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Case Study No. 0695: Mr. Sims

Lyla Wolf - Film
As "Mr. Sims," Conrad is a your friendly librarian. When werwolves are lurking, having a friendly face to turn to is a relief.
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[Lyla approaches the front desk at the library, where a middle-aged male librarian is using a barcode scanner on a book]
MR. SIMS: Ah, good morning Lyla!
LYLA: Good morning, Mister Sims.
MR. SIMS: Your usual? Station Number Two?
LYLA: You know me so well.
MR. SIMS: Alright ...
[he hands her a key]
MR. SIMS: Here you go. Don't work too hard.
[she smiles and walks off]


[Mister Sims is speaking on the phone as Lyla approaches]
MR. SIMS: We sure do have it right here at the front desk ... Alright.
[he hangs up the phone and smiles at Lyla]
MR. SIMS: Lyla!
LYLA: Morning, Mister Sims. Station Number Two?
MR. SIMS: Oh, I-I'm sorry Lyla. Today Logan reserved that station.
[she looks behind the counter at Logan, who is the library assistant]
MR. SIMS: You know, today's supposed to be a really pretty one, I say you two go outside and enjoy--
LYLA: I-I'm not gonna ... I'm not gonna leave it alone, Mister Sims.
[he takes a key]
MR. SIMS: You can use Station Number Three.
[she takes the key and begins to walk away]
MR. SIMS: Hey, Lyla ...
[she turns]
MR. SIMS: [whispers] I'll bring you some coffee.
[she smiles as Mr. Sims laughs, then turns and leaves]
[he turns and looks at Logan]
MR. SIMS: [quietly] Don't ...


From kickstarter.com:

Lyla Wolf: Infractus (2011)
A Narrative Film project in Los Angeles, CA by Megan Poore

What if becoming a werewolf did not require any mystical potions or curses or even being bit by one? What if anyone could do it? It is all a matter of breaking the bond between mind and body. This is what Lyla is forced to find out as she is pushed to her mental limits and finds out what it really takes to have her mind broken!

This is the premise of "Lyla Wolf: Infractus" - a film that has been in our hearts and minds for a very long time. We have gathered a group of passionate and driven individuals to bring this story to the page, and now, hopefully, to the screen.

In creating an action-packed, thrilling, kick-ass werewolf movie that also delves into human nature and the complexities of the mind, we hope to initially spark an interest in the Lyla Wolf character and how she came to be...but also where she will go from here. There is really no limit to how big this story can be.

With your help we will be able to afford better equipment, include some special effects, buy materials, and feed our crew :) We really want this film to have the best production value possible, and with your assistance - it will!

Please visit our website at: www.facebook.com/lylawolf

Here are some links to give you a better idea of our team:


http://www.imdb.com/ name/nm2684189/ (Our up & Coming Director-Producer)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v= 2IWdVq8A2vQ

We are doing this project out of an extreme need to create and passion for what we do. We appreciate your time and consideration.

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