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Case Study No. 0696: Mrs. Wendy Smith

Day in the Life of Mrs Smith.wmv
Well my librarian and i are always hangin out during school and shes kinda crazy. So when she was gone from school Mr. Montgomery and i made a video that pokes fun at her. It probably wont be very funny if you dont know her. If you do, you could pee ;)
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A Day in the Life of Mrs. Smith

[scene opens with a male teacher walking into the Tenino High School Library, as the young female librarian (blonde hair, glasses) walks up to him]
MR. HELEY: Hi, Miss Smith ...
MRS. SMITH: Hi, Mister Heley, what's wrong?
MR. HELEY: I'm really sad, because last night I saw ... "Titanic."
MRS. SMITH: Awww. Well, I have the perfect thing for you.
[she reaches into her jacket and pulls out a book]
MRS. SMITH: A book about butterflies!
[he takes it and gets a crazed look on his face]
MR. HELEY: Butterflies ... Thank you!
[she laughs and walks away]
MRS. SMITH: You're welcome!
[cut to a female student talking to the librarian as she scans books]
STUDENT 1: How do you always have so much energy?
MRS. SMITH: I don't know!
[cut to the librarian in the break room, as she takes a can of coffee grounds but (instead of putting it into the coffee maker) dumps it straight into her mouth]
[cut to another male teacher talking to the librarian as she types at her computer]
TEACHER: Misses Smith, I need a projector for second period. Can you bring one down?
MRS. SMITH: Why yes, of course!
[cut to the librarian pushing the projector down the hallway (while singing Lady Gaga songs to herself), when she cuts off a male student walking in the opposite direction and throws him to the ground ... then calmly goes back to pushing the projector while singing to herself]
[cut to a female teacher talking to a male student]
MRS. MCKAY: Chris, I need you to do me a favor. I need you to go to the library and ask Misses Smith to get the Edgar Allen Poe plays, 'cause we're gonna start Edgar Allen Poe.
CHRIS: Why? Misses Smith is crazy and scary ...
[she rolls her eyes at him]
MRS. MCKAY: Misses Smith is not crazy and scary, go!
CHRIS: Alright ...
MRS. MCKAY: Geez ...
[cut to the student entering the library (which is empty and all the lights are turned off]
CHRIS: Misses Smith? Misses Smith? Misses Smith?
[the librarian suddenly emerges from a large drawer underneath the front desk, holding a book and a flashlight]
MRS. SMITH: Wanna read a scary book?!
[cut to the librarian waving to her student workers as she exits the library]
MRS. SMITH: Bye guys, have a good day!
[cut to the librarian getting in her car, as she turns on the radio (playing heavy metal music) and starts headbanging]

A Day in the Life
of Mrs. Smith

Directed by
Mr. Montgomery

Courtney Niemi

Student 1
Mersadies Snider

Student 2
Brian Bender

Office TA's
Katye Rus and Saranda Lund

Mr. Heley and Mrs. McKay

Special Thanks to
Mrs. Smith, Librarian Extraordinaire


From teninoschools.org:

The Tenino High School Library is one of the greatest resources we provide to our students. The Library is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Students may check out books, conduct research, study, read magazines and books, and use our computer resources. Our teacher librarian, Mrs. Wendy Smith, is always willing to help our students with any research or homework needs.

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