when he sits down at a table and starts leafing through the dictionary ... when a man in a vest and bowtie suddenly appears and sits down next to him]
ENGLISH PROFESSOR: Aardvark, noun. A nocturnal burrowing mammal with long ears, nose, and snout.
[the camera focuses on the boy, as he slams the dictionary shut]
[cut to the boy browsing another bookshelf, when he stops at a copy of "Treasure Island"]
BOY: "Treasure Island" ...
[he opens the book and begins reading]
BOY: Cool ...
[the camera pans around to reveal a pirate (walking with a crutch) standing behind him]
LONG JOHN SILVER: Ay, I know what ye be searching for, Jimbo! Ye be wantin' high seas adventures! Pirates! Swords and pistols, ay? So waddaya say, Jimbo? Will ye be takin' a chance with ol' Long John?
[the boy nods his head, then starts walking away]
LONG JOHN SILVER: Good choice, lad!
[the pirate turns and follows the boy to the front desk, where he hands the female librarian the book and his library card]
LIBRARIAN: Hi, did you find everything you were looking for today?
BOY: I'd like to check out "Treasure Island," please.
LIBRARIAN: Sure, great choice!
[she scans the card, then hands it back to the boy]
LIBRARIAN: And here's your card back.
[she scans the book, then hands it back to him]
LIBRARIAN: And that will be do on June 30th. There you go, have a great day!
[cut to the boy walking towards the exit while reading the book, with the pirate following him closely behind]
LONG JOHN SILVER: I do like this part!
[cut to the boy opening the door (by himself now) and walking out of the library]
[cut to the boy sitting down at a bench]
BOY: Chapter one ... The old sea dog at the Admiral Benbow--

This film was produced for the "Quiet on the Set" Short Film Competition presented by MELSA and in partnership with Comcast, Channel Z, and IFP Minnesota.

Written & Directed by
Conor Holt

The Boy ... Christian Favazza
Romeo ... Tyler Stuart
Juliet ... Laurel Wiehe
Darth Vader ... Andrew Albing
Oliver Twist ... Cormac Strahan
English Professor ... Andrew Albing
Long John Silver ... Ryan Hipp
Librarian ... Amanda Cortright

Edited by
Conor Holt & Andrew Albing

Musical Editing
Andrew Albing & Conor Holt

Additional Music
Greg Albing

Special Thanks to
Karen Favazza
St. Anthony Library
Peg Doheny


From umn.edu:

Library Clerk pleads Guilty to Stealing
By hagen544 on May 3, 2011 7:19 PM

A St. Paul woman who worked for the city's library system plead guilty to stealing books and DVD's from the library on Monday.

According to the Star Tribune, Amanda Cortright, 31, pleaded guilty in Ramsey District court to a felony charge of receiving stolen property. Cortright began working at the library in 1998 and according to the complaint library officials have placed the value of all the material taken at $37,779.24.

Cortright, who worked as a circulation clerk has been being investigated by the St. Paul police since December, 2009 after library officials reported suspicions of her stealing items. Officials were able to determine she had created multiple false accounts where she would mark items missing or deleted, meaning the library could no longer track the items.

According to the Pioneer Press, the search of Cortright homes unvealed more then 1,400 items belonging to the St. Paul Public Library including books, DVD's, audio materials, and magazines from the 1930's and 1940's.

Cortright will receive official sentencing on June 22.

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