Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Case Study No. 0697: "How To Meet Sexy Librarians"

Mission#46 - Go to the library and ask for a book on "how to meet sexy librarians".
Do you dare to unbottle yourself?
Over 500 missions.
Download the social app at
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[scene opens with a young man walking up to the front desk ("Information 1 - talbokslantagare har fortur") at a public library, and asking the young female librarian for a book on how to meet sexy librarians ("sexig bibliotekarier")]
[the librarian laughs, then points him to somewhere off camera]
["Unbottle Yourself by Carlsberg, Download the social app at unbottleyourself dot com" appears on screen]



Carlsberg beer and ad agency Akestam Holst are going social in Sweden with their "Unbottle Yourself" mobile app, inviting the nation to let its collective blond hair down and loosen up a little. Weird, I'd always considered Sweden a swingin' sexy socialist paradise. Wasn't there a song called "Sweden Swings (Like a Pendulum Do)"? Kidding. I know that was Norway. The Carlsberg contest asserts that Swedes are "the most reserved people on the planet," and since there's no way an alcoholic beverage would ever exaggerate in its advertising, I guess that must be true. To win a grand-prize party trip to Hong Kong, Swedes must accomplish various "missions." These include: skipping down the street for at least one block; wearing a helmet at the gym; going to the library and asking for a book on "sexy librarians"; washing the windshield of a stranger's car; pretending to be a tour guide on a bus; and placing water bottles on the floor and racing between them like a ski pro. Sounds like a typical day for the AdFreak staff, except we do most of that stuff naked. My favorite Carlsberg mission is speaking with a slight German accent the whole day. It really does stipulate "slight." Vell, that's probably vise. The Swedes may be shy, but those Germans can't take a joke.

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