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Case Study No. 0687: Unnamed Female Librarian (Changing the System)

Changing The System (2007)
An hasidic Jew prospects his librarian girlfriend about changing the Dewey decimal system due to Melvil Dewey being an anti-semite.

Shot at North Sydney TAFE, 2007.

Starring: Michael Karamihalis & Fiona Hills.
Written & Directed by: Jeremy Moses.
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A Jeremy Moses Filmette
Changing the System

[scene opens inside a public library, with a young female librarian sitting at the front desk, when a man (wearing traditional Hasidic clothing) approaches]
LIBRARIAN: Hey honey ...
BOYFRIEND: Y'know what your problem is?
LIBRARIAN: Oh come on, you're always trying to find a reason to argue with me!
BOYFRIEND: You endorse the Dewey Decimal System.
LIBRARIAN: Well, I am a librarian ...
BOYFRIEND: Don't you know that Melvil Dewey, the founder of the Dewey system, was an anti-Semite?
LIBRARIAN: [pause] What're you talking about?
BOYFRIEND: Next you'll be kicking my family out of the retreat at the Lake George Hotel!
BOYFRIEND: Look, it's either me or the Dewey system!
[he storms off, as the librarian puts her head in her hands, then cut to the librarian sitting alone in a room while holding a poster of Melvil Dewey]
LIBRARIAN: Dewey, or not Dewey ...
[she rips a piece of the poster off]
LIBRARIAN: Dewey, or not Dewey ...
[she rips another piece of the poster off]
LIBRARIAN: Dewey, or not Dewey ...
[she rips another piece of the poster off, then puts her head in her hands and begins crying]
[cut back to the library, as a male patron takes a book off the shelf and brings it to the front desk, stopping to inspect the label on the spine]
GUY: Hey, new system!
[the librarian (now not wearing her glasses) smiles]
[she looks up and sighs, as the scene fades to black]

Director: Jeremy
1st AD: Tim
TD: Nick
Camera: Jerry row row row your boat
Sound: Jess
Boom: ----
Lighting: Fiona
Clapper: Jarrad

Boyfriend: Michael
Librarian: Fiona
Guy: Tim

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