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Case Study No. 0698: Librarian Hag

RPG Maker 2k3 Library - Episode 1 - Aptos Adventures - Part 4.wmv
The final part of the intro/dream. Nick and co. fight a mysterious old lady known as the Librarian Hag and we get a sneak peak at the premier of Aptos Adventures.

I forgot to mention, the song that plays before the boss fight is the boss theme from Plok. That game was the shit.

Here is the link to the game if you want to play it:
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[scene opens outside of Aptos High School after dark, as Nick and his friends have gathered in the parking lot]
COOPER: What are we here for again? It's like three in the morning.
NICK: You know what we're here for.
COOPER: No I don't ...
BRETT: You guys always fight! Calm down and listen, this is important.
NICK: What?
BRETT: We have a difficult task. We have to break into the library to return this book.
ETHAN: What's the book called?
[Brett says nothing]
ETHAN: Well!?
COOPER: Tell us!
NICK: Tell us!
BRETT: "How to Beat Aptos Adventures."
[they eventually make their way into the school library, and begin looking at the shelves]
NICK: Books about death and pain and sacrifice. Wow, scary.
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: Books about war.
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: Books about peace.
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: "Gunether's Adventures."
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: Here's a book that you can only get at the beginning of the game, but will be vital to completion later on. That's why I'm not taking it.
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: That's odd. There's nothing in this section.
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: Books about wheelchairs.
BRETT: Let me take a look!
NICK: Just kidding.
[he looks at another shelf]
NARRATOR: You found a switch! ... oh wait that was a book. Did you really expect it to be something else? How cliche.
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: Books about releasing a game on time. Ha!
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: Books about science. Borrrrrrrrrring.
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: Books about radical theories ... like the theory that Alex is really a clone of his sister.
ALEX: [from off camera] I heard that!
[he looks at another shelf]
NICK: This section is called "Alex's Sister Porno."
ALEX: Eh, that joke isn't funny any more guys.
[they turn and see the new student following them]
NICK: Alex? What are you doing here?
ALEX: Heh, a good question to ask ... for the simple likes of you! If you must know I'm here to pick up a few science fiction books *guheheha*
[cut to an unknown room inside the school, as a security guard is speaking to an elderly old woman]
WEIRD LIBRARIAN/GHOST THING: Send a replacement guard for corridor alpha pronto!
SECURITY GUARD: Yes, Miss Librarian Hag!


[Nick and his friends run into Crazy Nerd, who is standing near a locked door at the back of the library]
CRAZY NERD: I could have sworn there was a key to unlock that door around here somewhere ... Try checking the bookshelves.
[the player pushes a nearby bookshelf, as "Got Basement Key!" appears on screen]
CRAZY NERD: Good, now go unlock the door down there and take that guide back for godsake!
[the player tries to open the basement door, but "Wrong key! Go find the right one!" appears on screen]
CRAZY NERD: So the key won't work? How strange. Maybe it's for another door in this building, not necessarily the basement.
[the player searches some more in the library, then returns to Crazy Nerd]
CRAZY NERD: What? Why are you looking at me like that?
[Nick pushes Crazy Nerd out of the way, as "Found Real Basement Key!" appears on screen]
CRAZY NERD: Heh ... I wasn't hiding it from you! Honest!
[the player enters the basement, lighted by oil lamps and featuring a single bookshelf]
NICK: So this is the right shelf?
CONNOR: I still don't get why we had to come all this way to take the book back, I mean why can't they make it easy and have a return slot?
WEIRD LIBRARIAN/GHOST THING: [from off camera] Silence!!!!!
BRETT: What was that?
[the elderly old woman appears before them]
ETHAN: What are you!?!?
WEIRD LIBRARIAN/GHOST THING: For thousands of years I have been locked in this cell. But now you have set me free. You are now going to be rewarded. With a kiss!
ETHAN: I don't know if you know this, but ... I don't date guys. I don't play both sides of the field with the short shorts and the--
WEIRD LIBRARIAN/GHOST THING: Fine, have it your way. Sigh ... I guess I have to oppose you or something, so prepare!
NICK: It might be a good idea to look at the guide now ... but before we do will someone please tell me why the hell we're returning it?
WEIRD LIBRARIAN/GHOST THING: The game would be way too easy if I allow you to hold onto that guide! Now give Granny a kiss!
[cut to the battle screen, as the fight with "Librarian Hag" begins]
WEIRD LIBRARIAN/GHOST THING: Play fair now ... these old bones aren't what they used to be!
[Librarian Hag is eventually defeated, as the scene changes back to the basement, and she gives Nick a kiss before disappearing]
NICK: Brett, please do me a favor and rip my tongue out! Yuck! My mouth is going to permanently taste like prunes! Maybe we should hold onto that guide a while longer ...
ETHAN: About that, uh ... that hag took off with it!
NICK: Figures ... let's get outta here!
[he looks at the bookshelf]
NICK: This is the strategy guide section. I don't need any of these books. I've already beaten most of these games anyway.



Aptos Adventures is a console-style role playing game made by Nick McKay/Tobin Industries using RPG Maker 2003 for PC. It is loosely based on his high school and life.



History: I started working on this game way, way back in 2001. I had a bunch of projects and wanted to actually finish one. Since then I have worked on it on and off when I had time. In 2003 I switched to Rpg maker 2003. in 2006 I finished it, but there were bugs and the sidequests weren't finished. Now it's 2008 and I can't believe I've been working on this thing so long.

I don't think it's the best game ever made (that's AA2) but if you like games that don't take themselves too seriously then I think you'll like it. There aren't too many funny games out there anymore so I wanted to make a game that could be funny but still have good gameplay.

Story: The story is somewhat based on my life. Most of the characters were my friends from high school and it takes place in a fictionalized Aptos, California located in the greater Santa Cruz Archipelago. The year is 20XX, (okay, like 2003 if we're going by which of my classes are in the game)

Nick is an ordinary high school student about to start his first day of a new semester. Meanwhile his family is kidnapped by a vengeful teacher. What begins as a quest to rescue them unfolds into an EPIC BATTLE TO SAVE THE WORLD. Yeah, it's cliche, but what do you expect, I was like 16 when I started making this. Aptos Adventures 2 will have a way better story, instead it's an EPIC BATTLE TO SAVE THE UNIVERSE.

Nick- My alter ego and main character.
Weapon: Giant Pencil.
special: pencil attacks

Cooper- Nick's twin brother. He's 10 minutes older than Nick. Does that mean in 10 Minutes Nick will gain his knowledge? Nick and Coop can team up for specials

Brett- Friend of Nick and Coop. Searching for his lost brother riley.

Ethan-Friend of Nick and Coop. Searching for the lost kingdom of Jewjinia. (I'm being anti-antisemitic, not antisemitic, there's a difference)

Riley- Brett's long lost brother. Last scene in the Snowfalls region....

Tobin-A mysterious alien whose world has been enslaved by Welshbon and Goobindos. Not much is known about him other than he's a good guy

Satchel- Nick and Cooper's family dog. (Hidden character)

****** Non-playable ******

Crazy Nerd- Offers advice and items. Seems to know it's only a game...

Alex- Nerdy kid that sells items since there aren't too many towns. Think Toad in Mario RPG

Question Mark Guys- A mysterious race who speak like yoda. They wear black bodysuits to hide their true form. Friends of Tobin.

****** Evil ******

Cody- A slovenly creature, Cody's dungeon is not a place you want to enter...

Goobindos- Not much is known about Goobindos or his race. They seem to snort alot and like pink. Enslaved Tobin's world

Welshbon-Cooper's 10th grade physics teacher. Lives only to make his students fail. He takes revenge on cooper and captures him and his family

Game Features:
-Voice acting for cutscenes. Optional as it takes up alot of MB
-Action Battles, action minigames where you have to take down a boss or solve a puzzle
-8 chapters, the game is about 10 hours long, short but sweet. I hate games that have filler

Features in DX Edition:
-bug-free (is that a feature?
-More voice acting
-more cutscenes
-more story
-fleshed out sidequests
-alternate ending to unlock from newgame+
-Ultimate weapons to be found
-attacks for Tobin, Satchel, and Riley since they didn't have them before
-Better graphics in some places, I replaced the horribly drawn Brett Puppet with the better one from AA2
-and MUCH more!

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