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Case Study No. 0526: Icarius

Avencast: Side Quest - Steal a Book for Gorlin
Gorlin is located north section of the Center Courtyard. He wants you to get a book The Black Sparkling Tiger for him from the library. Go to the Library at the south west Wing of the Great Halls. Avoid the librarian while searching to the book in all the shelves. The book is located randomly. Return to Gorlin after locating the book. You will gain 100 experience, Gorlins Magic Trading Scroll and Gorlin Rainbow R
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[the player enters the Center Courtyard of the Academy of Avencast, where he finds an old man standing behind a table]
GORLIN: Ah, a new face at my stand! I am Gorlin, young friend, and I have really great stuff to offer. Should you have the time to spare, you could even do me a favor. You'd get a special treat from me for it!
[the player selects "Hm ... and what would I have to do for that?"]
GORLIN: As I said, it's just a very small favor ... I want to read a book from the library, but the librarian always catches me. His name is Icarius and he is really strange. He does not like it when people want to read books because he thinks that it would damage them, so he always threw out poor Gorlin straightaway, before he could even find the right shelf!
[the player selects "So, which book are you talking about?"]
GORLIN: I can tell that you are interested. Oh yes, we will be doing good business together in the future! I do not remember exactly what the book is called, but it is about the Black Sparkling Tiger ... "Capture, Upkeep and Care of the Black Sparkling Tiger" or something like that. But don't get caught by Icarius, as I have already warned you. He does not like it when people take books out with them. And remember, I will give you a really great reward if you bring me that book!
[the player selects "In any case I will try to do it as soon as I have time. See you later!"]
["Quest received" appears on screen, and the player heads for the library, where he starts checking the bookshelves before the male librarian runs up to him]
ICARIUS: What are you doing here? This is my library! My books! You have no business here!
[the player selects "I wanted to talk to you ... "]
ICARIUS: Whatever you may want, I don't have time to bother with you! Get out of here!
[the player selects "I am going already ... ", then cut to the player being thrown bodily out of the library as the doors close behind him]
[the player re-enters the library, but is again caught by the librarian]
ICARIUS: You again? Don't let me catch you here again, or else you'll regret it!
[the player selects "But ... ", then cut to the player again being thrown bodily out of the library]
[the player re-enters the library, but this time sneaks around the bookshelves to avoid the librarian and finds a book on one of the shelves]
[the player selects "Pick up all", then "Quest updated" appears on screen]
[the player leaves the library and returns to Gorlin]
GORLIN: And have you found the nice book that Gorlin is looking for? That would be really wonderful, for then I could finally read it ... I have been looking for it for such a long time! But I am sure that I am putting my trust into the right chap.
[the player selects "Yes, I have brought you the book! But I recall that you mentioned a reward!", then "Quest completed" appears on screen]
GORLIN: Yes yes, of course I have not forgotten about that! You can trust good ol' Gorlin here! This is a truly great present! You can always summon my doppelganger if you want to do some trading while you are away. There is even a description, you can find it all in there!
[the player selects "Thank you, that sounds interesting indeed! See you later!", then checks the inventory to find that he has acquired "Gorlin's Rainbow Ring"]



"Avencast: Rise of the Mage" is a 2007 action role-playing game for Microsoft Windows developed by ClockStone Software and published by Lighthouse Interactive.

The game tells the story of a young male apprentice who was raised by an old mage and sent to the Academy of Avencast to finish his studies of the arts of magic. The player takes control of the character when he is about to undergo preparations for his final exam which is to be passed in the local Crystal Caves.

Upon return to the academy, a cut scene shows the hero being chased and the academy destroyed by hostile demons. He finally reaches a haven inside the academy, where a few other NPCs have barricaded themselves. This is the starting point for the main part of the story, where he will discover his ancestry and reveal the mastermind behind the invasion of the academy.



The game starts when a baby was found floating in the river bank, an old man picks him up and raises him as his own apprentice. After several years, he sends you to Avencast, where you'll study magic (like Hogwarts).

The game picks up when you were sent to Crystal Cave for your final exam. After finding your soul stone, you returns to the academy only to find it overrun by demons. With the help of the other mages, you manage to kill the demons and save the academy.

But then Meganteolis betrays and uses the portal of dimension to escape. You decides to follow him and enters the portal. You'll arrive in a strange floating piece of land, where you'll kill Magenteolis in a ruined fortress.

Then Gorlin tells you about your ancestry and that Magenteolis was your elder brother. Your ancestors tried to destroy Mrogath but Morgath was too strong, the battle ended and only you and Meganteolis survived.

After hearing about your ancestors, you decide to kill Morgath by yourself and goes to the large meeting hall of Kyranians, where Morgath is sleeping. After a fierce fight, you manages to kill Morgath and destroy his crystal heart.


Gorlin (Optional)
Gorlin will be in the centre courtyard, talk to him and he will ask you to bring him a book from the library. Go to the library and you'll get kicked out by the librarian. Enter the library for the second time and avoid the librarian while searching for the book, get the book and give it Gorlin to end the mission.

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