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Case Study No. 0554: Daguerreo Librarian

Let's Play Final Fantasy IX Part 96 - Daguerreo
Sorry about the long wait. Lots of this going on, but now I am well and not so busy. Might not get to many videos up before Christmas though. I'll try. You guys really deserve more regular updates, you're such great people.

We visit an optional location. Lots of stuff to see.
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[Zidane Tribal and his party enter Daguerreo, where they speak with an old man sitting behind a desk on the second floor]
SYNTHESIS EXPERT: Welcome to Daguerreo, where knowledge and water come together! What do you need?
[the player selects "Exit", then speaks to a treasure hunter standing nearby]
FOUR ARMED MAN: You came here hoping to find some treasures, huh? I can tell from your eyes. I'm a treasure hunter myself, and a famous one, too. Just because I'm famous doesn't mean I'm gonna tell you my name. Almost all treasure hunters are assigned ranks. I, of course, have attained the highest rank. Let's see, your treasure hunter rank is ... Rank B. Not bad.
[Zidane speaks to someone reading a book]
SCHOLAR: Theories of the underground world often refer to the fact that Gaia has two moons. Some studies suggest that the orbital axes of the two moons are shifting.
[Zidane enters the next room on the second floor, and inspects a pile of books on the ground]
ZIDANE: Geez. There are all kinds of books here ... "Bell Echoes." "Beyond the Mist." "Mist Engine Illustrated." "The Eidolon and I." "Gaia." "Book of Magic."
[he speaks with a man standing nearby]
ENGINEER ZEBOLT: I came here to research a new source of power. Some of the systems here are rather complicated. The source of all this water is a mystery as well. Maybe it really is the work of the dragon god ...
[he walks up to a man and woman talking to each other]
YOUNG MAN: We're having a debate right now. In "I Want to Be Your Canary," why do you think Cornelia had to die?
SALES CLERK: That was the only way she could be united with Marcus ... in death.
YOUNG MAN: No! It was to prove that she loved Marcus just as much as she loved her father. What do you think?
[the player chooses "She died to be united with Marcus" instead of "She died to prove that she loved them both"]
SALES CLERK: That's right! See!
YOUNG MAN: We're having a debate right now about the importance of having nations.
SALES CLERK: I'm telling you, we don't need nations in this world. They're just a politician's tool.
YOUNG MAN: No! Nobody can live on his own. As social beings, we need to be organized under a single nation. What do you think?
[the player chooses "I don't think we need nations" instead of "We need nations, though your reason sucks"]
SALES CLERK: That's right! See!
YOUNG MAN: We're having a debate right now. Why do you think people spend so much time studying Gaia's moons?
SALES CLERK: Because it's in our nature to pursue the truth. They wanna know more about the moons. That's all.
YOUNG MAN: No! It's all about aesthetics. People are simply drawn by the beauty of the moons. That's why they're studying them. What do you think?
[the player chooses "They're studying to pursue the truth" instead of "They're studying because of aesthetics"]
SALES CLERK: That's right! See!
[the woman turns to Zidane]
SALES CLERK: Wow, looks like you and I are on the same page on many issues. I was gonna sell this, but you can have it.
["Received Meteor Card!" appears on screen]
SALES CLERK: No no no. That's just what's on the ... Hold on. Can I help you?
[the player selects "Exit", then walks up to a pedestal with a button on top of it]
["Press the button?" appears on screen, and the player selects "Yes", as the pedestal descends into the floor]
ZIDANE: It sounds like something just happened below.
[he walks up to an old man standing near a bookshelf]
SCHOLAR: I can't find "The Eidolon and I." I've looked everywhere.
ZIDANE: I saw that book over there.
SCHOLAR: Oh, really? Thank you.
[the scholar walks towards the pile of books, while Zidane speaks to another old man]
OLD MAN: A good book lasts forever. It will always be there, in your memories. I've asked to be buried with my favorite book.
[he speaks to a male librarian standing behind a desk]
LIBRARIAN: This is the reading room. In addition to tables and chairs, we also have hammocks for people who fall asleep while they are reading. Would you like to stay here for 100 Gil?
[the player selects "No", then heads for a secret hallway hidden behind the bookshelf]
ZIDANE: This ladder feels kinda damp ...
[the player chooses "Go down" instead of "Forget it", and descends to the first floor, where Zidane speaks with a woman standing in front of a bookshelf]
BOOKLOVER: I love books, especially the old ones. I appreciate everything about them - the authors, the publishers, the readers ...
[he speaks to a man standing in front of another bookshelf]
GUY DOING RESEARCH: I'm doing research on a legendary man. He had the power to restart people's lives ... Hey!!! That's the Namingway card! Let me see it! I won't take it or anything!
[the player selects "Yes"]
GUY DOING RESEARCH: Oh, yes!!! I'm stoked with imagination! I'm inspired to create! I have just mastered the Namingway Technique! Now let me rename one of you.
[the player selects "Cancel", then talks to another woman standing in front of another bookshelf]
BOOKWORM: Geez! So many books! What should I read first ... ?
[Zidane descends to the flooded basement, and speaks with a man standing in the middle of the room]
ADVENTURER: There's an old legend in this region about a dragon god and his divine protection. I think it may be true. I mean, look at this place. We're surrounded by mountains, in the middle of nowhere, and the water here never runs out. It has to be the work of the dragon god.
[Zidane enters another room in the basement, and speaks to a different man]
ADVENTURER: Daguerreo was built by some strange scientist. To get around this place, you'll have to use the lifts, which are powered by water pressure.
[he talks to a woman standing nearby]
ORACLE KILDEA: Zidane! My goodness! How wonderful to see you again!
ZIDANE: Hey! What are you doing here?
ORACLE KILDEA: After Cleyra was destroyed, I realized how isolated we all have been. So I decided to broaden my horizons and came here. It's wonderful here. I am constantly learning something new from these books. Someday, I hope to contribute to the restoration of Cleyra.
[he returns to the first room in the basement, and inspects a dragon statue]
ZIDANE: Let's see ... "Dragon god's blessing to the stone"??? So, I'm supposed to put a stone here? Stone ... Maybe some Ore might work.
[the player selects "20 Ore"]
ZIDANE: They transformed!
["Acquired 5 Aquamarine" appears on screen]



Daguerreo ("Dagereo" in Japanese) is a location in Final Fantasy IX. It is an indoor library of sorts near the Forgotten Continent. It can only be reached by airship (either Hilda Garde III or the Invincible). Some of the best weapons and armor in the game can be bought or synthesized here. However, before buying this equipment the player must fix the lift to the upper levels of the library. The lower levels of Daguerreo are flooded.

The theme that plays in Daguerreo is called "Daguerreo, the Hermit's Library".

To open the weapon shop the player must fix the lift to the library's upper levels. Below the Weaponsmith there are three levers and three platforms. To the right there is a staff leaning against the bookshelves.

1. Lower the left lever until the platform is level with the floor.
2. Examine the wall behind the lowered platform to find a hole.
3. Insert the staff into the hole.
4. Lower the right levers until the platform is at floor level.
5. Step on the platform and press X.

On the third floor's balcony, there is a stone that affects the altar at the entrance; after activating it, the statue in the first floor allows the player to turn Ore into Aquamarine, one for every four Ore.

The Capricorn Stellazzio coin is found on the right of the entrance in Daguerreo.

A Researcher in the middle level allows the player to rename any of the characters when the player shows him the Namingway card. To reach the middle level the player must examine the block next to the Medicine Shop to release an obstruction. The ladder to the middle floor is behind the scholar searching for a book. The book is at the stack of books on the right.

There are also two Elixirs on each side of the middle floor.

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