Friday, September 21, 2012

Case Study No. 0540: Mr. Peterson and Unnamed Male Librarian

Oh, You!!!
Through the kindness of librarians, a man's trauma is overcome. Or at least relocated.
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[scene opens in a public library, as a disheveld balding man walks up to the front desk (sweating profusely) and speaks to the male librarian (long blonde hair, glasses)]
MAN: Excuse me, could I use your bathroom?!
LIBRARIAN: I'm sorry, sir, the restroom's for patrons only ...
MAN: No, you listen to me!
MAN: I'm a chronic late stage alcoholic with severe intestinal damage--
MAN: And that includes hemmorhaging!
[the librarian's eyes bulge out]
MAN: And if you do not let me use the bathroom, I will shit my pants!
LIBRARIAN: Oh! That's not necessary, let ... I'll ask my supervisor.
MAN: Too late!
[the man begins straining, and a growing bulge appears in the seat of his pants]
LIBRARIAN: Oh, wh ... Oh, why? Why? Why?!
[he turns around and shouts to the back]
LIBRARIAN: Mister Peterson!
[the man begins laughing uncontrollably, as another librarian (bald with a beard) appears]
PETERSON: What, what's going on here?
[he looks at the man]
PETERSON: Sir? Oh, call 911!
[the surrounding patrons gasp, as the man falls to one knee and clutches his chest]
PETERSON: Call 911!
[Mister Peterson turns to the patrons]
PETERSON: No, nothing to see here! Nothing to see here! Folks, everyone back!
MAN: Uhhh ...
PETERSON: Sir, why did you this?!
[cut to an extreme closeup of the man's bloodshot eyes]
MAN: Ohhhh you!
[he passes out]
LIBRARIAN: [crying] That poor man!
[cut to various shots of the man being loaded into an ambulance, as the credits roll]

Oh, You!!!
Animation by Chad Kaplan
Written & Directed by Aaron Stielstra
Music by Aaron Stielstra
Produced by Spartaco Castelluci

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