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Case Study No. 0896: Miss Sophia

Fallen Book Trailer
A trailer for Lauren Kate's awesome book Fallen.
We can't wait for the second book in the series. Can you?
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Luce has always seen shadows

They were there ...
the night of the fire.

They linger ...
in dark places.

Now, they've followed
her to Sword & Cross.

But they're not
finished haunting her yet.

Torn ...
between two boys.

Luce may find
a way to escape the shadows.

But what if the person
you were meant to be with ...

Could never be yours?

Can love alone
save Luce this time?

Or is her life
destined to end ...

Again and again ...
for centuries?

Some angels ...
are meant to fall.

Fallen book trailer
by Brooke Ballard

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Fallen is a 2009 young adult fantasy novel written by Lauren Kate. The novel revolves around a young girl named Lucinda Price "Luce" who is sent to Sword & Cross Reform School in Savannah, Georgia, after she is accused of murdering a boy by starting a fire. At the reform school, she meets Daniel, a handsome boy whom she feels inexplicably drawn to, and believes she has met before. The book revolves mostly around the love triangle between Luce, Daniel, and Cam, another boy enrolled at Sword and Cross.

Plot Summary

Lucinda Price is a seventeen-year-old girl from Georgia. She previously attended a private school in New Hampshire before the court ordered her be moved to a boarding school for troubled youth, after an incident left her alive, but her boyfriend Trevor dead. When she first enters Sword & Cross, she realizes how much her life will change. There are cameras watching her every move and there is a strict rule regarding cell phones. On her first day, she meets Arriane Alter, an excitable and enigmatic girl who immediately takes a liking to Luce. She shows her fondness by asking Luce to cut her hair just like Luce's, much to Luce's dismay for she does not want to mess her hair up. Also on her first day at Sword & Cross, Luce finds herself meeting the handsome Cam Briel and being drawn to the fascinating Daniel Grigori, who seems to have mixed feelings for her when he smiles and then flips her off. During the first day, she also meets Penn, the daughter of the now deceased caretaker. Luce also makes enemies with Molly, an angry girl with multiple facial piercings. and feels as if Daniel is familiar. Luce falls in love with Daniel,and with the help of Penn and the librarian she uncovers her secret - she reincarnates every lifetime after meeting Daniel, whom she also discovers is an angel, as well as many of the other school kids. There is an angel fight at the end, where the librarian is found to be evil and murders Penn and tries to kill Luce but Daniel saves her. Cam is actually a demon and fights against Daniel in the battle.


* Lucinda 'Luce' Price

Luce is the main protagonist of the novel. She has black hair and hazel eyes. She began seeing 'Shadows', amorphous, sinister apparitions, at a young age. As a child, she tells her parents about this phenomenon, troubling them, and causing them to take her to many psychiatrists and psychologists who put her on anti-psychotic drugs, which do not make the shadows abate. Years later, when she is off the pills and is attempting to fit in and act like a "normal" teenager, she is invited to a beach party where her "friend with benefits", Trevor, is caught in a fire in a cabin while she kisses him. Trevor dies, causing Luce to be transferred to a reform school called Sword & Cross. She is befriended almost immediately by Arriane, another student studying there, and soon makes friends with Pennyweather "Penn," Cam, and the librarian, Miss Sophia. She is also inexplicably drawn to Daniel Grigori, whom she believes that she recognizes from somewhere.

* Daniel Grigori

Daniel is a fallen angel - a heavenly being who chose to side with neither God nor Satan at the beginning of time - and Luce's main romantic interest. He is described as a handsome blond, with gray-violet eyes. He saves Luce from a falling statue of an angel in the cemetery adjoining the school. He feigns disinterest in Luce, trying to ignore her for her own "safety", but is drawn to her nonetheless.

* Miss Sophia

Miss Sophia is the school's librarian. She appears to like Luce and Penn, considering them good students and approves of their interest in the library. She teaches the Religion and has very strong beliefs on the subject. It is later discovered that she is in fact one of the 24 Elders of Zhsmaelin, a radical heavenly sect. She is an elderly lady with black eyes and silver hair.

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