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Case Study No. 0679: Staff of Unnamed Library (Kit Kat)

Kit Kat commercial - Library
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[scene opens with a young man in a kitchenette, as he loudly slams one of the cabinets shut]
MAN 1: Ahhhh!
[the man begins yelling and banging one of the pots on the counter with a ladle, then he turns to see an older man across the room, who is slamming the refrigerator door shut while rattling a tray of dishes on the counter]
[the man smiles and nods (as if neither of them are doing anything strange), then the older man starts yelling something to him, but the other noises drown out what he's actually saying]
MAN 1: [loudly] What?!
[the older man holds up a large Kit Kat bar]
MAN 2: [loudly] Fancy a Kit Kat with your coffee?!
MAN 1: [loudly] Yeah, brilliant! Thank you!
[an older woman enters the room and (with a stern look on her face) slams the door shut behind her, as the two men stop what they're doing and quiet down]
WOMAN: [pause] Ahhhh!
[after yelling at the top of her lungs, she stops as the two men smile and yell "Morning!", then cut to the three of them sitting at a table eating Kit Kat bars (all the while yelling and banging their coffee cups on the table)]
[scene changes to the inside of a library, with a large "Silence" sign in the middle of the room, as a male patron sitting at a table quietly coughs]
[cut to the three loud people (apparently librarians) exiting the kitchenette from a door behind the front desk and entering the library, as they politely (and silently) smile to the patron]
[cut to a closeup of the Kit Kat bar (with more yelling and pot banging by the librarians off camera), as "Make the most of your break." appears on screen]


From brandrepublic.com:

50 Years of Fame: Brandfame - Kit Kat
21 September 2005, 12:00AM

After 47 unbroken years, the strapline 'Have a break ... have a Kit Kat' was finally given the finger in 2004. While 99 percent of the adult UK population recognised it, Nestle Rowntree decided that the brand needed to change.

Kit Kat's latest campaign urges consumers to 'Make the most of your break'.

Instead of taking things easy, the new spots feature people enjoying more 'productive' breaks.

In one execution staff clang around a kitchen - crashing pots and pans together and shouting at each other - as they take a break from their library's no-talking policy. Another shows a brief moment of reconciliation between a couple as they wait outside a divorce court.

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