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Case Study No. 0528: Timothy Lumsden

Sorry S1 E1 For Love Or Mummy Part 1/3
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[scene opens with Timothy Lumsden (glasses, curly hair, buck teeth) entering his parents' apartment and hanging up his moped helmet]
PHYLLIS: [from off camera] Is that you, Timothy?
TIMOTHY: Yes, mother.
PHYLLIS: [from off camera] Did you wipe your feet?
TIMOTHY: Yes, mother.
PHYLLIS: [from off camera] Well, do them again.
TIMOTHY: Yes, mother ...
[he takes an umbrella out of the closet and scrapes it back and forth on the mat in front of the door]
TIMOTHY: I'm doing them now, mother!
[cut to his mother in the kitchen]
PHYLLIS: Good boy!
[he walks in and gives his mother a kiss]
PHYLLIS: Hello, darling.
PHYLLIS: Good day at the library?
[she continues putting things away and doesn't even look at him]
PHYLLIS: That's nice ...


[Timothy is going to be late for auditions at the Amateur Dramatics Society, but his mother insists that he eat something first]
PHYLLIS: I don't want those brazen hussies at Dramatics saying I don't feed you!
TIMOTHY: No brazen hussies, mother, at the Raven's Cross Thespians ... More's the pity.
PHYLLIS: Well, I didn't like what I saw in that American show you did.
TIMOTHY: What, you mean "Guys and Dolls?"
PHYLLIS: Those girls looked fast to me.
TIMOTHY: Well, they were acting, mother. The same girls are all nuns in "The Sound of Music" ... except Misses Horsefield, of course, she was a stormtrooper. Course, she had her own jack boots.
PHYLLIS: [pause] All joints on the table will be carved.
TIMOTHY: What? Pardon, what?
[she points at his elbows on the table]
PHYLLIS: Elbows.
PHYLLIS: And you wonder you haven't been promoted at work.
TIMOTHY: Quite right, mother. At the library, a promotion goes entirely on elbows ... It's the same all over the world. President Reagan swept to victory on the elbow vote.


[Timothy has a beer at the local pub with his friend Frank]
TIMOTHY: Frank, you didn't think I, uh ... You didn't think I was too masculine at the auditions, did you? Sort of too ... too butch?
FRANK: No, no! No, just right, Tim ... I liked the mature way you spat at the piano!
[he laughs]
TIMOTHY: That was Tuesday's spotted dick! It was a bit rich, you know, ha ha! More spots than dick!
[they both laugh]
FRANK: Well, if you get the part, Tim ... I mean, are you sure you can maintain that level of virility?
TIMOTHY: Well, put it this way, Frank. When I played the cat in "Dick Whittington," there were no complaints!
[he laughs]
TIMOTHY: Nobody thought I'd been doctored, that's for sure!
[they both laugh]
FRANK: Waddaya think of the new girl, talking of tomcats ...
TIMOTHY: Uh, which new girl?
FRANK: Annette!
TIMOTHY: Annette? Is that the nicely dressed one, with the uh ... nice, y'know, t-shirt on. And the bib and braces and trainers. And the "Save the Whale" badge, and the wedding ring on the third finger of her left hand?
FRANK: Oh, that's the one!
TIMOTHY: I didn't notice her, you know that.
FRANK: Well, she noticed you.
[he chuckles to himself]
TIMOTHY: Well, they do. They do. Sort of an animal thing, y'know. Basic thing, I ... did she really?
FRANK: Oh yes, I was talking to her. She said she'd seen you in "The King and I," that night you forgot to take your glasses off.
TIMOTHY: Frank, I'm trying to forget that I was one of the Siamese children, if you don't mind ... Did you tell her I was a blackbelt at karate?
FRANK: No, you aren't.
TIMOTHY: I know, but it's worth a try, isn't it? It's worth a try ...
[he suddenly gets a horrified look on his face]
TIMOTHY: You didn't tell her I'm a librarian, did you?
FRANK: Tim, your secret is safe with me!



"Sorry!" is a British sitcom that aired on BBC1 from 1981 to 1982 and from 1985 to 1988. Starring Ronnie Corbett, it was written by Ian Davidson and Peter Vincent, both of whom had previously written for The Two Ronnies, of whom Corbett was one half.

The theme music was composed by Gaynor Colbourn and Hugh Wisdom, and arranged and conducted by Ronnie Hazelhurst.

* Ronnie Corbett – Timothy Lumsden
* Barbara Lott – Phyllis Lumsden
* William Moore – Sydney Lumsden
* Marguerite Hardiman – Muriel
* Derek Fuke – Kevin
* Roy Holder – Frank Baker
* Wendy Allnutt – Jennifer (series 6)
* Bridget Brice – Pippa (series 7)

"Sorry!" is based around Timothy Lumsden who, 41 years old in the first three series (his age increased to 42 and then 44 in subsequent series), is a librarian who still lives at home with his domineering mother Phyllis and henpecked father Sydney. Although quite shy around women, Timothy longs to find love and leave home, but Phyllis is always aghast at the idea, and constantly manipulates her son into staying at home. One of the running gags of the series is Sydney frequently shouting "Language, Timothy!" when he feels Timothy has said something inappropriate, even though most times nobody would typically find the words even close to offensive.

In contrast, Timothy's friend Frank and sister Muriel urge Timothy to stand up to his mother once and for all. Muriel had successfully left home, and married Kevin, and as a result is viewed with distrust by her mother.



"For Love or Mummy" (Season 1, Episode 1)
Aired Mar 12, 1981

Timothy Lumsden is a 41 year old librarian, whose Mother won't let him cut those apron strings. Timothy is determined to take his latest love "Annette" to the dance, even if he does have to dress up as the cat from the Amateur Dramatics Society he is a member of.

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