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Case Study No. 0692: Unnamed Female Librarian (Phantasy Star II)

Let's Play PS II #12: This Must Get to the Governor!
Mission complete! We report back to base with Recorder in hand, where we've learned of a new problem. Some creature has not only been spewing all these bugs, but also mucking about with the Motavian weather-control system. Could a biologist help crack our latest case?

NEW MEMBER: Hugh Thompson
STANDING IN: Tim "NintendoCapriSun" Bishop
JOB: Biologist (CLASS: BLM [Black Mage])
GOOD: Broad range of anti-monster magic, has instant-death spells VOL and SAVOL at high levels, decent attack, mid-class armor
BAD: Subpar defense, weapon choices limited to short knives and slings, good spells take much grinding.
UGLY: Ineffective vs. machine types.

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Somewhere deep within the Andromeda Galaxy lies the Algo Star System. The parent star, Algo, has three planets orbiting about it. First is Palm, the home of the government. Governors, treasurers, and great thinkers dwell here in great ivory towers, away from the hubbub of everyday life.

Next is Mota, the shining jewel. Once a dry desert planet infested with ant lions, Mota has been transformed into a blue and green tropical paradise. Domed farms grow crops, and the water is regulated into dammed rivers. Life on Mota is sweet, peaceful and easy. The people have everything they want, and do not need to work.

Farthest out is Dezo, the ice planet. Little is known about this mysterious and dark planet.

One thousand years have passed since Alis and her friends liberated Algo from the evil Lassic. Algo has since prospered under the care of a giant computer called the Mother Brain. The Mother Brain regulates the Climatrol Tower, Bio-Systems Lab, and all other things that provide whatever the Mota people need.

You are haunted by nightmares every night. A young girl is doing battle with a giant demon. You are close by but cannot help; you can only watch, until the girl is fighting for her life and you awaken.

You are filled with sadness and fear when you awaken, but you have no time to worry about nightmares. It will be time for work soon. You are an agent in Paseo, the capital of Mota. Almost two years have passed since you began working for the Commander of Mota. He is responsible for smoothly promoting the plans of Mother Brain. He always has felt that Mother Brain could not make mistakes, but the recent plague of monsters over Mota are too much. They have made it hazardous to leave the towns. The Commander has decided that he must find out by himself how the monsters were created, and how to eliminate them. He is sending you on a mission to go to the Bio-Systems Lab and bring back the Recorder. The Commander is certain that an analysis of the Recorder data will determine the origin of the Bio-Monsters.

You return home and begin preparing for the mission. Your best friend, Nei, is worried. Nei is a product of a Bio-experiment combining human and Bio-animal cells; an outcast from the rest of society. Seven months ago, you took her into your home, and you have been like a big brother to her ever since. Nei begs you to bring her with you, and stands in the doorway to try and keep you from leaving her behind. Finally you bring her along.

Thus begins PHANTASY STAR II. PSII is a 6MB Genesis sequel to the Sega Master System's smash hit cartridge, PHANTASY STAR. While lacking some of its predecessor's finest game play features such as first-person dungeon movement, PSII is still a great game.


You and Nei are just outside of your home in Paseo. First, walk around the town to learn its layout. Paseo has a Tool Shop, Weapon Shop, Armor Shop, Teleport Station, Hospital, Clone Lab and two places found only in Paseo: your Home and the Central Tower.

There are people walking around town; go over to them one at a time to say "Hi." Some of them will only give you personal opinions, but some of them will tell you valuable information, such as: a man named Darum is robbing and killing people over on the North Bridge; the Bio-Systems Lab is on the other side of the lake; you can have your body cloned at the Clone Lab if you have enough cash; many people are goofing off every day, feeling they can live without working; no rain has fallen in a long time, which caused the lake to dry up; you should return home after getting to a strange town, since someone might show up; and that the Bio Lab made Mota flourish.

Pay attention to the woman who tells you that she likes Paseo because it's peaceful, and she is glad she moved to Paseo from Arima. Jot it down and then go to the Central Tower to visit the Library.

Read the library files on the Mother Brain, Bio-Systems Lab, and History of Mota. Note how the file says that nobody knows who created Mother Brain or where it is located. Also note the accident that happened two years ago in the Bio-Systems Lab.


In the northeast part of the level, you'll find something that looks like a computer, almost totally surrounded by orange damage squares. Stand in front of it and push Button A; you will find the Bio-Systems Lab Recorder. As soon as you have it, use the Escapipe and then the Telepipe to return to Paseo.


Heal in the Hospital and then go into Central Tower to bring the Recorder to the Commander. The Commander will praise your good work, and then he'll make an extremely profound statement: his realization that, ever since the Mother Brain was introduced to Mota to control its environment, most of the people have turned into weak and lethargic beings. This all-important statement will foreshadow a climactic secret at the end of the game.

The Commander will direct you to see the Librarian, who will have finished analysis on the Recorder. She'll tell you that the accident in the Lab two years ago was caused by an overload of energy poured into the system all at once, causing one of the creatures there to evolve rapidly into a life form that does not fit into the cycle of nature, so it shouldn't exist. The natural cycles were all thrown out of order as a result. The Librarian has traced the energy leak to Climatrol, and directs you to go there to learn what caused it. She also gives you a Key Tube to cross the West Bridge.




[Palma (Palm), Motavia (Mota), and Dezoris (Dezo) are three planets orbiting around Algol (Algo). On Motavia agriculture, animal breeding, social organization, public works, public order, and the climate are controlled by MOTHER BRAIN using radio towers and robots. MOTHER BRAIN originated on Palma, nobody knows how. Nobody knows where she is now.]

[Part 1.]

[You are an intelligence agent on Motavia. Motavia is suffering from drought and is overrun by monsters. You are to get the Recorder from the Biosystems Lab to supply data for analyzing the problems.]

PASEO. NEI joins. Leave PASEO.

Go north by tube. Find tube to west blocked by DARUM. Go to ARIMA.

ARIMA. [Town has been sacked by thieves from the east.] Rudolf Steiner (RUDO) joins.

Go to Thieves' Hideout in SHURE. Solve maze to get 2 DYNAMITE.

Go to Thieves' Lookout Tower in NIDO. Solve maze to get TEIM.

Go to DARUM. [He kills TEIM and himself.]

Go to OPUTA. [The Biosystems Lab lies to the south.] Amy Sage (AMY) joins. On fringe of town, find Ustvestia and get MUSIK technique.

Go to BIOSYSTEMS LAB. Solve maze to get RECORDER.

Return to PASEO. [Energy is being siphoned off from Climatrol to the Biosystems Lab to create monsters. You are to go to Climatrol to find out why.] Get KEY TUBE from Librarian. Hugh Thompson (HUGH) joins.

Go to ZEMA. [People are starving. There is a garbage dump in RORON.] Anna Zirski (ANNA) joins.

Go to KUERI. On fringe of town, find Scientist. [He needs Maruera leaves. According to the citizens you can get them on Uzo Island. A discolored spot in the sea marks the passage to the central lake.] Josh Kain (KAIN) joins.

Go to Garbage Dump in RORON. Solve maze to find owners of JET SCOOTER, which you will find abandoned at the shore outside. You can use it to visit the southeast quadrant of the continent, and the islands.

Scoot to east part of southeast quadrant. Go to PIATA. Shir Gold (SHIR) joins.

Scoot to UZO Island, the large island with hills. Enter hills from east to reach maze. Solve maze to get MARUERA LEAVES.

Go to KUERI. Give MARUERA LEAVES to Scientist to get MARUERA GUM.

Scoot to underwater passage and use MARUERA GUM to enter CLIMATROL. Solve maze to find NEIFIRST. [MOTHER BRAIN created NEIFIRST as a hybrid between human and monster. Rejected by the people, she takes revenge by creating monsters. NEI is a part of NEIFIRST.] Fight NEIFIRST. NEI dies. [CLIMATROL loses control and floods the continent. BIOSYSTEMS LAB stops producing monsters. Return to PASEO. You are to open the four dams to relieve the flooding. The Librarian says that the cards that control the dams are in a control tower in a town. MOTHER BRAIN sends robots to capture you.]

[Part 2.]

Return to PIATA. On fringe of town are CONTROL TOWERS; enter the middle one. Solve maze and use MUSIK technique to get DAM CARDS.

Scoot to RED DAM in south, YELLOW DAM in west, BLUE DAM in east, and GREEN DAM in north. Solve mazes in turn to open the dams.

[Fight ARMY EYES. You are captured and taken aboard the satellite GAILA, with no technique points and no items but your prison garb. GAILA takes off.] Solve maze to reach console. [You are heading for Palma, the original home of MOTHER BRAIN. Tyler intercepts GAILA and returns you to PASEO. Palma is destroyed.]

[A spaceship is available to take you to Dezoris. The Librarian says that somebody there has a key to MOTHER BRAIN.]

[Part 3.]

Go to Dezoris. Solve the SKURE Mines maze to find a MAGIC CAP or two, a MOGIC CAP, and four exits to the surface of Dezoris. Equip MAGIC CAP to speak with escaped pets. Go to the towns of AUKBA, ZOSA, and RYUON. Equip MOGIC CAP to speak with citizens. If you equip MAGIC CAP you can still speak with them but they lie and cheat you. [According to people in ZOSA, there are a beautiful man and invisible buildings on Dezoris.]

From AUKBA, go westward. A crevice to the west shows a path from the brink. Enter and solve maze to reach ESPER sector. Go to ESPER MANSION. [LUTZ's guardians revive him and he speaks to you.] LUTZ gives you AEROPRISM to find invisible mazes.

Solve MENOBE Temple maze to get NEICROWN and NEIMET. Solve NAVAL maze to get NEISHIELD and NEIEMEL. Solve IKUTO maze to get NEISHOT and NEI-SLASHER. Solve GUARON maze to get NEIARMOR and NEICAPE. Go to LUTZ with all eight items and get NEISWORD. [LUTZ suspects that MOTHER BRAIN was sent as a trap for Algol.] LUTZ sends you to SPACESHIP NOAH.

Solve NOAH maze to find DARK FORCE. [Fight DARK FORCE.] Proceed to MOTHER BRAIN. [Fight MOTHER BRAIN and find out who is behind the plot to destroy Algol.]



Biosystems Lab

(Use Dynamite to destroy door.)

(Find more Dynamite within to destroy door leading to hole. Jump in the hole to get to the basement.)


(ITEM-->Recorder- This device records all events in the Biosystems lab. If this can be delivered to Paseo, we will know what caused the Biohazards.)

Central Tower

- (Rolf) "This must get to the governor!"

- (Commander) "Splendid work, Rolf! I will immediately compare the recorder with the library data. I have always believed that Mother Brain is absolutely right all the time, and that our life is protected by Mother Brain. But under the reign of Mother Brain, we have turned into weak and lethargic beings. Under the circumstances, we cannot help realizing that fact. The data must be ready. You'd better get going to the library!"

- (Librarian) "Analysis on the recorder has been completed. The cause of the accident in the Biosystems lab was an overload of energy poured into the system all at once. As a result, the creature made a rapid evolution. This creature does not fit into the cycle of nature, thus should not exist. And because this kind of creature was created, the natural cycles went out of order. Please look at this graph. It shows the amount of energy consumed in the last couple of years. Let's overlap the graphs of temperature and rainfall on it. As you see, the energy which was to be used by Climacontrol to control temperature and rainfall seems to have flowed into the Biosystems lab. Biohazard could be something that was schemed up by someone. Please find out why the energy leaked from Climacontrol. Also, if you are going south, take this with you. The bridge over the west river can be passed with this. Good luck!"

(ITEM-->Key Tube- It is a metal pole, 20cm long, with markings.)

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