Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Case Study No. 0547: Unexpected RapStar, The Librarian

A Librarian rapping...?? That was unexpected...!! Leave a comment with the next Unexpected RapStar you wanna see....!!
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Michael Brady
bradyboy31 presents
Unexpected RapStars
The Librarian

[scene opens with a stereotypical male librarian (glasses, bow tie, etc.) rapping in the library]
LIBRARIAN: You better keep the noise down!
[he holds up a book]
LIBRARIAN: 'Coz I'm a librarian! I've had paper cuts deeper than a Caesarian! It's alien to me, raising my voice, but it's my job so I really don't have a choice!
[cut to another shot of the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: No, I'm not really one to resort to violence, 'coz I spend every single day working in silence! But you better show respect for every one of my books, if you don't you might get one of my angry looks!
[cut to a shot of the librarian staring angrily into the camera]
LIBRARIAN: If you're looking for a novel, I don't have to hunt!
[he holds up a large book]
LIBRARIAN: I know every page in here, back to front! We got romance, fiction, science, drama!
[cut to a still image of "The Book of Whales" by Richard Ellis]
LIBRARIAN: Look, here's a book all about yo' mama!
[cut to another shot of the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: I'm'a end this now with some friendly advice ... Bringing books back late? You better think twice!
[cut to a closeup of the librarian]
LIBRARIAN: You in the library now! Go ahead and leave a comment! With the next Unexpected RapStar you wanna see! Peace!

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