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Case Study No. 0543: Eike

Let's Play Suikoden III #50 Eike's pad
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Eike is the Chisui Star in "Suikoden III."

When Thomas first met Eike he was lost in thought and soon afterwards apologized when Thomas asked he was thinking about he said "Aw shucks, thats sort of personal". Later Eike disappered and wasn't seen again for weeks, thought this fact went unnoticed by the other castle residents. When its was discovered that he was missing a search party was formed consisting of Thomas, Cecile, Piccolo, Juan and Sebastian. When he was discovered deep under ground at his favorite reading spot he asked if everyone had come down there to read. When he was told how long he had been gone and that they were looking for him he apologized stating he easily loses track of time down there as he could read to his hearts content and that child didn't go down there.

Later he looked into the whole ordeal of their castle lying between Zexen and Grasslands on Caesar's command. Later when Leo and Percival of the Zexen Knights arrived to escort Thomas back to Vinay del Zexay he appeared behind Leo and told him to "Leave.....before things get ugly". Later when everyone was preparing to defend the castle for the last time he approached Ace who was making a ruccus and told him to please keep it down since this was a library. To which Ace responded that its weird that Eike has no aura. After Queen apologized, Eike stated it was alright and greeted Geddoe which surprised Geddoe as the two never meet until now. In a flash Ace and Queen attacked Eike holding their weapons at his throat. When Geddoe asked if they've meet before Eike stated on how when he was searching for ways to better defend the castle he discovered a picture of the day that the castle and its grounds surrounding it became common land. Geddoe was in the picture and thats how he knew. Ace and Queen removed there weapons and apologized and again Eike stated it was alright as it didn't bother him.

Eike joins automatically in Thomas Chapter 1.

Character Details
* Eike will take any old books any character has and allows you to read them.
* Eike is a support character with the (C Ranked) Appraisal Ability.

Kidd Investigations
The results of the Investigation of Eike are as follows:

Profile: He's the Castle librarian. He has extremely strange looks and personality.

Inquiry 1: He sleeps with his eyes half-open.

Inquiry 2: He doesn't turn when he sleeps.

Inquiry 3: He talks in his sleep in a language that doesn't exist.

Suggestion Box Letters
* Dear Hugo

I hope your are well. Thank you for your consideration. I apologize for my presumption, but the reason why I am writing...

* Dear Hugo

It's raining everyday, but I hpe you are well. The other day I ran out of paper. I'm sure you were puzzled. I am terribly sorry...

* Dear Hugo

I hope you are well this wonderful season. I ran out of paper again, and I couldn't write you. Now, about this castle...

* Dear Hugo

I noticed that I always run out of paper. This time I won't, and I'm sure I can make a suggestion. Now, about the allocation of people...

* Dear Hugo

I'll get to the point. There seems to be a problem about the allocation of personnel at this castle, but after writing so many times I forgot what I wanted to say.



Star: Chisui
Position: Librarian
Born: IS 441
Eike is the quiet, shy librarian of Budehuc Castle who scares most people who meet him. Always lost in his books, he'll read them in a trance, with no awareness of what is going on around him. He even had a secret corner in the winding caverns under Budehuc Castle where he would retreat to read books in peace. Eventually it was found by Thomas and other members of the castle, but he still uses it to hold meetings for his "Silent Reading Society". His sleeping patterns are even stranger. Reportedly he doesn't turn while sleeping, has his eyes half-open, and talks in a strange language!



Suikoden III Walkthrough
Thomas Chapter 1

Before you even start Thomas' chapter, understand that it is completely optional and doesn't affect the 108 Stars of Destiny in any way. Several people absolutely despise Thomas' two chapters. Some people like me think they're the best part of the entire game. MUTO – enough said right there. Thomas more or less is sent by his dad (one of the shady council members) to “run” Budehuc castle. Not a lot of money runs through this place and Thomas is set up to lose basically.

Upon arrival Cecile will stop you at the gates. Go to the central house, which is to your west and north, roughly. The whole gang of trouble-makers will be here, so get used to this group. You show your seal to prove your authenticity, and then you're allowed to walk around the next day. Downstairs is Sebastian who will suggest you great all your new friends. Wise choice, so go do so. Eike is upstairs in the library, Muto is in the basement warehouse, Juan is outside but on the west-exterior, while the others (Cecile, Piccolo, and Martha) are in the central area. Talking to Cecile illicits a flashback with your evil councilor dad sending you off in hopes that you utterly fail.

Back in the main house, Sebastian will give you a letter to the knights regarding your authenticity that you must deliver to Brass Castle. Cecile will come along for protection purposes. Thomas and Cecile actually are quite nice when you level them up, but they start at level 1 and are poorly equipped. That said Yaza Plain doesn't have much to bother you so just follow through to Brass Castle.

Talk to Leo when you get there, and then Roland. You probably won't have Potch to upgrade anything (unless you put statues in Budehuc Castle with other characters to sell with Thomas, or unless you're a lottery-crackhead). Upstairs in the tea room is Salome, who is actually very nice about the appointment and even allows Cecile to be head guardsmen. Your work here is done so return back to Budehuc.

Get your rest now and then leave the castle the next day. A lady will be looking for her lost son, Thomas. You and your friends offer to help look for the guy, so check out the broken elevator on the 1st floor, the library on the second floor, and the wrecked ship in the 1st basement floor. Now leave and go to Juan who will know what happened. You must go to Mount Hei-Tou (where the Blue Mantix is, but all the way east instead) and Piccolo, Cecile and Juan will be with. Juan and Piccolo are also underrated in battle, with Piccolo having the effective Lightning Rune and Juan being phenomenal if you give him a Turtle Tunic (or something to cure the Waking Rune that you can't take off) and build him up.

Go to Mount Hei-Tou now, and it is a bit of a treck so hopefully you have some medicine along. Again, go directly east the entire way through and you'll see a Boar and the little kid named Thomas. This thing can be tough with the levels you're at, especially if he doesn't target Juan. You'll want him to wake Juan up, which will in the mean time give Piccolo a chance to pull off his best Lightning spells (despite his poor aptitude with Lightning skills). After the boar goes down you'll have saved Thomas.

Everyone will love you but the next day you won't know where Sebastian is. Talk to a few of your friends (Cecile, Juan, Muto) and go towards the stairs to find Sebastian depressed over the castle finances. Thomas will gather everyone and discuss options; eventually it is decided that you are to get people to come sell things on your land since it is commonly held between Grassland and Zexen. Unfortunately you don't have the seal, so go inside your room and look. Eventually you'll find it and then you'll have the option to form your party with Sebastian, so do so and put Martha as your Support.

Take your party to Iksay, one of many spots to open up on your map. Talk to Mel outside the Inn and she'll go to Budehuc if you ask. She's useful for the upcoming battles with Thomas. Head to the second floor of the Inn now to meet Tuta and Mio. Tuta will go off to aid other villages but Mio joins and she has the Healing Support ability. Gordon at the Item Shop will denounce you for having such lousy partners with you. The girl near him will give you a Pale Gate Rune though. Before you leave, check the Rarities and if at any time you see a Rose Brooch, purchase it. With this you can go to Vinay del Zexay to get Augustine outside of the Armor shop. After this, put only Augustine with Thomas and go to Iksay to get Gorden at the Item Shop to join. Brass Castle shouldn't have much for you unless you found the ! Screw with Thomas instead of Geddoe. Do buy a Deer Antler for Scott and Waurenhyte outside the left part of Brass Castle, if you didn't before. They'll then join.

A trip to the Great Hollow is in order, as Twaikin is digging and will join you after some scenes. Note that he is in the area you were at with Geddoe when you were chasing the intruders. Head back and rest, and the next day Cecile will run in saying she does not know where Eike went. You'll discuss the matter with your friends and have control again, and if you try to leave Shizu the elevator-installation girl will show up. Her work will take a while so leave to do some more recruiting.

In the Yaza Plains you'll see Kenji exercising. Choose the second option twice to exercise and to get some water and he'll go to Budehuc. In the Plain of Amur – North, Kathy has some horses that she needs you to count. It was 16 for me but I think it's random. When you choose correctly tell her to go to Budehuc, and then one last group to get. At Vinay del Zexay is Shabon being chased by Guillaume, which you may have seen with another character. Talk to Nei north of the market area and then return to the center area, by the council's guild. Run around for a while and you'll confront Guillaume who is chasing Shabon again. He'll duel you and it is not easy. Thomas has a horrible defense unless you spent some money, and even a well-sharpened Thomas-sword won't do that much damage. What does this mean? Well you won't have to be flawless but you better be close. An Attack by both of you can be nearly fatal for you; you need all the turns without damage that you can get. When he's done, Shabon, Nei and Toppo join you.

Whenever you are ready to advance the story (recruited/built up all the characters) go sleep in your room. Shuzu will be done with the elevator by morning and you'll give it a test run with the main group at Budehuc. You'll find a suspicious bottom floor that you've never seen before, and you'll then explore it. Go straight and at the fork you'll split up. Take the right path and look for a path that curves off to the left. It's hard to see but it's where you need to go, so take it and you'll bump into Juan and Piccolo! So it must lead to the same path…join together and head north to Eike's pad. A nice one too I must say. He's just been reading the last few weeks and is sorry you came looking for him. Thomas' chapter will then end, and usually I pick the second one right after.



[Thomas - Chapter 1]

Thomas: Um, could this be it? Yes. It must be. But why such a place? Oh well, it's not our job to ask why.
Cecile: Who goes there?
Thomas: Huh? You mean me?
Cecile: Who else could I mean?
Thomas: Oh, um... I'm Thomas. And you?
Cecile: I command the castle guards here. We're expecting a new master today. Mr. Sebastian told me not to let anyone suspicious inside.
Thomas: I, uh, look... suspicious?
Cecile: Not my decision. Sorry, but you'll have to leave now.
Thomas: But...
Cecile: Speak up! But what?
Thomas: I am the new master. This IS Budehuc Castle, isn't it?
Cecile: What?! You're the master of the castle?! I-I'm so sorry!
Thomas: Oh, don't apologize. It's okay. How about showing me in?
Cecile: Certainly, sir! You said your name was Thomas, right?
Thomas: Yes. Nice to meet you.
Cecile: Please follow me. I think Mr. Sebastian is at the house. I'll take you there.

[Head into the castle]

Cecile: Greetings, Mr. Sebastian. The new master of the castle is here to meet you. What the--? He was with me a minute ago.

[Sebastian comes down the stairs]

Sebastian: ...
Sebastian: Did I hear you right, Cecile? You've met the new master?
Cecile: Yes!
Sebastian: Well, where did you put him, in the dungeon? Hmm? No, um, I mean...
Cecile: He is here, sir! Allow me to introduce Thomas, the castle's new master!
Thomas: Uh, pleased to meet you.
Sebastian: Huh!

[They head to another room and all the servants come to meet Thomas]

Sebastian: Hmm... Are you really the new master?
Eike: His seal... is authentic. Yes...
Thomas: In case you need more proof, I brought along this letter. I'm not very familiar with Zexen ways.
Sebastian: Oh, I see. Hmmm. Uh huh. This appears to be an authentic letter from the Council. I trust you are who you say. But....
Thomas: But what?
Sebastian: Oh, don't mind me. It looks like introductions are in order all around.
Thomas: I'd love to meet everyone. After all, if we're all going to live together, we should know one another. Can you gather everybody together?
Cecile: Everyone?
Thomas: Yes, unless there isn't enough room.
Eike: ...
Sebastian: On the contrary. You're looking at everybody!
Thomas: What?! Th-This is everyone?!
Muto: Juan's not here.
Martha: I can't believe that kid! I rushed over to meet him here.
Thomas: But, Cecile, I thought you said you were the commander of the guards.
Cecile: Quite right, sir. That I am.
Thomas: Are you the only guard here?
Cecile: Aye, sir. I am responsible for the welfare of this entire place!
Thomas: So here stands the whole lot? So be it. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance-all of you! I'm Thomas, the new master of the castle.

[A bit later, in the master's quarters]

Sebastian: These are the master's quarters. Please make yourself comfortable.
Thomas: Thank you.
Sebastian: We'll cover more details tomorrow, if that's good for you.
Thomas: Perfect. I appreciate your help, sir.
Sebastian: Not at all, Master Thomas. And you needn't call me "sir". You're the master. I'm merely your butler.
Thomas: Sebastian it is then.
Sebastian: If I may take my leave, there are matters that require my attention. Oh, and if I may be so bold, I'd appreciate it if you could keep things as tidy as I tried to make them today. Since we no longer have maids, we must clean up after ourselves.
Thomas: Of course. That won't be a problem.
Sebastian: Well, if you'll excuse me.
Thomas: .... I feel so tired. I sure hope I can handle this.

[The next day]

Thomas: Good morning, Mr. Sebastian.
Sebastian: Good morning, master. Remember, it's just Sebastian.
Thomas: I forgot. Sorry. Now what is it that I'm expected to do here? I've never had this position before.
Sebastian: As I see it, you're in charge of making decisions which concern the castle and domain.
Thomas: Oh, you mean solving its problems and straightening out issues and such?
Sebastian: Uh, yes... you could say that. First you must introduce yourself to the people of the castle.
Thomas: Right. Yes, that's what I'll do.

[Go find Eike in the library]

Thomas: Hello.
Eike: ....
Thomas: Uh, um... I can to say hello.
Eike: ....
Thomas: Ahem. Errr.
Eike: Oh, a thousand pardons, master! Didn't mean any disrespect. I was just lost in thought.
Thomas: What were you thinking about?
Eike: Aw shucks, now.... That's rather private.
Thomas: You're right. None of my business. See you around.
Eike: ....
Thomas: Huh? What was that?! I hope I can handle this job! I'm feeling really insecure.


[The next day]

Cecile: Thomas!! Thomas!! Thomas! Hey, Thomas!
Thomas: What's going on, Cecile? Do you know how early it is?
Cecile: W-Well... I just remembered!
Thomas: Remembered? What?
Cecile: I have to show you. Come on!

[In the library]

Thomas: So what's going on?
Muto: Well, I kind of thought something was strange.
Sebastian: I've been too busy to give it much thought, to be honest with you.
Cecile: Me, too. I didn't notice at all.
Thomas: What do you mean...?
Cecile: It's Eike! Don't you see? We haven't seen him in weeks! We started talking about it, and none of us have seen him.
Thomas: Eike... You mean from the library?
Cecile: Yes!
Thomas: Come to think of it, I only saw him on that first day we met. Has he gone missing?
Cecile: Missing or worse. Where could he have gone?
Thomas: All right. I'll go and see if I can find him. You all carry on with your work.
Sebastian: We'd really appreciate that, Thomas.

[Head towards the entrance]

Thomas: But where could Eike have gone? There are so many places in this castle that I don't know about. And there are doors that won't even open.
Shizu: Um, excuse me. You must be Thomas, the master of the castle?
Thomas: Uh, yes. That's right. Who might you be?
Shizu: I'm sorry for my delay. I am Shizu, the "elevator girl" who trained under Adlai, the great inventor of the south. I received a request to repair the elevator here. And that's why I have come.
Thomas: Uh, nice to meet you.
Shizu: If you have a moment, could you please show me where it is?
Thomas: I'll be happy to walk you there.

[Head to the foyer]

Juan: What's this? This door actually opens?
Cecile: Apparently so. Apparently, someone called her for repairs.
Sebastian: Ahem... I did that. Although it was very difficult to get in touch with her.
Thomas: Um, so, will it work again?
Shizu: Yes. Not to worry. It will be working tomorrow. I'll finish it tonight.
Cecile: Really? I can't wait.
Shizu: It's quite an old one you have. I'd like to stay here for some time and maintain this elevator for you.

[Shizu has joined the 108 stars.]

Thomas: Uh, of course, if you like. We would appreciate that.


Thomas: Shizu, does it work now?
Shizu: Yes. Everything checks out fine. It's cleaned and oiled to perfection.
Cecile: Can we ride it?
Shizu: Yes. This will be our test run. Welcome aboard.

[They all get on]

Shizu: Budehuc Castle, 2nd floor. Home to the master's quarters, the library, and the hall of statues.
Cecile: Wow! Amazing!
Thomas: Right to the second floor, just like that? I like elevators!
Shizu: And onto the next floor...

[They all get in again]

Shizu: Budehuc Castle, 1st floor. The grand lobby, dining room, and great hall.
Juan: Hey! This is back where we started.
Shizu: We try to stop at every floor. If no one wants off here, we'll move on to the next floor.

[They all get on again]

Shizu: Budehuc Castle, basement level. The warehouse is located here. You can also get to the ship from here.
Sebastian: This makes it a lot easier to bring goods into the castle.
Shizu: Don't exceed the weight limit. This is one of the first elevators ever built. The design hasn't been perfected yet.
Sebastian: Oh!
Shizu: Now, on to the next floor.

[They all get on again]

Shizu: Budehuc Castle, basement 2nd level. Here you'll find the vault and old dungeons.
Piccolo: Hohohoho... My legs start to give out with age. It's been a long time since I've been down here.
Cecile: This is incredible, Shizu. It's just like when I was a kid.
Shizu: It seems the elevator here is quite happy to be working again, too.
Thomas: That's right. It always looked so sad to me before.
Shizu: To me as well. Well, let's go on to the next floor.
Juan: Huh? The next floor?

[They all get on again]

Shizu: This is the bottom floor.
Cecile: Huh? What is this place?
Sebastian: I-I haven't the slightest idea.
Juan: I never knew this place existed!
Thomas: I found many new places in this castle while I was looking for Eike, but I never dreamt of looking here.
Cecile: Then, maybe somewhere deep in here....
Sebastian: T-That's right! Maybe Eike is somewhere in this place!
Thomas: Yes... maybe. I think we ought to at least check it out.
Piccolo: Hohohoho.... Well, let's go, then.
Juan: Oh, why not? I did come here to see something unusual, so I might as well go along.

[Head further in]

Cecile: There's a fork in the corridor.
Thomas: Sure is... Hmmm. How about we take the one on the right first?
Juan: Let's just make this quick. We can check them both out by splitting into two groups. You and Cecile go that way, and me and the old man will check out the other.
Thomas: Uh, but...
Juan: I just want to get this over with. Come on. Let's go, old man.
Piccolo: Hohohoho... Stop calling me "old man". I am the great fortune-teller.
Juan: I don't care how great you are. Let's just go.
Cecile: Fine with me. This way then.
Sebastian: There's nothing to be worried about, Thomas. I-I will go along with you. I'll be right behind you.
Thomas: I'm game. Here we go!

[Head further in]

Thomas: We've come to an open space.
Cecile: Shh! Be quiet, Thomas. Look over there.
Sebastian: Wh-Who could be hiding in such a place?
Cecile: Hard to believe anyone would.
Sebastian: Perhaps Eike has been kidnapped and is being held for random? D-Dear me! Another cost we don't need.
Thomas: W-Well, I don't know about that.
Cecile: Come on, Thomas! We'll charge 'em!
Thomas: W-Wait a minute...
Cecile: Don't worry! Hi-yaa!

[She runs smack into Juan and Piccolo]

Cecile: Uh, huh?
Juan: Cecile! What are you trying to do?!
Thomas: Juan and Mr. Piccolo!
Piccolo: What do you know? Both corridors converge here. Ho ho!
Thomas: ...

[Further in]

Cecile: Hey! W-what's that sound?
Juan: Cecile, try to control your charging instincts, will you?
Cecile: Oh, all right. I'm sorry I was wrong before.
Thomas: Anyway, let's go in.
Sebastian: A-Are you sure this is safe? There could be some double-headed serpent down here that's really, really hungry.
Juan: Only one way to find out!

[Further in, Eike is sitting there reading]

Cecile: Eike!
Eike: Well, I see everyone's all here. Have you come to read as well?
Cecile: What are you talking about? You've been gone for weeks now. We were worried so we came looking for you.
Eike: Oh, bother! Didn't mean to put you on alert. I lose track of time when I'm down here.
Thomas: Well, thank goodness you're all right. Do you come here often just to read?
Eike: Yes. It's quiet and cool down here. Most importantly, kids don't come around much. Taking the time to read books is my favorite thing. I've got to get back now, but please feel free to use this space anytime.

[He leaves]

Juan: Pfft...That guy is weird.
Cecile: But I'm sure glad that he's okay. Besides, now we've solved the mystery of his occasional disappearances.
Thomas: That's right. Well, I suppose we should get going.
Sebastian: Uh, um... Thomas?
Thomas: What is it, Mr. Sebastian?
Sebastian: Don't you wonder how he got down here in the first place?

[End of Thomas Chapter 1]


[Head to the library]

Thomas: You're working awfully late, Eike. Researching something?
Eike: ......Yes.
Thomas: What is it?
Eike: I'm looking common land issue.
Thomas: Why now? Isn't it too late now?
Eike: ......I always finish what I start.
Thomas: Very thorough. Best of luck.
Eike: ....Thank you very much.
Thomas: Uh, you're welcome.


Thomas: So... as of midnight last night, Budehuc Castle was sold to Lucia, Chief of the Karaya Clan, by Thomas, the master of the castle.
Council Member: S-sold?!
Thomas: Yes. So, this is no longer Zexen territory. What you are doing has not been approved by Council resolution and is thus an illegal invasion.
Council Member: D-don't be ridiculous! You can't get away with that!
Eike: On Caesar's suggestion, I searched all over the castle for records. I finally found a document relating to the common land. I believe Zexen was intending to give up this land in the future. I think there should be no problem with claiming that right.
Council Member: B-but, if that's the case, you'll all have nowhere to go!
Thomas: Then, I'll read the rest of the agreement. The amount of the sale is 200 potch.
Council Member: 200 potch?!
Thomas: At the same time, Lucia of the Karaya Clan shall enter into a 200-year lease contract with Thomas of Budehuc Castle. The payment for which is set at 1 potch per year.
Council Member: Wha...?! Wha...?!
Marshal: Please get a hold of yourself. Are you all right?

[Leo and Percival walk up]

Leo: What is this? An invasion into Grassland isn't permitted without a Council resolution. You will have to leave the premises immediately.
Council Member: Why, I never! Hmph! Damn you all! I hate you! How could this happen? I won't forget this! Next time, we will take this castle-as your enemy!
Percival: I think there's something more important to deal with here, Councilor.
Council Member: Huh?
Percival: It's become known that a few Council members have been taking bribes from the Holy Kingdom of Harmonia. These traitors are causing quite an uproar in Vinay del Zexay. I don't see how you can remain head of the merchant's guild when you've upset customers so badly.
Council Member: I don't-I don't know what you're talking about!
Percival: Then you'd better hurry back to Vinay del Zexay to prove your innocence-before they come after you.
Council Member: That's preposterous! Of course I'm innocent!

[He runs away like a scared rabbit]

Percival: Well then, Thomas, we will be leaving as well. Once the trouble at the Council subsides, it would be nice if you and the Zexen Federation could establish friendly ties.
Thomas: Of course!
Percival: Now, if you'll excuse me, Master.
Thomas: Ha... Does this mean we won? Does this mean we saved the castle...?
Piccolo: Of course that's what it means.
Cecile: Thomas! We won! We won! The castle is safe now!
Sebastian: Thomas! We won! Everyone... Everyone's going to be all right, now!
Muto: Whaaaa.....!
Thomas: Uh, um...
Piccolo: Hohohohoho... You all did very well.
Martha: Hm. You were lucky this time. From now on, you're going to have to be a real master and turn this place into a great castle. A poor castle with no money won't do us any good, after all.
Thomas: Uh, yes! Of course!
Eike: .....
Juan: Hey, castle master. We're counting on you from now on.
Cecile: Thomas, let's make Budehuc Castle a place that can stand up to any castle!
Thomas: Uh, right. Of course.
Muto: Yay! Yay!
Juan: So, things have finally quieted down. I think I'll take a nice, long nap.

[End of Thomas Chapter 2]


[Head to the Library]

Ace: A library, huh? Who would've thought I'd see this in such a run-down old fort?
Joker: Must be such an unfamiliar sight to you.
Ace: What? Me?! I may not look it, but I do read a lot.
Joker: Hm. Cheap adventure novels don't count.
Ace: You think you're so smart...
Eike: ...Please keep your voices low.
Ace: Wha...!! What they... Where did you come from?!
Eike: I've been here... all along...
Ace: This guy's got no aura. ...It's weird! It's like he's not human.
Eike: ...
Queen: We didn't mean to disturb you.
Eike: It's okay... This is everyone's library... It's a pleasure... Captain Geddoe.
Queen: How do you know his name?
Eike: ....
Geddoe: I don't remember meeting you before.
Eike: To better protect this castle, I checked many ancient texts. I found something explaining why this became common land... as well as the reason for the war between Zexen and Grassland. And I found a sketch along with a record of the day that this was established as common land.
Geddoe: So that's how you knew my name?
Eike: .......Yes.
Geddoe: That's some memory you have.
Ace: I didn't know you had anything to do with this castle before, Captain. You should've said something.
Queen: I'm sorry.
Eike: It's okay... It doesn't bother me.

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