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Case Study No. 0542: Colin Wexler, Eddie, and Library Manager

Just for kicks, I thought I'd post my student film, "Spellbind". The film was produced in 1985 at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts film program. The film stars Lou Brockway, Deborah Leyner, and Ron Brice. For many years I've been trying to launch a TV series called "The Adventures Of Colin Wexler", based on the lead character from the film. Some variation of this character appears in most of my movies and scripts now.

This film was produced MANY years before the TV movie "The Librarian" starring Noah Wylie. I have no idea if the creators of that film ever saw this, but the similarities are striking.
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New York University presents
a Thunder & Lightning Ltd. production
a Thunder Levin film

[scene opens in a darkened hallway, as an unseen woman screams and a reptilian hand reaches in from off camera and tears at a black cloth]
[cut to outside the "Mid Manhattan Library"]
COLIN: [from off camera] I'm sure that's in the card catalog. Could you let me see the call number again, please? Okay, now lemmee check that for you.
[cut to inside the library, as a male librarian (his face out of camera range) opens a drawer in the catalog and flips through some cards]
COLIN: Hmmm ...
[he pulls one card out]
COLIN: Aha! I thought as much ... Here's a misprint. Try OB stack under--
[he pulls a pencil out from behind his ear (his face still obscured) and writes something down in a notepad]
COLIN: Wait, lemmee write this down for you.
[he takes the piece of paper, hands it to an unseen patron, then puts the pencil in his pocket]
[cut to a young female patron approaching the librarian]
FEMALE PATRON 1: You think you could help me?
[the librarian (his face still out of camera range) takes the pencil back out of his pocket]
FEMALE PATRON 1: "Studies in Semiotics and Dyslexia" ...
COLIN: TR Twenty Seven Fifty Four ...
[he writes it down and hands her the piece of paper]
COLIN: Downstairs.
[she takes it and leaves, then a young male patron leans in over the card catalog]
MALE PATRON 1: Excuse me ... "I Hate Sand?"
COLIN: By Herbert?
COLIN: Third floor. AB Ninety Seven Sixty Seven ... Point Two!
MALE PATRON 1: Thank you!
[he leaves, then a nerdy-looking male patron approaches]
MALE PATRON 2: Librarian!
[Colin turns (his face still out of camera range)]
MALE PATRON 2: I've been looking everywhere. I doubt if you'll even know what I'm talking about, but I've gotta try.
[he takes the pencil out from behind his ear again]
COLIN: What're you looking for?
MALE PATRON 2: "The Role of Aborigine Priests in Predicting Sunspots and Tidal Waves" ...
COLIN: Mainland or island tribes?
[the patron looks surprised, so the librarian chuckles and begins writing down in his notepad]
COLIN: Take both ... DV Fifty Nine Twenty One Point Oh Two Four and Oh Two Five.
[cut to a young woman standing near the card catalog and staring at the librarian, then back to the patron as he scrunches his nose and takes the paper]
MALE PATRON 2: Thanks ...
[he leaves, then the librarian turns to (finally) reveal his face, as he puts the pencil between his teeth as triumphant music plays in the background]
[cut to another male patron talking to an young African American male librarian at the returns desk]
MALE PATRON 3: I-I know it's late, but I had this doctor's appointment ...
[the librarian closes the book and gives him a condescending look]
EDDIE: So you were sick?
MALE PATRON 3: Well, I had this problem--
[the librarian slowly gets out of his chair]
EDDIE: Y'know, it's people like you who ruin our nice little system!
MALE PATRON 3: Well, I ... I had to go to the hospital--
EDDIE: Criminals, just like you, who don't care enough to bring their books in on time!
MALE PATRON 3: Well, I had this kidney transplant, and I was in the hospital for a week--
[the librarian sighs and slumps back into his chair, then looks over at the female librarian sitting next to him (who just shakes her head and smiles)]
MALE PATRON 3: And there were just tubes in me, and I ... I couldn't--
[cut to an older male librarian (smoking a pipe) who is watching the proceedings, then back to the stuttering patron]
MALE PATRON 3: I couldn't ... I just couldn't turn it in, and--
EDDIE: Now how much money you got?
[the patron reaches into his pocket, but the librarian just waves him away]
EDDIE: Get outta here!
[the patron leaves, as the older librarian approaches]
LIBRARY MANAGER: Eddie, why isn't Colin at the desk?
EDDIE: Got me.
LIBRARY MANAGER: Why don't you go over there and help those people out til he gets back?
[cut to a shot of a long line forming at the front desk (as ominous music plays), while Eddie shakes his head]
EDDIE: Oh no, oh no, this is not my life! This is only a part-time job!
LIBRARY MANAGER: Might not be for long ...
EDDIE: Fine, fine ...
[he turns and leaves, then cut to Eddie sitting at the front desk as another male patron approaches]
MALE PATRON 4: "Maru Civilization and Architecture?"
[he looks around nervously]
EDDIE: That's a very good question, now if you could wait just a moment until ...
[he starts typing on the computer, when Colin enters the scene]
COLIN: Good morning professor, I checked it for you. Uh, the BS stack. SQ Three Seventy Three Two. Fourth floor.
[he leaves, and a young female patron approaches]
FEMALE PATRON 2: I can't find the transcripts on the McLothian speeches, there's no listing.
[Eddie begins frantically typing]
COLIN: They've been transferred to the third floor. Try FF Three Five--
EDDIE: Three!
COLIN: Five One Nine.
[Eddie again tries to casually repeat the numbers (as if he knew them the whole time)]
EDDIE: Five One Nine ...
[the young woman leaves, and another male patron approaches]
MALE PATRON 5: "Trilogy of the Archbishops?"
COLIN: First edition, RF Two Sixty Three Fifty Four ... Reference.
[as the patron leaves, Eddie shoots Colin a dirty look]
EDDIE: Did someone write those down for you or what?
[he sighs and sits down]
COLIN: Laura asked me to a movie tonight.
EDDIE: I know.
COLIN: Did you arrange that?
EDDIE: Well, you know she likes you, so I asked her to ask you out!
[he shakes his head and slams his pencil down on the desk]
COLIN: God, how many times do we go through this?
EDDIE: Don't be so uptight!
COLIN: I'm not uptight!
EDDIE: Listen Colin, you've got it all wrong ... You better get all your lovin' now, because soon - before you know it - you're gonna grow old, and you're gonna die!
COLIN: I assure you, that's the last thing I intend to do.
[another nerdy-looking male patron approaches the desk]
MALE PATRON 6: Excuse me ... Uh, do you know where I could find "The Joy of Sex?"
[Colin shakes his head, and Eddie smiles]
EDDIE: I do!
[Colin turns his head away, and the patron simply shrugs and slowly walks away]
[cut to an exterior shot of "The New York Public Library" at night, as Eddie is pushing a bookcart through the stacks while nervously humming to himself]
EDDIE: Okay, big favor!
[he turns the corner, where Colin is reshelving some books]
EDDIE: Don't disappear like that! You know I hate working alone ... It's freaky in here!
[Colin chuckles to himself]
EDDIE: Dark, too ...
COLIN: You know, it really amazes me how you can terrorize so many people during the day, and still be afraid of the dark.
EDDIE: Well, I'm not too happy about it myself, y'know!
[Colin laughs]
COLIN: It's only books, Eddie ...
[Eddie looks around nervously]
EDDIE: Yeah, books.
COLIN: Yeah, and all these are fifth floor, too.
[he picks up a stack of books and smiles at Eddie]
COLIN: Back in a minute.
[he walks off camera]
EDDIE: [quietly] Promise?
[cut to Colin shelving books by himself, when the same woman who was staring at him earlier suddenly appears behind him]
CHRISTABEL: Excuse me.
[he nearly drops the books in surprise]
COLIN: Uh, how did ... how did you get in here? We're closed.
CHRISTABEL: I'm looking for a book ... Can you help me?
COLIN: L-Library hours are eight-thirty to six ... You'll have to come back tomorrow.
[he tries to continue shelving books, but is still obviously flustered]
CHRISTABEL: Suppose I was wrong ...
COLIN: Uh, yes. Yes you were.
CHRISTABEL: About you.
CHRISTABEL: When I saw you this morning, I thought you could help. I thought you were smart.
[she starts to run her finger seductively over the books spines, but Colin grabs her by the wrist]
COLIN: I'm calling security.
[he turns to leave, then turns back and finds that the woman has disappeared ... until she re-appears behind him]
CHRISTABEL: You don't have a very good selection ... Do you?
[he crosses his arms and leans against the bookshelf]
COLIN: Okay. Let's just say I find what you wanted. Then you'll explain how you got in here, right?
[she shrugs]
[he stares at her]
CHRISTABEL: Demonology.
COLIN: You're in the wrong section.
[he turns and leads her to another bookshelf, then grabs a book]
COLIN: Malo--
[he turns and nearly runs into her because she's gotten so close]
COLIN: "Malorum Magicka."
COLIN: No, Gotemburg.
[she shakes her head]
CHRISTABEL: Too general.
[he puts it back, then points to another book]
COLIN: Ah ... "Demonum Alestidae".
CHRISTABEL: Too specific.
[he gives her an annoyed look, then keeps searching]
COLIN: Alright, how about "Nambroth the Enslaver?"
CHRISTABEL: I took that out this morning.
COLIN: Look, what exactly is it you wanna know about demons?
CHRISTABEL: [pause] Naming them.
COLIN: Have any as pets?
[she smiles]
CHRISTABEL: Not exactly.
[he continues looking through the shelf]
COLIN: Uh ... "Quatro Inerto Mallum."
CHRISTABEL: The twelve volume set?
COLIN: Mm hmm.
CHRISTABEL: I've tried that.
COLIN: Yes, but there's an appendix.
[she gives a hopeful look, as Colin searches for the book]
COLIN: But ... it's missing.
[he scratches his head]
COLIN: Now, I could find it for you, if you'd just explain to me how you got in here!
CHRISTABEL: That's simple ...
[she moves in close]
CHRISTABEL: [whispers] I'm a witch.
[she goes in for a kiss, but pulls back before their lips touch (as Colin closes his eyes in anticipation)]
EDDIE: [from off camera] Good news!
[Colin, startled, turns to find Eddie walking towards him with a stack of books]
EDDIE: All these are fifth floor, too.
[he turns back around, only to find that the woman has disappeared]
COLIN: Hold it!
[he looks around, trying to find her]
COLIN: Did ... Did you see anyone?
[Eddie looks around nervously, then gets a suspicious look on his face]
EDDIE: Are you trying to scare me?
[a clap of thunder can be heard outside, as Colin looks at the stack of books and grabs a thick red one with "Appendix" written on the spine]
COLIN: That's it! It's here!
[an even louder clap of thunder can be heard, as Eddie looks around nervously]
[cut to the woman entering a darkened apartment, when she stops and smiles]
CHRISTABEL: How did you find me?
[Colin appears from out of the shadows next to the door]
COLIN: The book you took out this morning. It's on the computer. Miss Christabel Sabin, am I right?
CHRISTABEL: Why are you staring at me?
COLIN: Because you're not wet.
[she playfully holds up an umbrella, as Colin smiles at himself for actually believing that she might have used magical powers to "dance between the raindrops"]
CHRISTABEL: Why don't you come in? Dry up.
[cut to Christabel opening a door to another room, as Colin follows]
CHRISTABEL: I'm sorry you had to wait. I've been out looking all night.
[he slowly looks around at all of the burning candles and other occult paraphernalia in the room]
CHRISTABEL: But I couldn't find that appendix in any of the other libraries, either.
[she stops and stares at him]
CHRISTABEL: Why did you come?
COLIN: Well, I feel like you owe me some answers.
CHRISTABEL: Oh really? Why's that?
[he reaches into his coat and pulls out the appendix]
COLIN: I have your book ... I checked with security, Miss Sabin. No one came in or left the library tonight.
[she turns away]
COLIN: Assuming they're not lying to me, and assuming you didn't just pop in out of thin air, and you didn't fly through the window ... then how did you get in?
[she enters another room and crouches down to pet a cat]
CHRISTABEL: I thought I told you.
COLIN: In case you didn't know, Miss Sabin, breaking and entering is illegal. So you'll have to do better than that.
CHRISTABEL: And you're much too educated to be fooled so easily ...
COLIN: That's right.
[she picks up the cat and begins walking back towards Colin ... only her appearance suddenly changes (her curly red hair becomes long and black, and the orange tabby turns into a black cat)]
COLIN: Your hair ... How did you--
[she smiles at him]
COLIN: Oh my god ...
CHRISTABEL: Now Mister Wexler, I've explained as much as I can ... May I have the book?
[she takes the book from him]
COLIN: You are a witch!
CHRISTABEL: That doesn't scare you, does it?
[he slowly backs away, then tries to run out the door ... except it slams shut by itself]
COLIN: I take it it's locked.
CHRISTABEL: Tight ... Now, I need your help.
COLIN: My help?! You don't need my help!
CHRISTABEL: But I do! Y'see, I'm a novice, and that's caused some problems.
COLIN: Problems?
[she lifts her skirt to reveal deep gashes on her leg (claw marks from the reptilian hand that ripped her black skirt in the opening?)]
COLIN: How did that happen?
CHRISTABEL: Don't you see? That's why I needed the book!
[he sits down]
COLIN: Demons!
CHRISTABEL: Demon ... There's only one, and that was an accident.
[he gives her a confused look, as she opens the book and begins reading]
CHRISTABEL: There are so many names here, it could be any of these!
COLIN: "A demon released through the gate arcana, and according to ritual, can only be banished by the finding of its true name" ...
CHRISTABEL: You know the words better than I do ...
COLIN: I've read them.
CHRISTABEL: That's why I chose you! You can help me find its name before it becomes too strong ... Please, I've already waited too long! It's trying to kill me!
[the phone rings]
CHRISTABEL: It's for you.
COLIN: What?
CHRISTABEL: You told someone you were here.
COLIN: Oh ... Eddie, a friend.
[he picks up the phone]
COLIN: Eddie?
EDDIE: [over the phone] How did you know it was ... never mind!
[cut back to the library, as Eddie is hiding under a desk]
EDDIE: Well look, thank you for leaving me down here by myself!
COLIN: [over the phone] Why, what's wrong?
EDDIE: Well, some very scary stuff is going on down here!
COLIN: [over the phone] And you're still there?
[Eddie gasps at something off camera]
COLIN: [over the phone] Eddie? Eddie? Eddie, are you still there? Eddie, what's happening? Eddie?!
[Eddie looks on terrified at something off camera, then the camera pans over to reveal it's an old man (with green reptilian hands) bathed in a red light and clawing pages out of a book, then dropping them on the floor as they burst into flames]
COLIN: [over the phone] Eddie!
EDDIE: [calmly] You're not gonna believe what just happened ...
[cut back to Colin in Christabel's apartment]
COLIN: Alright, Eddie ... Go home. I'll call you there later.
[he hangs up, then loosens his tie]
COLIN: Your--
[he turns to see that Christabel (now reverted back to her original form) is sitting on the floor]
COLIN: Your demon can change form.
CHRISTABEL: It is at the library?
COLIN: It destroyed one of our books!
CHRISTABEL: It's name must be in that book! If we find it, we can send it back to hell! Colin, it will do anything to get what it wants!
COLIN: Maybe ... but not in my library!
[she smiles]
CHRISTABEL: Where do we go now?
[he takes off his glasses]
COLIN: There's an occult bookstore near my house. I think we can find a copy there, but we'll have to move fast!
[he turns to leave]
CHRISTABEL: Wait ... I think there's something I should show you first.
[she opens a nearby door, as a bright light emanates from inside, then cut to the interior of the room (with a fire burning in the middle of the floor and a chair floating in mid-air)]
COLIN: This is where the demon broke through ...
CHRISTABEL: I was trying to conjure up a friend for my cat, and things got a little out of hand.
COLIN: Well, I'm gonna need a lot more books!
[cut to a taxicab pulling up in front of the "Magickal Childe" bookstore, as Colin and Christabel get out ... he tries to open the door, but it's locked, so she waves her hand and it opens by itself]
COLIN: This is really illegal ...
CHRISTABEL: I hope we didn't set off any alarms.
CHRISTABEL: I don't know how to stop policemen.
COLIN: Oh, that's comforting.
[he looks at a piece of paper]
COLIN: I was right ... "The Enchanter's Chronicles" is on this list!
CHRISTABEL: I always thought that was pure fiction!
COLIN: Maybe ...
[he turns and sees that she's put on a cheap Halloween-style witch's hat]
COLIN: Now isn't that a bit cliche?
[he takes it off her head, and she smiles coyly]
[she turns and starts looking through some jars on display, as he wanders off]
COLIN: It should be here somewhere ...
CHRISTABEL: This place is great! I could never find this stuff at the supermarket!
COLIN: [from off camera] Maybe if you'd known about this place sooner, none of this would've happened.
[cut to Colin kneeling in front of a bookshelf and leafing through one of the books]
COLIN: "Brendlesage the Demons' Bane" ... I think this makes sense!
CHRISTABEL: Who was he?
COLIN: A very powerful wizard ... A real demon killer, you'd like him!
[she comes over and kneels next to him]
COLIN: Here, listen ... "Into the abyss, the Demons' Bane sent spirit unto flesh of ridden corpse, revealing truth by its fatal flaw encased in human root. For no complete change could this demon hold, unlike the true changers as older wizards told."
CHRISTABEL: That's terrible poetry ...
COLIN: Yes, but this is your demon!
CHRISTABEL: It's pure fiction!
COLIN: Well, obviously not ... From what I read, form-changers only make complete changes.
[she stares at him blankly]
COLIN: Eddie said whatever approached him at the library had a huge claw instead of a hand ... He couldn't make a complete change. Something of its true nature showed through.
CHRISTABEL: Well, is there a name?
[he quickly leafs through the book, then shakes his head]
COLIN: The hardcover. See if the hardcover's on the list, this is abridged.
[he hands her the piece of paper, then gets up to look through the other shelves]
COLIN: [from off camera] It's not here.
CHRISTABEL: It's not on this list.
[cut to Colin staring at the bookshelf]
COLIN: Maybe we should try another store ...
EDDIE: [from off camera] Maybe you should!
COLIN: Eddie?
[he smiles and looks for his friend, but the camera pans over to show that the demon has taken Eddie's form (save for the fact that the left side of his face is horribly disfigured), as it knocks Colin down to the ground]
EDDIE: [growling] Stay out of this, little man!
COLIN: Go to hell!
EDDIE: [growling] You'll have to find my name first ...
COLIN: I'll find it, don't worry!
EDDIE: [growling] No, you won't!
[it lifts its good hand, as Colin "levitates" towards him and gets put in a chokehold]
CHRISTABEL: [from off camera] Put him down!
[it looks up, then cut to Christabel (back in her black outfit) as she raises her hand and produces a circle of white light]
[cut back to the demon, as it lets go of Colin and begins staggering backwards]
EDDIE: [growling] It's only a matter of time, little witch, before I'm strong enough ... Before you die!
[it disappears, as she checks on Colin]
COLIN: Christa, you all right?
[she suddenly faints, and falls into his arms (while also changing back into her regular clothes)]
COLIN: I think I'm taking this really well ...
[cut to inside Colin's apartment (filled to the brim with books), as Christabel - who had been asleep on the couch - wakes up]
[she gets up and looks out the window, where she sees Colin shaking an old priest's hand and taking a paper bag from him]
[cut back to inside the aparment, as Christabel goes to sit down, when Colin enters and places the bag in front of her]
COLIN: Feel better?
CHRISTABEL: I'm not so sure now ... Why a priest?
COLIN: Well, because they don't get angry when you wake them at hours like this.
CHRISTABEL: Very funny ... I don't need their help!
[she looks away, embarrassed]
CHRISTABEL: I'm sorry ... I didn't even thank you for taking care of me.
[she strokes the side of his face]
CHRISTABEL: How are you?
COLIN: I'm fine, don't worry ... I think you should get back to sleep.
CHRISTABEL: How long have I been out?
COLIN: About an hour. It'll be dawn soon.
CHRISTABEL: We're running out of time! He's getting stronger, I almost couldn't control it!
COLIN: Don't worry ... I've been reading some more books!
CHRISTABEL: You don't give up, do you?
COLIN: No ... and I think I've found something on your nasty little pet!
[the doorbell rings]
COLIN: Stay here.
[he goes to answer the door, as (the real) Eddie walks in with his arms crossed]
COLIN: Did you find it?
[he holds out another paper bag]
EDDIE: Do you know that I had to go all over town to find this thing? Now, what's this all about, man? I--
[he turns and sees Christabel on the couch]
EDDIE: Colin, ha ha!
[he smiles and turns to Colin]
COLIN: Uh, listen, thanks a lot for bringing this by. I really appreciate it.
EDDIE: Oh, don't mention it!
COLIN: Yeah ...
[they turn and see that Christabel is suddenly wearing a new outfit (pink sweater, blue scarf, blue jeans)]
EDDIE: What the? How'd she change her cl--
COLIN: Um, I ... I can't explain this now, Eddie. I'll talk to you in the morning! Goodbye!
[he shoves him out the door]
EDDIE: Uh, yeah ... tomorrow!
[he shuts the door]
COLIN: I hate it when you do that.
CHRISTABEL: That was your friend?
COLIN: In the flesh.
CHRISTABEL: You said you had something.
COLIN: Uh, well ... Not its name, but it appears your demon has quite a history behind it.
[he sits down, puts on his glasses, and starts reading from a book]
COLIN: In the year ... uh, 1286. It had a run-in with a Welsch monk, who trapped it in a vat of consecrated water until it confessed its - quote - "true and pagan name." Unquote.
CHRISTABEL: Look Colin, you've been very good to me, but books and priests can't solve everything! I better go before both of us get killed.
[she turns to leave, but he grabs her arm]
COLIN: But wait a minute ... I know where we can find the hardcover! It's at the store's shipping warehouse!
CHRISTABEL: Eleven eight-seven Hunterwasser, I know. I saw the list, too ... I'll have to go by myse--
COLIN: We'll have to go!
CHRISTABEL: Believe me, I don't want to be alone any more than I have to!
[he smiles and takes her by the shoulders]
COLIN: You don't have to be alone ... Look, I-I found something I think will give us an edge in this case.
[he picks up one of the paper bags]
COLIN: It's only--
[he turns, but she's disappeared]
[cut to outside the warehouse, as Colin is arguing with a burly man who is smoking a cigar and yelling at a worker off camera]
WAREHOUSE MANAGER: Hold it, pal ... Over here!
[the sound of screeching tires can be heard off camera]
WAREHOUSE MANAGER: Look, take your suit and your tie and go home. I just got up, and I'm in no mood to go searching this place for your girlfriend!
COLIN: Look, I'm sorry to bother you, alright?
[he blows smoke in Colin's face]
COLIN: I'm sure she's inside there! She's looking for a book that "The Magickal Childe" ordered!
[he looks over his clipboard]
WAREHOUSE MANAGER: Yeah, Barnes and Nobles, Magickal Childe, Doubleday ... All of it's leaving on the truck!
[he turns to leave, but Colin grabs him by the arm]
COLIN: Truck?
[he gives Colin a dirty look, so he quickly lets go]
COLIN: Uh ... what truck?
WAREHOUSE MANAGER: Loading bay ninety four.
[he throws his cigar on the ground]
WAREHOUSE MANAGER: Any other questions?
[he turns and leaves, then cut to outside loading bay ninety four, as Colin is looking around when one of the trucks suddenly drives off]
[cut to Colin as he tears his blazer off and starts running after the truck, when the pencil falls out of his pocket, but (after stopping and debating whether to go back and pick it up) he continues the pursuit]
[he eventually catches up to the truck and jumps into the back, where (amongst several crates of books) he finds Christabel]
CHRISTABEL: What're you doing here?
COLIN: What am I doing here?! I was worred to death about you when you disappeared! Why did you leave?
CHRISTABEL: This isn't your line of work ... You're a librarian.
COLIN: Well then, I think I'm doing pretty well, doncha think?
[she looks away]
COLIN: After all, this is only the first demon I've ever had to banish on a few hours notice ... Usually I get a day!
CHRISTABEL: This isn't my fault, you know ...
COLIN: I didn't say it was your fault! I'm just looking for a little sympathy and understanding! Look, I have left the library, broken into a bookstore, met a demon, eaten cigar smoke for breakfast, jumped a truck, and I'm just a little tired, okay?!
CHRISTABEL: Anything else?
COLIN: I'm also not completely disinterested in you ...
[she smiles]
COLIN: Now, do we find this book, or don't we?
[they start looking through the boxes, when Colin pulls out a book]
COLIN: Got it, here we are.
[he opens the book, but it suddenly catches on fire, and he drops it]
COLIN: Why did you do that?!
CHRISTABEL: I didn't do that!
COLIN: I hate to ask this, but ... who's driving this truck?
[the truck suddenly comes to a stop, then they hear footsteps outside]
[cut to the back of the truck opening, as a shadowy figure with glowing red eyes stands before them]
DEMON: [growling] End of the line ...
COLIN: I've got a little surprise for you!
[he reaches into his pocket and pulls out a water pistol]
DEMON: [growling] A water pistol?
COLIN: Holy water!
[he shoots, and the demon recoils in pain]
CHRISTABEL: Holy water in a water pistol? You're full of surprises!
COLIN: Worked, didn't it?
[he helps her out of the truck, then looks down at the pile of flaming goo on the ground that used to be the demon]
COLIN: Dead!
[he takes off his suit vest and throws it over the fire]
CHRISTABEL: He's not dead yet.
COLIN: Waddaya mean, he's not dead?
[an inhuman scream suddenly comes from off camera, as they both make a run for it down a nearby alleyway]
GUARD: [from off camera] Freeze!
COLIN: Officer, there's a ... thing in that truck!
[cut to the security guard pointing his gun at Colin (who's still holding the water pistol)]
GUARD: Drop your weapon!
COLIN: No ... No, this isn't real, this is a--
GUARD: Drop it!
[he throws the "weapon" away, and the security guard motions for them to get against the wall ... they comply, as the guard walks over and smashes the water pistol under his shoe]
COLIN: See, it isn't real.
GUARD: [growling] But still a threat ...
[realizing that it's the demon, Colin sighs]
COLIN: Shit ...
GUARD: [growling] Careless, little man ... Now step aside!
[Christabel tries to raise her hand, but the demon points at her and she falls back against the wall ... Colin then rushes over and punches the demon thrice in the face (to no effect)]
[the demon smiles, then punches Colin in the stomach ... sending him flying back into a pile of garbage]
[cut to the demon pointing its gun at Christabel, but Colin picks up a nearby piece of garbage and throws it, knocking the gun out of its hand ... he then grabs Christabel and they again make a run for it]
[cut to Colin and Christabel trying to run down the alley, but the demon magically appears in front of them ... they turn and try running back the way they came, but the demon again appears before them]
GUARD: No place left to run.
[they start looking around for another means of escape]
GUARD: I suppose you were trying to find a flaw in my appearance ... Well, I tried very hard not to give myself away this time.
[as the demon approaches, they fall backwards into more garbage]
GUARD: [growling] You've lost, little witch! It's time to die!
[Colin pulls Christabel in close]
COLIN: Sorry, Chris ...
[the demon comes closer and reaches out for them, when Colin suddenly stands up with a confident look on his face]
COLIN: Say goodbye to our demon, Chris! He's made a little mistake, and he's going back to hell!
GUARD: [growling] What?
COLIN: Farewell, Captain ... Nomenlaus!
[a cloud of smoke suddenly surrounds the demon, as it screams in agony]
[cut to a closeup of the guard's "face", as it slowly melts away to reveal the demon's face underneath, then disappears entirely in a burst of flame]
CHRISTABEL: How did you know?
[he reaches down and picks up the guard's name tag, which reads "Nomenlaus"]
[she hugs him, then cut to the two walking down the street the next morning while holding hands]
CHRISTABEL: You gonna tell Eddie what happened?
COLIN: He'd have a heart attack! No, I think ... I think we better keep this to ourselves.
CHRISTABEL: But I was gonna write this all down for future reference ... Maybe as a book!
[he pulls her in close]
COLIN: No ... No more books.
[they kiss]

Directed by
Thunder Levin

Written by
David Bourla

Produced by
Jordan Glass

Executive Producer
Thunder Levin

Lou Brockway
as Colin

Deborah Leyner
as Christabel

Ronald Brice
as Eddie

Harold N. Howard
as Library Manager

Peter Spinella
as Guard/Demon in Alley

Kate Griffin
Frank Loscalzo
Jim Pharo
Tracy Scottel
John Gonzalez
Art Lorenz
Jim McManus
Andrew Scheinman
John Stile
Leonard Levin

Directory of Photography
Denise Brassard

Film Editors
Alex Bartholomai
Thunder Levin

Art Director
Art Lorenz

Special Visual & Production Effects
David Bourla

Special Make-up Effects
Andrew Benepe
Asst. Trish More

Sound Design
Thunder Levin

Music Composed & Performed by

Sound Recordist
Jim Papageorge

Unit Production Mgr
Anne McCabe

Assistant Cameraman
Theo Pingarelli

Additional Camera Operators
Theo Pingarelli
Carmin Romanelli
Jordan Glass

Assistant Editors
Robert LoScalzo
P.K. Bradley

2nd Unit Photography
Robert LoScalzo

TLL Logo Animation
Alexia E. Vasquez

Dheby Valenta

Dheby Valenta

Still Photography
Robert LoScalzo

Assistant to the Director
Dheby Valenta

Production Assistant
Jack Perez

Demon Voice
Ronald Brice

Thanks to
M. David Levin
Gertrude Levin
Leonard Levin
Ms. Leyner
Meryl Glass
Michael Dick
Marymount Manhattan College
Seymour Kiempner
The Magickal Childe
Prof. Indiana Jones

Sponsored by
LevinFolks Entertainment

The persons and events in this film are fictitious. Any similarities to actual persons or events is unintentional.

(c)1986 Thunder Levin

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