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Case Study No. 0533: Librarian Brisketta

Bincho Field - Librarian Brisketta
Librarian Brisketta


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[Musashi is exploring one of the temples underneath the village restaurant, when he finds a stereotypical female librarian (glasses, hair in a bun, plain-looking black dress) trapped in a Bincho Field and releases her]
LIBRARIAN BRISKETTA: Oh ... I have been saved? Th-Thank you very much. I am the castle librarian. Please come by and read some books, if you'd like. G-Goodbye.
[she teleports away, as "Musashi absorbed the power from the Bincho Field!!!! Max BP increased by 5!" appears on screen]



"Brave Fencer Musashi" is an action role-playing game developed and published by Square (now Square Enix) in 1998 for the Sony PlayStation. The game involves real-time combat in a 3D environment, and features voice overs for most dialogue. Brave Fencer Musashi was scored by Tsuyoshi Sekito, a former Konami employee. Characters were illustrated by Tetsuya Nomura but were designed by Koji Matsuoka (a common misconception is the former being responsible for both).

The player controls Musashi, who fights a variety of enemies using his swords Fusion and Lumina to save the kingdom from various threats, and who searches for five scrolls which will increase Lumina's strength and grant him new abilities. The game also features an in-game clock and day-night system that affects the townsfolk and some of the creatures in the field (namely, the Minku - creatures from whom Musashi can obtain berries to increase his overall health stat), as well as forcing the player to pay attention to Musashi's fatigue rating that goes up over time with lack of sleep, which as the name implies will have a deteriorating effect on his combative ability.

A boy known as Musashi, reincarnated from the legendary Brave Fencer Musashi who saved the Allucaneet Kingdom from a monster called the Wizard of Darkness 150 years before, is summoned to the Allucaneet by its Princess - named Fillet - to save it from the invading Thirstquencher Empire. Despite being a young boy, Musashi is given the blade Fusion, and charged with the task of obtaining Brave Fencer Musashi's sword - Lumina, the Sword of Luminescence - before the Thirstquencher Army does. Although Musashi has no intention in saving the kingdom, he agrees to do so in order to return to his homeland. After Musashi recovers Lumina, he finds that most of the people from the Allucaneet, including Fillet, have been kidnapped by the Thirstquencher Empire. In order to rescue all the residents from Allucaneet and defeat the Empire, Musashi starts searching for the Five Scrolls, items representing the elements able to highly expand Lumina's powers and then defeating the Crest Guardians who protect the Scroll's crests which are able to expand Lumina's powers. After collecting the Five Scrolls and freeing the first four crests, Musashi discovers Thirstquencher's base, a floating ship known as the Soda Fountain. Musashi attacks the base and defeats the Sky Guardian. Thirstquencher's leader, Flatski, forces Musashi to give him Lumina in exchange of the Princess, and frees the Sky Crest. However, this unleashes the Wizard of Darkness, who was in fact sealed within Lumina. Musashi recovers Lumina and defeats him. After returning the Princess to Allucaneet Kingdom, Musashi returns Lumina to the place where he found it.



CHAPTER 2: A New Journey

Musashi awakens a short time later in the Allucaneet Palace. At first, he doesn't remember where he is or even why he's here, for that matter! Steward Ribson and Butler Livers then enter, and tell Musashi that they found him asleep on a hill after defeating the Steam Knight. Suddenly, Musashi remembers the kidnapped princess, and starts to rush off. He is quickly stopped by Ribson, who says that Seer Bevealy may know where the princess is, but that she too is missing. She was also kidnapped by Thirstquencher, as well as 34 other people from Allucaneet Kingdom! They have been sealed in "Bincho Fields", which are small green crystals, and scattered all over the world. After Ribson and Livers finish explaining this, Musashi is given a list of all the missing people, as well as a magic watch that detects Bincho Fields; when you're near one, the two 'eyes' at the bottom of the screen will flash -- the faster they are flashing, the closer you are to a bincho field. Finally, you are told of 5 scrolls which can boost Lumina's power: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, and Sky. One you find and liberate these scrolls, Lumina will gain tremendous power, and that once he finds them, Musashi may be able to return to his own world. After all the talk, Butler Livers basically forces you to go to the library to study up on various subjects. Just as you start to leave, the two tell you that you should go down to Grillin' Village at the base of the mountain. You have a long journey ahead of you, so this village will make the perfect home base for you! Oh yes, this is now your room, so feel free to use it as you please.

You'll now be in the library, where the ...uhh...odd... Scribe Shanky is waiting for you. He offers to read you the books, so have him read whatever strikes your interest, but he is unable to read the last two books...for now. Once you've had your fill, start to leave and Shanky will tell you that since the gondola is out, there is no way to get to the village... or is there? He suggests that you use your two swords to slide down the gondola rope. Since there's no other way down, Musashi decides to give this a try!


CHAPTER 3: Mission Vambee

Back in the village, the music has changed (not that this matters), but Musashi senses that something is horribly wrong... Go into town and you'll find Mayor Govern and Hotelo, the Innkeeper standing outside Hilda's grocery. It seems that Hilda locked her son Tim out of the house the night before to teach him a lesson, but he was bitten by a half-vampire, half-zombie creature called a Vambee, and is now very sick... They could probably sure him if they made the legendary "Remedy", but it requires that you mix both Misteria and Aqualin. Mayor Govern sends Hotelo to Twinpeak Mountain to find the Aqualin, and asks Musashi to get the Misteria, which is a magical flower that grows in the Mine. (You may have seen the mine entrance before; it's east of the restaurant, but it's always been locked.) Wid, the old man who lives in the windmill has the key to the mine, but he's always sleeping...

When you regain control, and before visiting old man Wid, head for Steamwood Forest and return to the place where you may have seen an Earth Crest earlier (it's near where you rescued Musician Pianissimeat from a Bincho Field). Stand on the Crest and use the Earth Scroll -- a part of the cliff will fall back, allowing you to climb the cliffside and catch another Minku. You'll also find the Wind Crest up here, but you're a long way from being able to use it...

Anyway, back in town, pay a visit to Wid at night and he'll give you the key and a valuable bit of information. Misteria is found in the mine's underground river, and it ONLY blooms between the hours of 3:00 AM and 7:00 AM.


After learning the two techs, climb up Twinpeak mountain until you find Hotelo in the second cave. He tells you that he failed to get Aqualin, and asks you to go after it. Unfortunatly, there are only 12 more hours before Tim becomes a Vambee! You must hurry! A timer for 12 minutes now appears in the corner of the screen, so you must hustle to the top of the mountain. There is a wall that you can climb just before the two moving platforms, which will save you some time. Quickly run to the left and climb up to the bridge where Jon was earlier. He's gone and you can now cross. If you didn't already do so, use the Earth Scroll to knock the boulder down, then jump on it and swing across the gap using the poles. On the ledge, climb up the pole and examine the lake to get the Aqualin (You can get Aqualin here from now on; it restores a bit of HP and cures poison.) Now quickly make your way back to the cave where Hotelo is -- he'll take the Aqualin back to the village. Now you should also return to the village where one of two scenes will occur, depending on whether or not you ran out of time on the mountain.

- If you ran out of time... Mayor Govern will meet you at the entrance of town, and inform you that you were too late, and that Tim has become a Vambee. Musashi tells the old man to try the remedy anyway, even though the mayor says that it probably won't work... Looks like the only possible way to save Tim is to get rid of these ghouls at the source... Back in the village, Hilda, who is in shock after having her son turned into a monster, will close her shop until after you rid the town of the Vambees, and Motelo (Hotelo's twin brother) will run the inn for the rest of the game. (Though I don't believe this makes any real difference.)

- If you didn't run out of time, you'll be greeted at the town gate by Tim, who has fully recovered, although he doesn't seem too grateful to you. Oh well... Visit the grocery and you'll find Hilda, Hotelo, and Mayor Govern there. They'll thank you repeatedly, then Hilda will reward you with an Orange, which you can take back to Clown Weinee at the castle to learn a neat (and useful) trick. The shop will remain opened and will from now on be selling oranges. Hotelo will also return to the inn.

Either way, the game becomes rather vague here. Go to the bakery and talk to Jam, the girl behind the counter. She'll say that her father goes to the restaurant every night for dinner, but the owner of the restaurant has dissappeared. She wants to use this as an opportunity to get her father to eat dinner at home with her, and asks you if you'll talk to him. Jam says that her father goes to the restaurant every night at 6:00 PM, which is when you'll find him there. When you meet Jam's father, Mr Towst, you'll discover that he's a pretty pathetic excuse for a human. He doesn't seem to care much about his daughter, and is angry that the restaurant is closed because the owner dissappeared. When Musashi asks what happened to the waitress and the other customers, Mr. Towst says that they're probably at the inn. Before leavign, Musashi tells the old baker that his daughter wants him to eat dinner at home with her once and a while. He agrees to this idea and leaves. At night, pay a visit to the inn and choose to talk to the two people there. Wanda will tell you that the restaurant owner always does something suspicious behind the counter, and that he's probably hiding something, and Macho says that he saw a monster come out of an opening in the restaurant -- also behind the counter.

Since the restaurant seems like the obvious home base of the Vambees, you'd might as well take a look. Kill some time until midnight, then wait for a Vambee to come out of the restaurant, and sneak in while the door is open. Musashi will indeed find a small passage behind the counter, as the patrons said there was. It leads to a strange temple-like basement, where you'll find Mannick, the restaurant owner. Mannick claims that he came here to get rid of the ghouls, and leads you to a door with four stone eyes. He says that the leader of the vambees is behind it, and asks you to find a way to open it... In the basement room, there are four doors, each leading to a mini-area, a big door blocked by a pit that you can't reach yet, a cracked wall, and a Memory Box. There's no particular order in which to do them, but you'll have to complete all four mini-areas. They don't have names, but since they're all basically color themed, I'll refer to them as the "Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow" temples.


---Yellow Temple---
Treasures: Small Heart x2, Small Crystal
Chests: OldPipe
Bincho Fields: 2

This is what I'd call the second hardest of the four temples, due to it's tricky jumps and bottomless pits. Walk across the upper ledge and jump across the moving platforms to the other side and enter the next room. This room is exactly the same as the last one, except the blocks move differently and you can find Librarian Brisketta in a Bincho Field in the upper left corner of the room. The next room is a long chain of spinning platforms, where you'll be bombarded by pesky Sphere Bats. Assimilate a Vambee to absorb B.O., which will keep them away for a short time. The spinning blocks in the following room move at such an angle that they're tough to jump to; wait until a corner of the block passes close to you before jumping. On the other side, you'll find two turnstyle spiked walls. They're easy enough to avoid by standing close to them and waiting for them to spin around. Pass them, then jump across the two spinning blocks and enter the door on the other side.


Now that you've completed all four temples, return to the big door where Mannick was standing. You'll see that he's mysteriously vanished... Walk up to the door and it will open, only to reveal, not the Vambee leader, but rather Mannick himself standing over treasure chest! Yes, he used you... you did all that work completing the temples so this greedy pirate can claim one lousy treasure! Excitedly, Mannick opens the box, only to find that the treasure he released the vambees for was nothing more than an ugly old beat up belt! After a serious flaming from Musashi, Mannick reluctantly gives you the UglyBelt and heads off to the inn...

Back in the village, take the belt you just received to Conners and have it appraised... It turns out to be Legendary Armor L-Belt! This valuable piece of armor allows you to perform a double jump by jumping once, then pressing the jump button again in mid-air. This can be used to jump high obstacles or long gaps. It will be essential in some areas, and just plain useful in others.


- Librarian -
Name: Librarian Brisketta
Where Found: Restaurant Basement: [Yellow Temple]
Effect: Translates the previously unreadable "The Empire", and "Let's Play Shogi!" books in the castle library, so you can read them.



Name:Libarian Brisketta
Place:Restaurant Basement
Location:In the second room of the fire maze.
About:Translates text for Scribe Shanky to read to you in the library.


Mercenary Potrowst reads his coded message to you:"Mercenary Forest-4 way path-Gold, Knight, Knight, Knight, Bishop"

He suggests you read more about the Shogi in the library to find out what the clue means.You can now ask Scrible Shanky after you have saved Libararian Brisketta in the restaurant basement. It refers to certain movements like a chess.

What is Shogi?

Shogi is a favourite pastime of this realm, similar to chess. Each player has one King,Rock,and Bishop,two each of Gold,silver,knight,Lance and nine pawns for a total of 20 pieces.each player uses strategic methods to outwit his opponent in order to win the game.

The Gold:It can move one space in any direction,except diagonally.
The Knight:It can move two spaces up and one space right or left.
The Lance:Can be moved any number of spaces up.

All right,i have type everything that you will read about shogi in the library.You may like to go to the library and look for a clue first before attempting to read the directions below to the thieves'hideout.It could really be a spoiler and the clue now really makes no existence if you already know the directions.It's pretty challenging.For those lazybums,i have saved you quite a lot of time by giving you the directions.Can you really figure out the clue yourself?The fun of gaming lies in your own exploration and discovering new things on your own.It's up to you to decide.

Just follow this when you reached the meandering forest.You reach a wooden sign.From there on,follow the directions below.And remember to save before you go.It will be tough later on.

1)Go left path and you will see a huge rock.
2)Go to the upper path two times
3)You will see two rocks,one big at the top and smaller one on the right.Take the right path by the smaller rock.
4)There should be four trees.Go to the upper path two times.
5)it will start to snow.Then take the right path.
6)there will be a huge rock and a tree.Go to the upper path two more times.
7)Then take the left path.
8)You should see a huge rock and a tree which looks exactly like the previous one.Go to the upper path four more times.

Congradulations for those who has been figuring out how to pass the forest. You should now reached the frozen palace.Enter it.

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