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Case Study No. 0549: Kansas State University Librarian

Preservation Faux Pas
Dos and don'ts of handling library materials.
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["Preservation Faux Pas" or, "Keep Our Books Clean Because Lady Chatterley Is Already Dirty Enough!" appears on screen, then cut to black and white "silent movie" footage of a male student reading a book in the library when he takes out a highlighter felt-tip pen and begins marking the page]
[cut to a female student reading in the library, drinking from a plastic cup when she tries to check her watch and ends up spilling it all over the book]
[cut to another male student reading in the library, when he takes a bit from his sandwich and ends up dripping its contents (jelly?) onto the book, so - after checking to make sure no one is looking - he licks it off the page]
[cut to another female student reading in the library, when she finds an interesting passage in the book she's reading and tears the whole page out]
NARRATOR: Oh lord, no!
[cut to a book on the floor in the library, when someone "walks" a toy dog into the scene and it "relieves" itself all over its pages]
NARRATOR: Are you kidding me? No!!!
[cut to another female student in the library, scratching her head in confusion]
STUDENT: So how can I help preserve books and other library materials?
[cut to the same female student sitting in the library, when she takes her highlighter and puts it in her pocket]
NARRATOR: Don't mark in books with pens or highlighters.
[cut to the student at the bubbler, filling her plastic bottle with water, before turning the cap shut tightly]
NARRATOR: Use spillproof containers with liquids.
[cut to the student eating some candy, when she sets it aside and (after wiping her mouth with a cloth napkin) pulls up the book she was reading]
NARRATOR: Keep potential messes away from books.
[cut to the student reading in the library, when she turns the page in her book and accidentally rips it]
[cut to the student sheepishly presenting the book to a male librarian sitting at the front desk]
NARRATOR: Accidents do happen! But don't worry ... We have talented preservationists here at the library who can repair damaged materials.
[cut to the student looking at the camera and giving two thumbs up]
STUDENT: Thanks preservation!

Une Film de Daniel Ireton

Ben Hedges
Allison Seyer
Jacob Fisher
Marlo Adcock
Erin Grotheer

Special Thanks to Circulation Unit Staff and Students
And a Very Special Thanks to Felisa Osborn ... For the Use of Her Dog




So, there are two million books in the Libraries, and we can only keep them all in good shape with your help. How can you help? A good first step would be to enjoy this video created by local film auteur Dan Ireton and starring your favorite students from the Circulation Desk.

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