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Case Study No. 0701: Staff of the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre

The Librarians - Series 1 - Story So Far - Ep1
Recap of Episode One of the new ABC comedy series 'The Librarians'. Episode 2 screens Wednesday Nov 7 @ 9.30pm
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NARRATOR: Chapter one, meet the librarians ...
[scene opens inside the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre, as the camera focuses on a female librarian (blonde hair, shoulderless pink blouse)]
CHRISTINE: Hello, Frannie!
["Frances" appears on screen, then cut to another female librarian (black hair, sweater, pink skirt) speaking to a pair of patron dressed in traditional Muslim garb]
FRANCES: I'm sorry, could you leave your backpack at the front counter ... please?
[the male patron gives her a confused look]
[she pauses, then continues speaking in a sickeningly sweet condescending tone]
FRANCES: I think we know why ...
[cut to Frances speaking to her deputy head librarian (a young woman in a wheelchair)]
FRANCES: Reverse back into your position ...
[she backs up her wheelchair, and accidentally bumps into another female librarian (wearing a hijab) sitting behind her]
NADA: Ahh!
DAWN: Ahh! Oh, oh god!
["Dawn" appears on screen, then cut to footage Frances and Dawn (able to walk) at a staff retreat, when (attempting some kind of outdoor rope-climbing exercise) Frances lets go of the rope and Dawn's legs get banged against the ground]
FATHER HARRIS: [in voice over] How is Dawn?
FRANCES: [in voice over] She's the same, Father. The same as she was before the accident ...
[cut to Frances and Father Harris talking in the library]
FATHER HARRIS: What, without the use of her legs? That is unusual ...
["Father Harris" appears on screen, then cut to the priest standing at the library entrance with a group of Muslim women]
FATHER HARRIS: I have a Tarago full of ladies who are busting to log on ...
["Nada" appears on screen, then cut to Frances talking to the Muslim librarian]
FRANCES: You know what it's like when you and your girlfriends get together and start gas-bagging in their gobbledygook ...
NADA: [coldly] Arabic.
FRANCES: [pause] Pardon?
NADA: We speak Arabic, not gobbledygook ...
["Lachie" appears on screen, then cut to a young male librarian at the front desk holding a library card (which reads "Cledan Barker" and has a photograph of a young boy giving the middle finger), as the boy and his mother are there to complain]
LACHIE: Oh dear ...
MISS BARKER: "Cledan?" His name's Declan ... What're you, dyslexic?
[he gives a nervous laugh, then tugs at his collar]
LACHIE: Uh ...
[cut to Frances in her office breathing into a paper bag, then back to Lachie at the front desk as Frances confronts him]
LACHIE: Did I spell something wrong?
["Matthew" appears on screen, then cut to the library's "writer in residence" holding a bottle of wine in the break room]
MATTHEW: Hefton Withers, esteemed Murray Valley poet, sent us mulled wine for tonight ...
["Ky" appears on screen, then cut to a young male Asian librarian sitting on a couch]
KY: Would you like a book with that?
["Neil" appears on screen, then cut to a shady-looking male librarian holding storytime in the library, as Christine talks to him]
CHRISTINE: Whatcha gotta do to get a job around here?
NEIL: Two hundred and eighty counts of mail theft always does it, eh?
[cut to Neil alone in a room, opening a child's birthday card and taking the money out of it]
MOTHER: [in voice over] Neil!
[cut back to Neil holding storytime in the library ... except he's not actually reading (and the children are running wild due to boredom), so one of the mothers walks up to him to complain)]
MOTHER: Listen mate, if you don't start readin' that frikkin' book out loud, I'm gonna ram it up your--
CHRISTINE: I'll read a story!
[Christine enters the scene holding a book]
MOTHER: Who are you?
["Christine" appears on screen, then cut to Frances and Christine speaking in her office]
FRANCES: You were my best friend!
CHRISTINE: What say we get the old team back together?
[cut to Frances breathing into a paper bag, then cut to Christine in a limousine wearing a sexy dress and kissing a man]
DRUG DEALER: [in voice over] You wanna show that judge that you're a steady reliable mature woman holding down a respectable job!
[cut to Christine speaking into her cellphone]
CHRISTINE: Well, I can't make her give me the job ...
DRUG DEALER: Of course you can! You're a very resourceful woman, Christine ...
[cut back to the library, as everyone is clapping for Christine (while Frances looks on apprehensively)]
CHRISTINE: I'm a children's librarian!
["The Librarians, Wednesday 9:30 PM" appears on screen]



"The Librarians" is an Australian television comedy series which premiered on 31 October 2007 on ABC TV. The series is produced and written by Robyn Butler and Wayne Hope who are also the principal cast members. Hope is also the series' director.

The series centres on the trials and tribulations of Frances O'Brien, a devout Catholic woman (and blithely racist) who suffers from a panic disorder and serves as Head Librarian at the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre. Her life unravels when she is forced to employ her ex-best friend, Christine Grimwood – now a drug dealer – as the children's librarian.



The first series of The Librarians screened on ABC TV in 2007. It went on to be one of the network's top ten comedy shows for the year, harnessing a large audience and a great critical response. In 2008, the series was nominated for the international Rose d'Or television awards for Best Sitcom. It also received two AFI nominations for Most Outstanding Performance in a Comedy (Robyn Butler) and Most Outstanding Comedy.

Frances O'Brien (Robyn Butler), devout Catholic and panic disorder sufferer, is back at the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre. But being Head Librarian of this outer suburban library is harder than ever – especially when her right to the throne is being threatened by her Muslim colleague Nada (Nicole Nabout) – touted as the N.B.L (Next Big Librarian). The second instalment of the highly acclaimed comedy series, The Librarians premieres Wednesday 5 August at 9pm on ABC1.

Frances can't seem to get anybody's attention. Ky (Keith Brockett) is in love, Dawn (Heidi Arena) is broken hearted and Matthew (Stephen Ballantyne) is exploring his sexuality. Neil, (Bob Franklin) the convicted thief, is back - a free citizen and proudly wielding a Middleton library card. Father Harris (Kim Gyngell) is on sabbatical Frances is at sea.

Life at home isn't any better. Terry (Wayne Hope) is masturbating more frequently and their daughters are wilder than ever. Frances tries valiantly to ignore her responsibilities as a mother – in fact, not even think about motherhood, which is a little difficult when Christine (Roz Hammond) is seven months pregnant and again working as the Children's Librarian.

Single and dreading being a parent, Christine still manages to make pregnancy glamorous and Frances is constantly reminded of her own deeply unattractive pregnancies – and how they bore her wayward daughters.

It all leaves Frances breathing harder into her paper bag than ever as she wrestles with being a mother, a lover and a Librarian.


Frances O'Brien (Robyn Butler)
Job Description: Head Librarian (the Mayor said in a speech that I am the Middleton Interactive Learning Centre but I think that's going a bit far!)
Recommended Reading: CSIRO Well Being Book, Spotless, anything by Bryce Courtenay.
Favourite thing about MILC: Nada's annual leave (just kidding!)
If I weren't a librarian, I'd be: I always admired Hotlips on M*A*S*H - so maybe an army nurse.

Christine Grimwood (Roz Hammond)
Job Description: Children's Librarian, stakeholder in MaxiBronze tanning salons
Recommended Reading: Vasectomy and Sterilization by Clive Wood
Favourite thing about MILC: Maternity leave, time in lieu, sick leave, public holidays and accrued annual leave. The children are cute too.
If I weren't a librarian, I'd be: opening Nikko's sixth MaxiBronze tanning salon

Dawn McConnichie (Heidi Arena)
Job Description: Deputy Head Librarian (I know I can't believe it either!!)
Recommended Reading: I Can Jump Puddles, 10 Days to Self-Esteem (brilliant, I've read it every night for three years!) Classic desserts
Favourite thing about MILC: The soon to be installed disabled ramp
If I weren't a librarian, I'd be: able to walk

Ky Lee (Keith Brockett)
Job Description: Talking, laughing, helping, dancing
Recommended Reading: Jonathon Cainer's guide to the Stars, 2009 McCall's Pattern Book
Favourite thing about MILC: Who Weekly and the coffee machine
If I weren't a librarian, I'd be: Anthony Callea

Nada Al Farhouk (Nicole Nabout)
Job Description: Librarian, Community Liaison Officer
Recommended Reading: Coping with Toxic Manager, Subordinates ... and other difficult people
Favourite thing about MILC: Frances's annual leave (Not kidding)
If I weren't a librarian, I'd be: a Gold Coast Meter Maid

Matthew Btynskov (Stephen Ballantyne)
Job Description: Writer in Residence. Unofficially
Recommended Reading: Nudity, Democracy and a Pound of Butter: an anthology of poems by Matthew Btynskov
Favourite thing about MILC: My rehearsed readings of The Canterbury Tales in middle English (Fingers crossed for a move from the carpark to the Community Room in '09).
If I weren't a librarian, I'd be: a full-time novelist

Neil Slider (Bob Franklin)
Job Description: Ex postman/ex-thief/future journalist
Recommended Reading: Dick Francis. Bloody genius
Favourite thing about MILC: Free newspapers, heating, cooling, internet, spicy fruit rolls and comfy couches. Other than that it's a hole
If I weren't a librarian, I'd be: in breach of my parole conditions

Adrian Green (Vince Colosimo)
Job Description: Head of the Australian Library Association
Recommended Reading: The Picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde
Favourite thing about MILC: The exit sign
If I weren't a librarian, I'd be: a hit man

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